Herb Pharm Hops – Nervous System Calming Support Drops?


This product is specially formulated to promote a calm nervous system. Many people who struggle to quieten their mind or have good sleep will appreciate this product.

Manufactured by Herb Pharm, these drops are reputable and a good option for people looking for a natural remedy to ease their stress and promote relaxation. Please read below to learn more about the Hops drops by Herb Pharm.

What are Herb Pharm Hops?

These drops are an all-natural option for people who are looking for a product to help support a calm mind and better sleep. This product contains high potency lupulin-rich strobile from Humulus lupulus vines. These drops when mixed with water or juice absorb quickly by the body.

How Do Herb Pharm Hops Work?

Help to relax the mind when used daily help ensure a restful night’s sleep without grogginess or chemicals.

Who Makes Herb Pharm Hops?

Manufactured by Herb Pharm, an online company that offers natural solutions and ingredients that are tightly monitored and grown in optimal conditions. This company strives to utilize the most potent parts of each plant their strict quality control ensures maximum consistent quality.

Herb Pharm is based in Williams, Oregon and their website, www.herb-pharm.com, offers more information about the company, its products, and services.

Ingredients in Herb Pharm Hops

This hops extract product is made from the dried female flowers of the Humulus lupulus vines. This part of the plant is rich is lupulin rich which promote relaxation and sleep. All herbs used in these drops are organically grown.

Herb Pharm Hops contain organic can alcohol and distilled water. Users simply mix one dropper full of liquid to two ounces of water or juice and consume two to five times per day. This product works best when consumed between meals. For best potency this product should be shaken before use.

Herb Pharm Hops Pricing

Hops Nervous System Support Drops can be purchased through iHerb.com, Amazon, or the company’s website at www.herb-pharm.com.

-Herb Pharm

Herb Pharm Hops are available in two size bottles: one ounce and four ounce.

  • One Ounce Bottle: $14.00
  • Four Ounce Bottle: $53.20

Herb Pharm offers a variety of domestic shipping options including customers in both Hawaii and Alaska.


Each one ounce bottle of Hops Nervous System Support Drops costs $11.20. This product is currently on sale from the normal retail price of $14.00. Customers can join the iHerb loyalty program and save five percent.


Amazon offers two bottle sizes one ounce and four ounce.

  • One Ounce Bottle: $13.11
  • Two (1oz Ounce) Bottle Pack: $32.53
  • Four Ounce Bottle: $41.95

Consumers who are part of Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program can save an additional five to fifteen percent on purchases of this product.

Shipping is free on all eligible purchases totaling $49.00 or more.

Should You Use Herb Pharm Hops?

These drops are a great option for either men or women who are looking for an all-natural product that helps calm their mind. So many people live stressful lives and need some extra support. These drops are chemical free and support deep, restful sleep without grogginess.

Herb Pharm offers high quality products that deliver high potency and are certified organic. Users can return this product if they find it does not meet their needs. More information about this product and the entire Herb Pharm line at the company’s website at www.herb-pharm.com.

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