Hyperbiotics PRO Compete: Targeted Probiotic Strains For Athletes?


Through large amounts of research, case studies, trials, and personal experience – the developers at Hyperbiotics readily believe (and proven) that all health starts in the gut. What initially brought this on, was after contracting and healing from a parasite, Jamie (head of the Hyperbiotics Team) began to truly understand the concept of overall health and wellbeing. She describes is as a shift that occurred, and she not only understood but appreciated gut health and all that it encompasses.

This included things like not being breastfed as a child, or the chlorine in our water, the antibiotics in livestock and the deficiency people all over the world people experience in their immunity. Bottom line, she was determined to make a difference. She was fueled with the personal experience and investment to get people – to better.

Jamie and her team are now able to say that, using only the best and patented technology, they have formulated one of the most effective probiotic supplements to exist on the market. They believe in helping people feel their best without it costing a small fortune. They believe, that people should feel this overall health and wellness daily delivered by the top-quality probiotics that Hyperbiotics can offer.

Hyperbiotics Mission

The mission is simple really, to make a difference. A difference that will last long term and help you get there in the short term. They set out on a mission to create the world’s best probiotics because as mentioned above, optimal health starts in your gut. And, that is where the probiotics help protects that tract and prepare it for greatness.

The team is made up of microbiome experts and professionals who believe that this shift happening in the world of gut. Empowerment, knowledge, availability and sustainability is key. Through the human microbiome is a world of bacteria and fungi – our health is rooted here, isn’t it time that we started treating it well?

Today’s fast food economy, processed foods and frankly, too much unhealthy livestock has led to illnesses all over the world – including our own backyard. The mission for Hyperbiotics is to one day interrupt the industry – on the brink of a post-antibiotic eta. They believe in vitality and long-term health.

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The Hyperbiotics Responsibility, Commitment

Aside from the obvious of reducing the carbon footprint, caring for others and protecting the environment, Hyperbiotics is committed to make a true difference. Uphold the standard and set the bar higher.

And, since health begins in the gut, Hyperbiotics partnered with Robin Lim who is a recognize humanitarian to help support women and maternal health – together. Hyperbiotics also founded an organization called Change for Women – leader and businesses standing together to help make a difference in women’s health, their rights and their equality.

Mothers, matter.

And, speaking of mothers, Mother Earth included. Hyperbiotics is focused on humans, but other living things too. They are focused on protecting species and geography around the world with help from Rimba Raya Biodiveristy Reserve in Indonesia.

Environment, matters.

Hyperbiotics PRO Compete

Ok, now that you have all the goodness that comes from Hyperbiotics, let’s take a closer look at their product, Pro Compete. This product is described to give 15 times more results with their capsules than other formulations.

The probiotics contained within, are released over a 8-10 hours period, which allows them to bypass the stomach acids and reach deep into your intestinal and digestive tracts. And, what is key about that is this is where they are needed most.

So, not only with the Hyperbiotics Pro Compete help work longer, faster and more effectively, it was also designed to help improve digestion and performance. Why does this matter? Well, in a world filled with energy drinks, bars, shakes, etc. digestion is never at the forefront. So although they may help improve energy and performance, gut health is affected. It is affected because of unhealthy ingredients, focus only being energy, etc.

Hyperbiotics knew the importance of performance for athletes for sure, so they wanted to provide not only increased energy and performance but protect the gut health along the way.

Could your routine use a little more endurance as well? Hyperbiotics Pro Compete contains a blend of probiotics that are specific to optimizing energy, stamina, and endurance all at a microbial level. It works, to help the body digest and balance through the nutrients you consume – at a cellular level.

Let’s quickly focus on immune responses and respiratory health. We think you might agree that each of these things are imperative to athlete performance too. Any form of workout at professional or expert levels, can take a toll on your immune system and its responses. Hyperbiotics was designed to also assist in this area.

Remember this is about overall health and vitality. Probiotics are key to making this happen.

Hyperbiotics, being that key – especially with their Pro Compete patented formula.

Lastly, let’s talk about muscle and workout recovery. Next to your workout this would be the most important piece of the puzzle. Without a proper recovery, your performance following will suffer. There is research to support that proper recovery begins, in the gut.

Details About the Hyperbiotics Pro Compete Formula

To say Hyperbiotics PRO Compete was loaded with goodness, would be an understatement. Each veggie capsule contains a variety of probiotics that athletes need the most. There are six targeted strains that will support the functions of the immune, upper respiratory and digestive health mentioned above.

In addition, this is a natural probiotic supplement. It simple terms, they don’t believe in artificial. They do not require to be refrigerated and a guarantee to back those claims up.

Each capsule, contains 6 billion colony forming units which is the same as 90 billion CFU found in standard probiotic tablets, etc.

How To Order Hyperbiotics PRO Compete

Hyperbiotics PRO Compete is available for purchase on their website for a one-time order price of $25.00. Should you choose to subscribe to this product so that you are never without, you will be able to save up to 7% on each processed order.

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