Herb Pharm Nervous System Tonic – Restore Natural Calmness?


This herbal infusion is made by Herb Pharm and formulated to help strengthen and calm the body’s nervous system. Users simply mix these herbal drops with water and consume a few times to offer a calming support.

Please read below to learn more about Nervous System Tonic and how to purchase a bottle.

What is Herb Pharm Nervous System Tonic?

Herb Pharm Nervous System Tonic is carefully crafted to help promote relaxation and mental calmness through simple drops. People who are looking for an all-natural product that helps support the nervous system will want to consider trying the Nervous System Tonic to help make their quality of life better.

How Does Herb Pharm Nervous System Tonic Work?

Users of the tonic simply mix one full squeeze of the dropper bulb into two ounces of water or juice two to five times per day. This product works best when taken between meals. For best potency users should make sure to shake the bottle prior to using.

Ingredients in Herb Pharm Nervous System Tonic

The Herb Pharm Nervous System Tonic contains a mix of proprietary extract blends including a range of high quality herbs that work together to help calm the nervous system.

Proprietary extract blend includes:
  • Skullcap flowering herb (Scutellaria lateriflora): A medicinal plant that offers support for anxiety and improves relaxation and sleep quality.
  • Oat “milky” seed (Avena sativa): Restores strength and energy to the body’s nervous system.
  • St. John's Wort flowering top (Hypericum perforatum): This plant has been used since the Middle Ages to support overall mood and for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Celery seed (Apium graveolens): Used to help support exhaustion and reduce nervousness.
  • Lavender flower (Lavandula angustifolia): Has been used for thousands of years to promote sleep and aids relaxation.

Nervous System Tonic is made from certified organic cane alcohol and distilled water. All ingredients in this tonic are non-genetically modified, and it is gluten free.

Who Makes Herb Pharm Nervous System Tonic?

This product is manufactured by Herb Pharm. Herb Pharm is an online company that offers high quality herbs that are grown in the perfect growing conditions and harvested at the optimum times. They work hard to use the most medicine rich parts of the plant and each product is tested for potency and quality.

Herb Pharm products are regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration, and is based in Williams, Oregon. More company inform is available on their website at www.herb-pharm.com.

Herb Pharm Nervous System Tonic Pricing

Nervous System Tonic by Herb Pharm can be purchased through the company’s website at www.herb-pharm.com, Amazon, or iHerb.

-Herb Pharm

Nervous System Tonic is available in two size bottles: one ounce and four ounce.

  • One Ounce Bottle: $14.00
  • Four Ounce Bottle: $53.20

Herb Pharm offers a variety of shipping options including standard, two day, and three day. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is by two day air.


Amazon offers three bottle sizes one ounce, two ounce, and four ounce.

  • One Ounce Bottle: $11.09
  • Two Ounce Bottle: $18.79
  • Four Ounce Bottle: $41.77

Shipping is free on all eligible purchases totaling $49.00 or more.


Each one ounce bottle of Nervous System Tonic costs $11.20. This product is currently on sale from the normal retail price of $14.00.

Should You Use Herb Pharm Nervous System Tonic?

Nervous System Tonic is a good option for either men or women who are looking for an all-natural product to calm their nerves.

Anyone dealing with anxiety or who has trouble calming their mind to promote restful sleep will want to consider these easy to use drops. This product can offer support during difficult times or as a daily support for life’s stresses.

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