Ground Based Organic Fermented Beets – Nitric Oxide Booster?


About Ground Based Organic Fermented Beets

Ground Based Organic Fermented Beets is said to be the first all-natural, organic and plant based system designed to help athletes perform better. This includes, before, during and after their performance in training or in competition. You might be asking yourself ‘fermented beets?’ and the answer would be yes!

Beets are known for their ability to maximize nitric oxide production which in turn, increases endurance. Nitric Oxide works to expand blood vessels which will increase blood flow and decrease plaque growth and blood clotting. This is especially helpful for high endurance athletes who put a lot of wear and tear on their bodies through strenuous workouts and games.

Nitric oxide is a key signaling molecule throughout the body. It is produced through cells that ultimately, line the arteries. It is capable of penetrating the smooth muscles and act as a potent vasodilator that relaxes the arteries. Having said all that, optimizing blood pressure and overall circulation.

Knowing and understanding the benefits of nitric oxide should help you understand the benefits in these Ground Based Organic Fermented Beets. The beets included in this supplement are non-GMO and defined as pure organic. They work to achieve high nitrate levels which will maximize the nitric oxide production.

The second primary ingredient in this blend is Careflow Mango. This is a clinically proven ingredient that is said to improve microcirculation through its enhancement of the eNOS activity. This is an enzyme required to help turn arginine to nitric oxide.

Looking to Increase Your Energy and Endurance?

Great! This is another added benefit to the Organic Fermented Beets product. These all-natural ingredients, work to boost energy because of the ease provided to the body to transport and use oxygen. This allows for more efficient energy use and an increase in exercise tolerance. Pushing you that extra mile, or additional set safely and more comfortably.

What About Cardiovascular Health?

Ground Based Organic Fermented Beets are also a superior source of antioxidants and nitric boosting nutrients. Because of their ability to help deliver oxygen and increase blood flow, this sets the foundation for the increased nitric oxide to relax the blood vessels which leads to reduced blood pressure and then leads to, improved cardiovascular health. The less your heart has to work is always better!

We know that a solid workout routine or gaming performance can increase these levels to absolute peaks, and although this is the point in cardio activity, you also want to be mindful of the stress it can also put on your heart. In some cases, unnecessary stress. The better your organs, including your heart can function, the more productive and efficient you will perform.

Directions for Use

Thirty (30) minutes prior to exercise, consume one (1) scoop of the Organic Fermented Beets powder in a glass of cold water (six to eight ounces). You can consume this product up to twice daily to achieve optimal results and performance.

As mentioned briefly above, this product contains only 100% organic and non-GMO beets. They also do not include any fillers, sugars or artificial ingredients.

The flavor of this drink mix is described as black cherry.

How To Order Ground Based Organic Fermented Beets

Ground Based Organic Fermented Beets can be ordered on the Ground Based Sport Series website for only $39.99. This comes with thirty (3) servings per container. If you are interested in saving a few dollars, you can also choose the subscribe and save option that will save you 15% per order, and ensure you have your Organic Fermented Beets product delivered automatically every month. This way – you are never without it!

Overall, fermented beets may be among the healthiest vegetables out there. Most of the sugar fund in beets are ‘taken care of’ by the beneficial bacteria that is obtained through the fermentation process. And, through that process it leaves the health boosting ingredients as they were.

Fermented Beets are loaded with probiotics and good bacteria. It is no wonder they are so beneficial to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. There are several studies that exist about fermented foods and the importance of achieving the ideal balance they provide. They are able to diversify the bacteria in your gut which is the foundation for physical, mental and emotional wellness. It would be safe to say their benefits go much further than a simple probiotic, or nitric oxide boosting supplement.

You might agree that you are bringing the best of both worlds to the table when it comes to fermented beets. Meaning, the benefits of beets themselves are outstanding and when combined with the Careflow Mango benefits you have a powerhouse supplement designed with the athlete in mind.

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