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While many ‘so called experts’ would like us to believe that carbohydrates in any form are a complete no-no, this in fact couldn't be further from the truth. Studies released by the Mayo Clinic in 2013 show that when ‘healthy carbs’ are consumed in limited ratios, the can greatly enhance the overall metabolic potential of the user's body.

Research has also shown that people who like to do a lot of cardiovascular activity can obtain various benefits through the use of common nutrients like Rice, Wheat etc. However, with that being said, it is important to remember that these food sources are highly rich and need to be consumed in clinical portions. Also when ingesting elements like rice, users should make sure that they follow a steady exercise regime which enables them to burn off all excess fat.

About Performance Rice Crispies

As the name clearly implies, Performance Rice Crispies are a specialised ‘nutritional meal option’ that have been devised to increase stamina and enhance energy release in a person's body. The meal includes the use of energy gels and toasted rice cereals which when combined in specific ratios, can greatly help induce a sense of wellbeing and allow us to push ourselves harder while performing intense cardiovascular activities such as running, jogging, swimming. Some of the core benefits of using Performance Rice Crispies include:

(i) Energy Release: the rice in the mix is highly specialised and helps deliver amazing quantities of energy while a person is exercising. Due to its natural properties, it does not induce dullness or make a person feel sluggish while running/jogging.

(ii) Stamina: studies have shown that when energy gels are taken along with our regular meals, they can help in improving our overall stamina and endurance levels.

(iii) Alertness: the coconut milk that is used to blend the two core components in the mix have been shown to improve the cognitive functionality of a person. Thus an individual can be much more focused and concentrated at the task at hand (allowing for amazing physical results).

(iv) Hydration: the core components in the mix have been found to induce sufficient aqueous content into our bodies so that our cells can keep running at a high rate. When this happens, we are able to workout for longer durations with much more ease.

How To Consume?

There are 4 to 5 simple steps that one can follow in order to prepare a delicious meal for themselves.

  • The user should heat some coconut oil along with the performance gels (included in the package) in a microwave for around 30 seconds. The heat settings should be set on maximum so that optimal energy transfer can take place between the active agents in the ingredients.
  • After the oil has been heated, the provided cereal should be thoroughly mixed and stirred until every piece is covered and starts to soak in the formula.
  • For best results, the heating pan should be greased with mild oil coverage so as to prevent any sticking or burning of the cereal.
  • Lastly, the cereal mix should be poured into a pan and pressed down. Once adequate time has passed, the solution should be steaming and ready for consumption.
  • Additionally, for optimal texture and appearance, the meal should be placed in a fridge and allowed to cool for a period of 30 minutes. This not only allows for the flavours to soak in well, but also enhances the overall taste profile of the Rice Crispies.

Performance Rice Cripies Review Summary

The Performance Rice Crispies once fully prepared should be consumed around 30-40 minutes before one sets out to run. In this duration, the stomach acids can effectively break down the core ingredients and thus allow for a sustained release of energy. It is important to note that if a person wishes, he/she can even wait for a couple of hours before exercising.

Performance Rice Crispies can be ordered through GU’s official web store. All of the pricing, dosage and nutritional information can be obtained by clicking on the product, and payments can be completed using safe means like PayPal, MasterCard. JCB, Discover and Visa.


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