Isometrics Strength – Top Isometric System & Workout Plan?


Isometrics Strength is a strength training program that involves using your own bodyweight to build lean muscle. You don’t even need to use weights. Here’s our Isometrics Strength review.

What is Isometrics Strength?

Isometrics Strength is a fitness program available online. The program promises to help you tone and strengthen your entire body without ever touching a weight. To do that, Isometrics Strength teaches you 3 short workouts that rely on your own bodyweight. You never have to set foot in a gym or buy any weights.

Best of all, Isometrics Strength promises to increase your strength by 54%.

The program was created by Todd Kuslikis. Todd claims to have stumbled upon a “little-known research breakthrough” that can change your life. That breakthrough was discovered by researchers in Paris. These researchers claim the secret to getting a strong, muscular physique doesn’t lie in the gym: it lies in your own bodyweight.

These researchers discovered a specific type of isometric exercise that can increase total body strength by 54%. It also promises to give you that desirable “toned” look instead of the bulky look of professional weight lifters or the overly muscular look of bodybuilders.

In any case, Isometrics Strength relies on this study – and other isometric studies – throughout the only course. We’ll break the contents of the course down for you below.

3 Main “Secrets” Behind Isometrics Strength

Isometrics Strength teaches you three main secrets of building real strength in your body using isometric exercises. Those secrets include:

Secret 1: Static Contraction

This is the type of exercise where your muscles squeeze but don’t actually move or push against anything. When you flex your biceps, for example, you’re doing static contraction. One of the best parts about these exercises is that you can do them basically anywhere.

Secret 2: Yielding Contraction

Yielding contraction isometric exercises involves activating all your muscle fibers for a particular exercise. As an example, Isometrics Strength talks about how when you do a pushup, you’re only using a certain number of muscle fibers to complete that movement. However, with yielding contraction added to your routine, you’ll activate more muscle fibers.

Secret 3: Overcoming Contraction

These types of exercises involve pushing against an unmovable force. As an example, Isometrics Strength says it’s like pushing against a solid wall with all your strength.

These three “secrets” of isometric training will be play a key role throughout the Isometrics Strength program. You basically use different contraction techniques to maximize the number of muscle fibers that are activated.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what you’re paying for with Isometrics Strength.

What’s Included with Isometrics Strength?

Isometrics Strength includes all of the following eBooks:

Isometrics eBook:

This 50 page eBook discusses the basics of isometric workouts, including the proper positions to increase strength throughout the entire muscle, how to tighten the muscle effectively to maximize workouts, and simple breathing techniques you can use to keep your body energized during workouts.

Isometrics Workout Plan & Exercise Descriptions:

Teaches you exactly how to perform the isometric workouts, including the proper technique and form to use while exercising. There are specific workouts included in this book that take 30 minutes per workout and can be done 3 to 4 times per week. The workouts are described using full-color pictures and detailed written descriptions – so you can easily learn how to do each workout.

Isometric Training Log Sheets:

These log sheets help you keep track of your exercise performance and different workouts, including the number of sets you can perform. This helps you stay accountable while tracking your progress.

Bodyweight Physique Academy:

This training program contains 12 principles you can use to start building muscle using basic bodyweight exercises. It’s an online platform where you have instant access to a full video library complete with workouts, exercises, expert interviews, and community “Locker Rooms”.

This is advertised as a free part of the program, but it’s actually just a 14 day trial: your credit card will automatically be charged $47 per month after that trial is complete. That’s a lot of money for a website – and Todd doesn’t provide much detail about why his website is worth paying a subscription of $564 a year.

Bonus Material

The above materials form the core of the Isometrics Strength program. However, you also get a variety of bonus eBooks and downloadable training materials, which you can see below:

Nutrition for Building Muscle & Increasing Strength:

Teaches you how to drop body fat and gain muscle by eating the right food. It’s basic dietary advice that will help complement your bodyweight training program.

8 Week Meal Log Sheets:

These are empty food charts that let you track your meals. You’re supposed to write in the foods you eat during the day. The idea is that you’ll be encouraged to eat better food because you have a constant reminder of the bad food you ate.

Recipes for Muscle Support & Recovery eBook:

This eBook contains 20 recipes that support muscle growth and recovery, including protein-rich meals. Sample recipes include Chocolate Protein Pudding, Ultra Breakfast Protein Smoothie, One Minute Omelet, Mexican Layered Tortillas, and Cod Fish with Mango Sauce.

Isometrics Strength Pricing

Isometrics Strength is priced at $7. Your credit card will be charged an extra $47 per month after your 14 day trial is over. You can cancel that subscription at any time and still get access to the other parts of the program. The $47 per month subscription is only for the Bodyweight Physique Academy, which is an online platform featuring training videos and expert interviews, among other learning materials.

All purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee, which is the same guarantee we see on most Clickbank products.

Remember that Isometrics Strength comes with no physical products: it’s all PDF files that will be delivered to your email inbox immediately after your purchase is confirmed. You can print off these books if you want, but it’s just PDF files.

Who is Todd Kuslikis?

Todd Kuslikis is a bodybuilder who focuses on calisthenics, isometrics, and bodyweight training. He has released a number of online training materials over the years. At his official website,, Todd details the best bodyweight training techniques, most of which are available for free. You can also sign up for his newsletter to get basic bodyweight training information for free.

Todd calls himself “Bodyweight Todd”. He says his newsletter has over 122,000 subscribers.

Isometrics Strength is one of two main paid products offered by Todd. The other is Bodyweight Overload.

Todd does not claim to have any professional designations or personal training certifications. However, he does claim that he is experienced with martial arts (Tai Chi, Kenpo, BJJ, and others) and has also practiced bodyweight training for decades.

Should You Use Isometrics Strength to Get Stronger?

Isometrics Strength claims you can get 54% stronger using the training programs found within. It’s a series of callisthenic and isometric workouts that rely on your own bodyweight to help you get stronger. The package also comes with diet advice, training log sheets, and other information. It’s all delivered in a series of PDF files. No physical product is included with the program.

At $7, that’s a great deal. However, there’s one big catch hidden within the fine print of Isometrics Strength: you’re automatically signed up for a $47 per month website subscription. Todd doesn’t do a good job explaining why that website is worth $47 per month. All he says is that it features a library of exercise videos and expert interviews.

Fortunately, if you call within the first 14 days of your Isometrics Strength purchase, you’ll be able to avoid this $47 per month subscription. The main Isometrics Strength program seems like it’s worth $7 – even if it’s just a series of PDF files with straightforward training information. However, very few websites are worth $47 per month – so make sure you remember to email Todd to cancel.

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