Hyperbiotics Activated Charcoal Probiotic Toothpaste Oral Care


What Is Activated Charcoal Probiotic Toothpaste?

Hyberbiotics Activated Charcoal Probiotic Toothpaste (ACPT) is a revolutionary paste designed to support mouth health and flora whilst promoting whiter teeth. Using coconut, this product not only effectively removes all kinds of stains from the user’s smile but also protects it from harmful bacteria without endangering the others.

Activated coconut charcoal effectively promotes pH in addition to cleaning and polishing the teeth. Therefore, Hyperbiotics Activated Toothpaste prevents teeth from turning yellow due to coffee, tea, or wine consumption for example. This essential component supports whiter teeth in a safe manner as it isn’t abrasive and protects the enamel unlike other teeth-whitening products that can be found on the market.

In fact, currently there is an important polemic surrounding popular toothpastes’ formulations as a lot of them contain ingredients such as parabens and fluoride. Fluoride is argued to be potentially harmful for consumers health and be the cause of hormonal dysfunction. Thus, individuals start to look for natural alternatives that are free of such compounds.

Hyperbiotics Activated Charcoal Probiotic Toothpaste Benefits

The innovative toothpaste’s formula includes natural ingredients such as xylitol, L. paracasei, and activated coconut charcoal. Each of these ingredients has a main function which contributes to the overall efficiency of the product.

Because the mouth is the principal entry into one’s body, it’s interior has to be resistant which is why it’s flora is crucial. However, a lot of toothpastes contain foaming agents and chemical detergents that attack everything including healthy bacteria meant to bar the way to harmful one’s. As a consequence, individuals get sick more easily. This explains why ACPT has been formulated in order to be free of such ingredients.

Moreover, Hyperbiotics Activated Charcoal Probiotic Toothpaste is a powerful whitening solution that can effectively and naturally remove significant stains from the user’s teeth. This is due to the surprisingly black compound found in the ACPT formula, which is extracted from coconut and considered as a natural purifier.

ACPT not only protects the user’s health and promotes whiter teeth, it also plays an important role in preventing bad breath. The probiotics included in this groundbreaking product help produce more healthy bacteria in the mouth flora which are essential to reduce bad odours as they don’t leave enough room for bad-breath-causing microbes to proliferate.

Furthermore, Activated Charcoal Probiotic Toothpaste by Hyperbiotics effectively supports periodontal health. Components such as L. paracasei are crucial in order to maintain healthy and strong gums by significantly reducing the amount of streptococcus mutans present in the mouth. This is important because streptococcus mutans are highly undesirable bacteria that can cause severe infections and weaken both gums and teeth as well as make them more prone to inflammations.

Not only is ACPT safe and efficient it’s also suitable for the entire family as it can be used at any age. Though it’s black colour can discourage some individuals to use it at first, this toothpaste can provide such great benefits that this first impression is rapidly forgotten. Additionally, xylitol gives a sweet and refreshing spearmint flavor to the product without it including any actual sugar.

Purchasing Activated Charcoal Probiotic Toothpaste

If you are looking for an alternative toothpaste that will not only be free of abrasive compounds such as fluoride but also promote a healthy mouth flora and whiter teeth, then Activated Charcoal Probiotic Toothpaste by Hyperbiotics, could be an interesting option for you. Including coconut-based charcoal and other natural ingredients, this product help strengthen the consumer’s gums, teeth, and promotes a fresh and bright smile. You can order this toothpaste online from the brand’s website for $15.00 USD.


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