Indigo 11 Nootropic & Probiotic – Plant Botanical Brain Booster?


Targeted nutrition in the form of supplements can provide professional sports players, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts with a wide range of health benefits. There are also many different nutritional supplements that can boost the health of the body, speeding up the rate of weight loss or promoting digestive health.

While the practice of dietary supplementation has been around for a long time, a relatively new form of supplement is providing health enthusiasts with a selection of new performance enhancing benefits. Nootropics are a new class of targeted nutritional supplement that instead of promoting higher levels of body health are instead formulated to enhance brain function.

Nootropics work by providing the body with key natural compounds that are able to cross the blood/brain barrier. Some of the compounds that nootropics provide are used by the body as precursors to critical neurotransmitters, while others stimulate receptors in the brain. Nootropics also commonly contain mild stimulants or natural anxiolytics.

Some nootropics supplements even contain neuroinhibitors such as gamma aminobutyric acid. One property that is critical to look for when assessing a nootropic formula, however, is that it contains only natural ingredients. There’s no need to supplement your diet with dangerous and untested nootropic chemicals when there are many natural nootropic supplements that are backed up by clinical evidence.

Indigo Labs USA are one of the most popular manufacturers of natural nootropic supplements in the world, and focus on science-based brain-enhancing nootropics that are completely free from chemical, pharmaceutical, or artificial ingredients.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the Indigo 11 Advanced Nootropic & Probiotic Formula and finding out how it works to help you determine whether it’s the right nootropic supplement for you.

What Is Indigo 11 Nootropic & Probiotic?

Indigo 11 Nootropic & Probiotic is a highly effective new cognitive enhancement supplement from Indigo Labs. The entire Indigo 11 formula is based on plant technology, and incorporates potent bioactive compounds isolated from botanical and herbal sources.

All of the ingredients in the Indigo 11 Nootropic & Probiotic are supported by extensive clinical science, and have been proven to work in harmony with the body without causing unwanted side effects or excessive stimulation.

Indigo 11 Advanced Nootropic & Probiotic Formula is manufactured entirely in the United States in a production facility that adheres to both FDA and GMP production guidelines. Each of the ingredients in the formula are isolated from their original plant source using advanced extraction techniques, and are rigorously tested for quality and purity.

Supplementing the diet with the Indigo 11 Formula is able to deliver a wide range of health benefits. By inhibiting neuroinflammation and promoting the creation and release of powerful neurotransmitter compounds, the Indigo 11 Formula boosts memory function, focus, memory speed, and the rate at which the body is able to learn new information.

Indigo 11 Nootropic & Probiotic also contains a number of natural amino acids that are able to provide users with calm focus, boosting mental energy without the jitters, shakes, and energy crashes associated with caffeine.

As the Indigo 11 formula is completely natural, it’s ideal for anybody seeking a competitive mental edge, from busy professionals to students with a high study workload.

What Indigo 11 Nootropic & Probiotic Contains

The Indigo 11 Formula contains a complex blend of potent ingredients which can be broken down into amino acids, neurotransmitter precursors, probiotics, and natural herbal extract. The first element of the Indigo 11 formula is the amino acid complex, which consists of both L-theanine and L-tyrosine.

L-theanine is commonly found in relaxing tea blends- such as chamomile tea, and is a proven anxiolytic that helps to maintain focus while eliminating anxiety. L-tyrosine helps the brain to clear away neurotoxins as well as provide a gentle boost to mental energy.

The Indigo 11 formula also contains a neurotransmitter precursor in the form of alpha GPC. This unique naturally occurring acetylcholine compound is broken down by the body into choline, which is used as a critical neurotransmitter. Increasing choline saturation is able to boost memory function and processing speed.

The herbal extract blend offered by the Indigo 11 formula contains cat’s claw extract, schisandra fruit extract, oat straw extract, and golden root extract. All of these ingredients are potent adaptogen compounds that the body is able to use to fight oxidative stress and inflammatory, as well as optimize neural function.

Lastly, Indigo 11 Nootropic & Probiotic contains a probiotic blend that delivers a massive dose of probiotic bacteria to the digestive system. These probiotic strains are able to boost metabolic function, increasing the total amount of free energy available to the brain, as well as boosting total body health.

Indigo 11 Nootropic & Probiotic Review Summary

The Indigo 11 formula is one of the only truly plant-based nootropics available on the market, and is backed up by a massive amount of clinical evidence. If you’re looking for a natural nootropic that is able to deliver on the promises it makes, the Indigo 11 formula is the ideal solution.

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