Hovenia Dulcis – Dihydromyricetin Hangover Herbal Tea Extract?


Hovenia Dulcis also known as the Japanese raisin tree and oriental raisin tree is a major source of Dihydromyricetin (DHM) or Ampelopsin (take note of this because we’ll be talking about this a lot).

These are often gotten from Hovenia Dulcis extracts are often effectively known for their anti-hangover properties. Interestingly, its healthful properties seem to be retained no matter what form in which the extract is taken.

So whether it’s taken in the form of juice, fermented into wine or the extracts converted into a supplement, it still works just fine. In this guide of the plant extract, we’ll be exploring its many benefits, possible adverse effects and where you can easily get the supplements.

Hovenia Dulcis Benefits

Hovenia Dulcis’ owes its use and effectiveness to two of its most active compounds, dihydromyricetin, and to a lesser degree hovenitin. These play a critical role in ensuring that you get the complete benefits of the plant’s extract.

Hovenia Dulcis For Hangover

You know how you’ve been looking for a hangover cure? Well, now you have one in the form of Hovenia Dulcis. The extracts is particularly effective at minimizing the effects of intoxication, thus ensuring that you don’t feel any hangover after a night of drinking.

Let’s face it, a hangover can make you feel crappy the next day, lower your productivity and can be the reason why you have to take some alcohol in the mornings. After all, you’ve heard the saying that the best way to cure a hangover is to never stop drinking.

Well, you can drink all you want, just make sure you take extract in the form of a Hovenia Dulcis supplement or a dihydromyricetin supplement. This is known as the ultimate hangover cure drug. You couldn’t go wrong with it.

Users typically recommend taking two dihydromyricetin supplement capsules or tablets before drinking, and two more after for best results.

Others claim that adding another two the next morning leaves you feeling very bright and sharp. The choice is yours, really. You may have to experiment a bit to get the right formula for you.

However, one thing is clear: if you want no headaches, dizziness, or nausea the next day –any of the trademarks associated with hangovers, you should take this.

Helps With The Anxiety

Taking these pills before or after drinking eliminates the anxiety and jitters that often follows a night of intense drinking with the guys or gals. As you probably know, the accompanying anxiety and jitters can make you crazy and unproductive. Taking this takes the edge off, leaving you feeling normal and ready for the day.

Reduces Drinking Related Behaviors

Some of the symptoms associated with alcohol abuse often include difficulty balancing, slurred speech, blurred vision, and cognitive impairment.

This is why drinking while under the influence of alcohol is considered a felony in the US –at that point, you’re an accident waiting to happen. DHM however, has been known to mitigate or reduce the effects of alcohol in your body so you don’t suffer any of those symptoms.

Hovenia Dulcis For Liver Health

Studies involving the impact of DHM on the liver has shown that it have its protective qualities on the liver and its ability to prevent liver damage caused by alcohol toxicity.

While the science behind this isn’t exactly known yet, studies have shown that people who take this tend to have a less “beat up” liver than those who don’t take it. Traditionally, Hovenia has been used in Asia to detoxify the liver, particularly after an episode of alcohol poisoning.

So, if you are concerned about your liver taking a beating from eliminating all that alcohol, you should take DHM to help improve your liver’s health.

Possible Issues With Hovenia Dulcis – What it Won’t Do

It May Not Prevent Puking -Sometimes

In spite of its many great qualities, some users have reported that they still threw up the next morning, albeit without any of the searing headaches or other symptoms associated with hangovers.

It’s possible that in this instance, this had more to do with some sort of stomach problem than the effectiveness of Hovenia Dulcis in curbing their hangover.

May Not Prevent The Blackout Following Too Much Drinking

There are often differing opinions about this. There are concerns that you could still suffer a blackout after taking some DHM supplements or Hovenia in any of its many forms.

Then there are those who claim that it might keep you awake even after some heavy drinking. Well, we’re thinking this might ultimately be a physiological issue, and one that’s specific to individuals.

Whatever the case, it goes to reason that if you have to be at work the next day, and don’t want to sleep through the better part of the morning, you might want to err on the side of caution and drink less so you don’t suffer a major blackout.

Doesn’t Lower Blood Alcohol Content

In spite of its ability to reduce the effects of alcohol intoxication, it still doesn’t lower your blood alcohol content.

This can be dangerous if you are driving because if you ever get pulled over by a cop who insists on you doing a field sobriety test, chances are you could fail, particularly if they ask you to blow into a breathalyzer.

Sure, you may not exhibit any of the symptoms of being drunk and may even pass some of the tests. But, a blood alcohol content that exceeds the legal limit is bound to get you some jail time. So, never drive after some heavy drinking, even if you feel very clear headed.

Where To Buy Hovenia Dulcis Supplement

While there are a few brands out there that either work a little or none at all, there’s one that’s getting a lot of love and seen as potent. That’s the one made by DHM Depot, and sold on Amazon. Users claim this is one of the most potent in the market, and has no known side effects.

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