It Works Review – That Crazy Body Wraps Company?


It Works! Review

It Works is a body contouring system company that has recently branched out to sell more supplements through a MLM sales structure. Here’s our It Works Body Wraps review.

What is It Works?

It Works is the oddly-named company that sells several different body care products and nutritional supplements. Key products include Body Applicator 2.0, Defining Body Gel, Fat Fighter, It’s Vital, So Regular, New You, It’s Greens, and The Answer 2.0 Weight Loss Formula.

The company originally started as a body wrap specialist. The company sold a body contouring system called the Ultimate Body Applicator that wrapped around the body in order to help you lose weight.

That product was so successful (you may have seen the infomercials) that the company was able to launch a whole lineup of health products.

Today, the company is a successful multilevel marketing / direct selling company. In fact, It Works recently ranked as the number 15 revenue-generating company in the North American direct selling industry as chosen by Direct Selling News magazine. The company was also deemed to be the 31st most successful direct selling company in the world with total revenue of $538 million.

The company is famous for its slogan, “Have you tried that crazy wrap thing”?, which is a reference to the company’s original body wrap product, launched back in 2011.

It Works also calls its network of salespeople “wrapreneurs”.

It Works Products

It Works separates its product lineup into five different categories: Body, Skin, Greens, Lifestyle, and Packs.


The Body category features three products, including:

Ultimate Body Applicator ($59 Loyal Customer Price / $99 Retail): This 45 minute body wrap system uses a non-woven cloth wrap infused with herbs and botanicals. You apply it to one area of your body and leave it on for 45 minutes. It’s recommended for use on your back, abs, sides, legs, arms, or butt.

Defining Gel ($45 / $75): This skin care gel hydrates and firms your skin in targeted areas. Just like the Ultimate Body Applicator, it’s designed for use on certain parts of your body like the abs, back, legs, and upper arms.

Fab Wrap ($5 / $8): The Fab Wrap is designed to be used to complement the Body Applicator. The Fab Wrap ensures the Body Applicator fits snugly against your skin, which pushes more nutrients into your skin and maximizes the benefits. The Wrap is made from soft, hypoallergenic foam.


The “Skin” category includes about a dozen different beauty products which use natural ingredients to firm and repair different parts of your body.

Products include Facial, Cleanser, Repairage, Stretch Mark, Preventage, Lip & Eye, Toner, Hair Skin Nails, and Exfoliating Peel.

Products are typically priced between $30 and $40 (Loyal Customer Price) and $40 to $60 (retail price). The Facial cream is priced slightly higher, with a Loyal Customer Price of $59 and a retail price of $99.


It Works sells its Greens supplements in six different varieties and flavors.

The Greens supplements all work in a similar way: they come in the form of a powder. You mix that powder with water or juice to enjoy powerful nutritional benefits. Some of the promised benefits of Greens include:

Detoxify, Alkalize, And Promote pH Balance Within Your Body
— Fight Acid Buildup Using Magnesium And Potassium
— Works As A Probiotic To Support Your Digestive Health
— Includes 38 Herbs And Nutrient-Rich Superfoods
— Provides Multiple Servings Of Fruits And Vegetables In Every Packet
— Includes Free Radical-fighting Antioxidants

Basically, you use Greens to make a health-boosting multivitamin beverage. Greens come in two different flavors: Orange and Berry. There are also three different product sizes, including:

Greens Orange and Greens Berry: The standard powder supplement containing 120 grams of the powder ($33 Loyal Customer Price / $55 retail price).

Greens On The Go: Portable packets of Greens powder ($35 Loyal Customer Price / $59 retail price).

Greens Value Size Orange and Berry: This extra large serving of Greens includes 360 grams of Greens in Orange or Berry flavors ($79 Loyal Customer Price / $139 retail price).


It Works sells about a dozen different health supplements under its Lifestyle category. Those supplements include:

It Works Energy: Available in a 12 pack ($29 / $49) or a 24 pack ($60 / $100), It Works Energy is an energy beverage that comes in cans filled with phytonutrients, polyphenols, and B vitamins. Each can contains 250mL of liquid.

Advanced Formula Fat Fighter: Priced at $23 / $39, the Advanced Formula Fat Fighter contains “carb inhibitors” that promise to prevent your body from storing the fat and carbs you eat during meals. Key ingredients include a prickly pear cactus extract called NeOpuntia.

Estro Rhythm: $79 / $139 for a single-use daily system for menopausal symptoms. The supplement promises to reduce symptoms of menopause using natural ingredients.

It’s Vital Minerals: $23 / $39 for a multivitamin supplement using a combination of vitamins D, K1, and K2 to ensure healthier bones and better cardiovascular health.

It’s VitalOmega-3: $23 / $39 for an omega-3 supplement that delivers your recommended daily value of omega-3 essential fatty acids.

It’s Essential: $25 / $45 for “weight loss energy bars” that aim to satisfy your cravings and act as a meal replacement. They’re made with ancient grains that are rich with dietary fiber.

It’s Vital Core Nutrition: $29 / $49 for a multivitamin supplement that delivers essential antioxidants, phytonutrients, and vitamins using a 12-hour release cycle.

New You: $49 / $89 for a supplement that stimulates the body’s natural production and release of human growth hormone (HGH) to aid in building muscle mass. The formula uses polyphenols to stimulate the body’s natural growth.

Regular: $27 / $45 for a “life-changing, naturally based supplement” that promises to boost the health of your colon by facilitating the removal of toxins and waste material. In layman’s terms, that means it makes your bowel movements more regular.

Relief: $29 / $49 for a joint pain relief supplement that promises to boost the health and flexibility of your joints.

Ultimate Profit: $69 / $115 for a high-powered protein shake that contains proprietary formulas like FITzyme (an enzyme blend), Sustain-It (a “smarter protein blend”), and FITboost (an antioxidant blend).

Ultimate ThermoFit: $39 / $65 for a thermogenic weight loss formula containing acai berry. The formula promises to kickstart your body’s metabolism and thermogenic activity to reduce your appetite and raise energy levels.


It Works often bundles its products together into various packages. Those packages include all of the following:

100 Day Social Adventure ($99): Takes you through 100 days of training to perfect your social media sales skills, including how to use social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. This is the package you buy if you’re interested in joining It Works as a sales representative and earning profit by selling It Works products.

Wrap Pack ($69 / $115): One of the most popular It Works packages, this Wrap Pack contains the Ultimate Body Applicator as well as a bottle of Defining Gel. The wrap promises to tone, slim, and tighten various parts of your body.

Ultimate Pack ($279 / $465): The Ultimate Pack includes It Works ProFit, Ultimate ThermoFit, It’s Vital Core Nutrition Formula, and It’s Essential weight loss energy bars. You also get 4 Ultimate Body Applicator body wrap systems with the Defining Gel. Basically, this box contains a monthly supply of the health supplements and health products you need to slim down and make your body look better. Available in either chocolate or vanilla flavors.

Skinny Pack ($112 / $189): The Skinny Pack contains 4 Ultimate Body Applicators, one bottle of Defining Gel, and one Advanced Formula Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitors.

It Pack ($179 or $299): The It Pack comes in Berry or Orange flavors and contains 4 Ultimate Body Applicators, one defining gel, four Facial supplements, one Lip & Eye supplement, and one Greens on the Go Berry-flavored supplement.

About It Works

It Works was founded in 2001 and has since expanded all over the world. The company originally launched with the Ultimate Body Applicator as its flagship product before branching out into nutritional supplements and other health products.

Today, the company is headquartered at 908 Riverside Drive in Palmetto, Florida 34221.

It Works also maintains headquarters in several other countries around the world, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark.

To learn how to contact It Works in your country, please visit this page:

Supplement Police
Supplement Police
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  1. This is hilarious. It Works is a HEALTH AND WELLNESS company. We are not a weight loss conpany.. do some of our products help with weight loss? Absolutely. I’ve lost plenty in my 2 years of using them. I was a customer before becoming a distributor and in 2 years have gone from distributor to ambassador diamond. Our greens are not in 6 flavors. We have 2.

  2. Hi Everyone! I use ALL of the products right down to the essential oils and the skincare line. We are NOT a weight loss company but MANY of our products to assist in losing weight! The wraps definitely tighten and tone and the GREENS are unbelievable. While the products are not for EVERYONE they definitely have helped me and a ton of my friends / family / coworkers etc.

  3. Hi there,
    You’ve provided a pretty good overview of the packages and different price points. I’ve just authored an independent comprehensive review of It Works body wraps which might be of interest to your readers.

    I found that whilst the company does not make any false claims, many consumers have posted on message boards and in their reviews that they thought it was a weight loss product. I think the company could do a little more to clean this up and make it clearer so people don’t buy it with unrealistic expectations.

    Don’t worry. I’m not a distributor and there is nothing to buy. I just wanted to provide a bit of balance to the discussion since most information out there is from distributors. For full disclosure, I have no conflicts of interest.


    • Hi! I”d love to read your review. Where can i find it? I am a distributor (I’m wrapping right now as I type) but I often to see the consumer making a false assumption (as well as some distributors marketing the wrap as a weight loss product). I try to advise my customers that the wrap simply helps tighten, tone, and smooth out our pesky areas…and is no substitute to a healthy lifestyle.

  4. Thank you for sharing just the facts! The products truly work? I am happy to answer any questions you may have and can’t wait to have you try them!!

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