INBair O2 Portable Oxygen Purifier: Personal Oxygen Headset?


INBair O2 is a product that helps the user to improve their oxygen intake to promote clearer thinking and a healthier brain. Consumers can presently place an order through Indiegogo with one of the available packages.

What Is INBair O2?

Oxygen is crucial to the body. Every single organ needs oxygen to survive, starting with the lungs. However, as the body takes in oxygen, these atoms are taken to the bloodstream to deliver it to the rest of the body, especially the brain. In scientific studies, the brain requires oxygen every minute of the day. Even just a few minutes without it can cause irreparable brain damage, but it is surprisingly common to not get enough quality oxygen, especially when someone works indoors all day. To give the brain a boost, consumers may want to consider INBair O2.

INBair O2 purifies the air around the user to give them better quality in the oxygen they take in, rather than maintaining a stuffy office or bedroom that can make it harder to breathe. The oxygen is purified with the use of a headset that keeps the ambiance around the nose and mouth clear with a filtration system.

Read on below to find out how this product works.

How It Works

Before the user understands why, they need to know what the brain actually needs. Without enough oxygen, it is common to become tired or even lethargic, though the natural way that the body remedies this problem is with yawning.

Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, this headset goes around the neck and gives constant filtration of the oxygen around the user at a moment’s notice. The headset requires a separate filtration unit at the desk or other area that the user plans to sit, acting as the source of purification. The user does not have to alter the way that they breathe or even the way that they do their job. Once the user turns on the device, they will experience a consistent flow of 40% cleaner air through the headset.

Indiegogo Campaign For INBair O2

Right now, INBair O2 is still in the funding stages with Indiegogo, which means it is not available for direct purchase quite yet. However, consumers can submit a pledge as a “pre-order” for one of the packages offered online.

Choose from the following options:

  • Pledge $455 and up, for the INBair O2 unit, a black headset with a spare filter, and a universal AC adapter
  • Pledge $514 and up, for the full package above with a designer shoulder bag
  • Pledge $838 and up, for a double order of INBair O2 (does not include bag)
  • Pledge $946 and up, for a double order of INBair O2 with matching designer bags
  • Pledge $4,190 and up, for an order of 10 INBair O2 systems with accessories for the office

The project appears to have exceeded their funding goal. The shipments from this page will start being sent out in July 2018. If there are any questions or concerns, the user can comment on the Indiegogo page for a public question.

INBair O2 Summary

Essentially INBair O2 is meant for anyone that does not usually get to take the time to get clean air outside of their home or office. It does not appear to be used in a mobile capacity, but any extra time with clean air will positively benefit the user. Since the product is lightweight, it will not be cumbersome to keep around the user’s neck as they get the rest of their work done for the day.

Interested consumers should continue to check back on the funding page for any updates to the product or the timeline.

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