Human Food: Vegan Meal Replacement Bar Packed With Vitamins?


Human Food is a food supplement that offers all of the vitamins and nutrients that consumers need in a meal, but without the use of any animal products. The treat is available through Kickstarter right now, where consumers have the choice of enrolling in a trial offer or a subscription.

What is Human Food?

Getting the nutrients that the body needs every day is a big feat, especially when there are so many other obligations. Most people have the convenience of choosing any meal from a fast food restaurant or the frozen food section, but consumers that follow a vegan lifestyle are much more limited. Furthermore, consumers that are new to this type of eating may not realize how easy it is to not eat enough protein during the day. That is what Human Food aims to help with.

Human Food offers three different meal replacement bars that exclusively use organic and vegan ingredients. Read on below to learn about the nutritional content of the bars and the options that consumers have.

Nutrition and Flavor in Human Food

Consumers will have the choice of three nutrition bars, which are divided up by color. Though they all have balanced nutrition, each one offers something that the other two do not. Choose from:

Every vitamin or mineral in the Human Food bars uses organic plants, so consumers will get the best bioavailability of the nutrients. To help create an appetizing taste, the company uses 30 different foods to create a complex flavor that will not become mundane and boring. It can be eaten on its own or in another recipe.

The Booklet

The Booklet comes with recipes for the selected color bar that the buyer chooses. There’s advice and tips on making healthy smoothies, though consumers will also have a guide that shows them ways to stretch and breathe in the morning to help them maintain a holistic routine.

Buying Human Food

Each one of the nutrition bars will cost £3.30, providing the consumer with enough calories and nutrients to make up an entire meal. The company only provides the bars to consumers through a subscription that sends out products monthly. Unfortunately, there are only 2,000 spots available for subscribers on this first intake, though future intakes are planned. With the subscription, consumers will also get a community newsletter that features advice, recipes, and current health research to help consumers improve their bodies.

At the moment, the only way to buy a bar or subscription is through the Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter Campaign

Companies frequently use Kickstarter to help get their projects funded, which is the case for Human Food. However, as an incentive, consumers have the opportunity to choose from different promotional packages to get a discount on the products coming up. Choose from the following amounts to get to the corresponding packages.

  • £5 or more, for one bar in any color
  • £10 or more, for three bars, featuring one of each color
  • £33 or more, for a two-week trial pack that includes 10 bars in one color and a Human Food Booklet for the corresponding color
  • £66 or more, for a one-month subscription that includes 20 bars, a t-shirt, and a Human Food Booklet for the corresponding color
  • £198 or more, for a three-month subscription that includes 20 bars in each shipment, along with the t-shirt and corresponding Human Food Booklet
  • £792 or more, for a one-year subscription that includes 20 bars in each shipment, plus a t-shirt, sweater, and a Human Food Booklet
  • £4,752 or more, for a six-year advance subscription at this fixed priced with all of the benefits of the one-year subscription

All of the products come with free shipping on the orders and will start being sent out in September 2018.

Contacting the Creators of Human Food

Since the Human Food bars are presently offered through the Kickstarter page, consumers will find a FAQ section for any concerns that arise. If they need to find out more details, they can also send a question directly to the campaign for a public answer.

Human Food Conclusion

Human Food offers innovative solutions for consumers that need more nutrition in their body. The recipes are made for vegans, but anyone can incorporate it into their or their children’s diets. While they do not have enough support to act as 100% nutrition for the day, consumers can use them to help out with their regular meals when they need something more convenient.

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