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Herb Pharm Review

Herb Pharm is an online all-natural pharmacy that provides high-quality herbal extracts. While it’s primarily a store, Herb Pharm also provides general education for those looking to use medicinal herbs in a safe and effective way.

The vision and mission of Herb Pharm is to help bring balance to both the health of individuals and to the Earth, in general. The company feels strongly about respecting nature in all it does to create the extracts it sells.

A Brief Herb Pharm History

Herb Pharm was started over 35 years ago when its founders started making their herbal extract medicines for friends and family. Located in the Applegate Valley in south Oregon, the group soon realized the importance of what they were doing. This realization led them to become pioneers in the herbal movement that has become so popular of late.

However, the founders of Herb Pharm started the company not to earn accolades, but to change how people perceive herbal medicine while protecting their environment.

The Importance of Herb Pharm

There are many herbal extract companies offering products and services, however they aren’t comparable to Herb Pharm because this company focuses on balance in everything it does.

Herb Pharm makes its extracts from plants grown on its own farms. The extracts it can’t produce on its own are sourced from a group of wildcrafters who were chosen based on the quality of their herbs and how they treat and pay their workers.

All the herbs used to create the Herb Pharms extracts are organic and farmed through environmentally conscious practices. Herb Pharm is also very careful about using herbs that are rare or near extinction. If this is the case, they cultivate their own herbs to help protect the ones in the wild.

Why Use Herb Pharm

Herb Pharm provides herbal extracts for a variety of reasons, from improving immunity to boosting stamina. The company works with each individual person to help reach their goals, using all-natural, organic herbal extracts.

Herb Pharm is the perfect company to use for those who want to empower themselves by improving their health, but without the risk of injuring the world around them.

Unlike several other herbal extract companies, who only offer their extracts in one way or another, Herb Pharm offers products as topical lotions and creams, liquids, or capsules, so their customers have complete control over their treatments. By offering a selection of options, Herb Pharm can help a wider variety of customers.

Herb Pharm Products

The online store for Herb Pharm, as well as the many stores and health practitioner offices that use Herb Pharm, has a vast number of products. Because its list is so extensive, it can be a little overwhelming for those looking for specific items or who are trying herbal remedies for the first time.

Because Herb Pharm recognizes that it can be complicated to find the right products, it has broken down its system into easy to understand sections.

These sections include:

Herbs for Women
Herbs for Men
New Herbal Products
Seasonal Specials

Herb Pharm also sells herbs by type and by condition.

The prices for Herb Pharm extracts start around $12 and go up from there, with a lot of their products being an average of $14.

Herb Pharm by Condition

Many people who come to Herb Pharm in hopes of finding an all-natural solution to their health conditions don’t know exactly what they want, they just know what they need cured. In an effort to help these potential customers find their solutions easily, Herb Pharm has a section on its website that sells herbal extracts by condition.

These conditions are the most common problems seen by Herb Pharm customers. They are:

Immune System
Nervous System
Energy and Vitality
Respiratory System
System Restoration
Cleanse and Detoxify
Optimal Well-Being

Herb Pharm for Kids

In a new line, recommended by a Dr. Aviva Romm, Herb Pharm has designed herbal remedies specifically for children. These all-natural treatments have been tested and use ingredients that are only safe for children, without losing any effectiveness.

The Kids Line consists of six products that aim to treat the most common conditions that face children. They include:

Immune Avenger: An immune booster that works to keep children from getting sick when taken as the symptoms start to show themselves.

Tummy TLC: A mix of herbs that help sooth troubled stomachs.

Ear Oil: A mixture to treat ear aches and prevent ear infections.

Black Elderberry Glycerite: Another immune booster that can be used to prevent illnesses from getting worse or be used when a child is sick to help get him or her over the sickness as soon as possible.

Echinacea Glycerite: Another immune booster that can be used to prevent illnesses from getting worse or be used when a child is sick to help get him or her over the sickness as soon as possible.

Lemon Balm Calm Glycerite: An herbal remedy that helps calm and sooth children.

Benefits of Herb Pharm for Kids

Many parents now days are turning from treating their children with over the counter medications as they begin to understand the number of chemicals that goes into each dose. For those who want an alternative for minor illnesses, aches, and pains, Herb Pharm for Kids is the perfect solution.

Herb Pharm for Kids is made with pure, organic, non-GMO glycerin, which is an all-natural sweetener. This product makes the herbal extracts taste delicious, which means there’s less of a struggle to get children to take it. And, because glycerin doesn’t cause tooth decay and is a powerful extractive, it is both safe and efficient for children.

Every bottle of herbal extract from Herb Pharm for Kids comes with easy to use instructions and provides dosage amounts based on body weight.

The Safety of Herb Pharm

All-natural supplements have become notorious in recent years for the damage they can cause uninformed users. Because supplements have fewer restrictions on them than regular medications, many companies use the lax to create sub-standard products that put the health of users at risk.

Herb Pharm is very clear about how it achieves the quality of its herbs. It has a clear list of criteria it follows in order to provide the best product to its clients.

The list of criteria Herb Pharm follows is:

-Follow proper growing techniques

-Grow plants in appropriate climates

-Harvest at an optimal time

-Determine the optimal age for a plant

-Use the most medicine-rich plant parts

-Comply with an extraction method and recipe that delivers the most potent medicine

-Test and verify for quality and potency

-Determine proper doses that add up to safety and effectiveness

Herb Pharm also follows all the regulations the FDA puts on herbal medicines, from the handling and processing of herbs, to the testing requirements.

Gaining an Herb Pharm Education

As mentioned earlier, Herb Pharm isn’t just an herbal extract store, it also provides education for those who are interested in learning more about herbal remedies. In addition to the vast amounts of information available on their website, they also have a Herbaculture Intern Program.

On their many farms, Herb Pharm provides guided herb walks and demonstrations for patrons interested in learning more about herbaculture in a more hands-on environment. The company is able to provide all these programs by collaborating with herbal learning institutes across the country.

In addition to providing classes and programs, Herb Pharm has several partnerships with other educational institutes that help promote interest in herbs and the role they play in alternative medicine.

Contacting Herb Pharm

Herb Pharm can be found in many stores across the country and these locations can be found on the Herb Pharm website.

Herb Pharm can be reached by phone at (541) 846-6262 or by email at [email protected].

Its mailing address is:

Herb Pharm
P.O. Box 116
Williams, Oregon 97544

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