Elevacity XanthoMax: Super Antioxidant Combined With Turmeric?


Elevacity XanthoMax is a supplement that targets the potential toxins in the body to help the user have better wellness and protection against the toxins that reduce the changes of illness. The treatment is available from the official website, and introduces minimal other ingredients to the body.

What is Elevacity XanthoMax?

Many people take multivitamins to fill the voids in their nutrition during the day. There are many brands that cater to the different ages and genders, but most of them are just adding the vitamins and minerals that consumers need. There are supplements that take the treatment one step further, like an immunity boost. The XanthoMax treatment may be able to fill that void.

According to the claims made on the website about XanthoMax, this formula may be able to:

  • Promote a healthy metabolism
  • Reduce the amount of waste in the metabolism
  • Flush out toxins
  • Reduce the damage that free radicals and oxidative damage have caused
  • Defend the body against viral, bacterial, and fungal infections
  • Balance the user’s cholesterol levels
  • Support a healthier heart
  • Improve the sleeping habits of the user
  • Increase weight loss without regaining the pounds
  • Balance the complexion
  • Support the health of the eyes
  • Promote better energy without increasing thermogenesis

Read on below to learn about the ingredients included and what they may help do in the body.

Ingredients In Elevacity XanthoMax

The ingredient list is fairly limited, but it includes:

  • Xanthohumol extract, which is an antioxidant that helps reduce toxins in the body
  • Turmeric Root Extract, which reduces inflammation and supports the health of the heart
  • Caffeine, for better energy levels
  • Diindolmethane, which protects the body from cancer, especially breast cancer, uterine cancer, and colorectal cancer

There are still some benefits listed that are not accounted for. However, each person reacts to the treatment differently, which is why the use of the product may be helpful to consumers in ways that the ingredients do not typically help.

Using XanthoMax

The website advices that users should only take one capsule a day, but this may not be enough for some consumers. Users can consume up to three capsules daily, but they should assess their tolerance before increasing the dosage.

The formula should be stored in a dry and cool place.

Pricing for Elevacity XanthoMax

Consumers can buy a bottle of XanthoMax for $65.00. The bottle offers 30 capsules, which should be enough to last throughout an entire month. Consumers will not have access to a subscription or discount at this time, so consumers will have to submit a new order as they run low.

There is no return policy listed on the website. However, if the user is unhappy with the results of the product, they should get ahold of the customer service team.

Contacting the Creators: Elevacity

If consumers still have any concerns about XanthoMax, they will need to speak with the customer service team. The team can be reached by filling out the form on the website at https://elevacity.com/store/contact.

To get a more urgent reply by phone, call 800-518-0284.

Elevacity XanthoMax Conclusion

XanthoMax is meant for consumers that want to reduce the risks placed on their immune system. The treatment includes the claims that it can stop cancer, though consumers will need to speak with a doctor about any concerns.

If someone takes this treatment and still believes that they may be sick, it is best to see a doctor to get more clarity. This formula is not meant to be taken in place of medications.

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