I Love Panic Attacks – How To Overcome Anxiety & Stress Problems?


Panic attacks are a symptom of generalized anxiety disorder. Characterized by excessive sweating, a fast or pounding heartbeat, trembling, shaking, weakness, an inability to breathe properly, and a sensation of choking, panic attacks can be extremely concerning and stressful experiences.

Anxiety and generalized anxiety disorders affect up to 18% of adults in the United States, or about 40 million people between the ages of 18 and 54. Dealing with panic attacks can be extremely difficult.

Pharmaceutical treatments for ongoing panic attacks or generalized anxiety disorders generally consist of medications such selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, that, while effective in minimizing anxiety, cause a wide range of unwanted side effects. SSRI’s can cause drowsiness, lethargy, fatigue, nausea, nervousness, or even sexual dysfunction.

Psychologists and psychiatrists agree that the best method of treating generalized anxiety and panic attacks is a behavioral therapy approach that allows patients suffering from these conditions to treat themselves.

It’s not always easy to put behavioral therapy practices into action, however, especially when under constant attack from anxiety. I Love Panic Attacks is a new self-help behavioral therapy treatment that has been formulated over 14 years of experience.

Consisting of a free weekly newsletter and a comprehensive online audio course, I Love Panic Attacks promises to deliver permanent relief from panic attacks, arming readers and listeners with the tools they need to get rid of anxiety for good.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the I Love Panic Attacks solution and find out how it works to help you decide whether it’s the right anxiety treatment for you.

What Is I Love Panic Attacks?

I Love Panic Attacks is the brainchild of Geert Verschaeve, a Belgian father who experienced panic attacks throughout his entire life.

From the age of 9, Verschaeve experienced ongoing and intense panic attacks caused by a serious generalized anxiety disorder, which progressed throughout his life until he was diagnosed with agoraphobia in 2003.

Confined to his own house, Verschaeve’s panic attacks compounded until, in 2004, he could take no more and set out to find a solution.

Verschaeve created a comprehensive self-help guide to curing panic attacks and anxiety, which eventually led to a complete reversal in his life and a renewed ability to take life head on without the need for pharmaceutical medications.

Verschaeve has now released his system in the form of a simple, easy to understand audio course that promises to stop the symptoms of panic attacks in a few easy steps and prevent them from occurring ever again.

The I Love Panic Attacks System

The I love Panic Attacks system is very different from other anxiety treatment books or resources.

Verschaeve, having experienced chronic panic attacks himself for more than a decade, possesses an intimate understanding of how panic attacks occur and just how hard it can be to prevent them from happening if you suffer from generalized anxiety disorder.

I Love Panic Attacks builds upon Verschaeve’s core philosophy in treating anxiety, which can be broken down into two key point.

Firstly, Verschaeve believes that the human mind has a powerful self-feeding ability that allows anybody to change both their immediate thoughts and their thought patterns. Inner dialogue, according to Verschaeve, can be changed through a wide range of techniques, such as the Tsunami method.

The Tsunami method is a unique creation of Verschaeve’s, which gives an individual that sufferers from panic attacks the ability to take back control of their thoughts. Verschaeve follows the idea that the mind is not a dictatorship- everybody has a choice on what emotions they feel at all times.

The second core precept of the I Love Panic Attacks system revolves around food and dietary intake. The food we eat has a proven effect on the neurochemistry of our brains, which plays a huge role in how we feel, how stressed we are, and how we react to negative stimuli.

According to Verschaeve, it’s possible to reprogram the brain by consuming a diet that is rich in foods that promote emotional and mental balance, addressing the root causes of panic attacks before they occur.

In addition to the self-help I Love Panic Attacks audiobook, Verschaeve offers individuals the ability to read about and discuss their progress with treating anxiety via a weekly newsletter and an ongoing YouTube series, from which he dispenses regular tips, tricks, and advice on dealing with panic attacks.

I Love Panic Attacks Verdict

While understanding the root causes of panic attacks and having access to a support network is essential in treating anxiety disorder, sometimes the hardest part of healing is putting anti-anxiety techniques into practice.

I Love Panic Attacks is a powerful tool that arms anxiety-prone individuals with the ability to prevent panic attacks with actionable, effective advice.

If you suffer from panic attacks and want a solution that delivers permanent relief, the I Love Panic Attacks system is one of the most effective options available.

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