Kasui Home Apparel: Ultimate Comfy Clothes For Home Life?


Working from home often results in spending hours at home without contact. That is a trend picking up especially with the current generation of millennials and the remote career. And while working at home, you may take for granted the personal etiquette and fashion for your everyday activities. More often than not, it is a challenge to find something comfortable to wear while at home or going out in the streets. However, clothing brands have seen this gap and are set to fulfill the dream of a stay-at-home culture.

What Is Kasui Home Apparel?

KASUI is a comfy attire company that aims to provide exceptional style and comfort with their premium home suits made for both men and the ladies. With the number of remote workers increasing the apparel startup saw the need to respond with their new product lines that feature a monochromatic look that makes the Premium Home Suit more like your everyday home uniform. The design of the suits also make it more like a formal outfit for spending time at home and still go out with it to the store and get your essentials

Kasui Home Apparel Traits

The KASUI Home Suit design is set to offer convenience and comfort with the minimal look possible while spending time at home. Additionally, the apparel designers were focusing on the functionality whether staying at home, traveling or going out for a walk. That is made possible by the concealed feature of secret pockets available in the jacket and the dress pants. Here are some of the traits that are prominent in the Home Suit


The size of the Premium Hone suit comes with a Unisex style to accommodate a one-size for all features. However, there are still sizes for men and women which fit true to size depending on your body.


Apparently the suit's fabric is made from premium flannel with double-sided stitches. The soft and breathable texture also allows you to keep cozy while at home. It is also said to have thermal features to keep you warm while at home.


As of now the premium home attire is available in two colors: black and grey. We should expect more colors like red and navy in the future.


The suit details include several hidden pockets to reduce the need for wallets and purses for both sexes. The jackets feature pockets on the inside, sleeves and the outside lining. The pants also have an open side, side and inside security pockets for the user's convenience.

Kasui Home Apparel Ultimate Comfy Clothes For Home Life Benefits

KASUI's focus was to provide apparel with the most benefits to the average stay-at-home person. Here is what KASUI expect the user to gain through their suits.

  • The suit's design provided comfort through its array of unique features.
  • Offers maximum comfort
  • Creates convenience with its functional features made up of secret pockets
  • Direct contact with the apparel manufacturer for good quality guarantee

Kasui Home Apparel Verdict

For relatively new apparel, Kasui is promising to change the home fashion industry. Whereas the concept of the brand is right, the execution is still weak. That has a lot to do with the cost of the attire. It is quite expensive to acquire one, and there is no guarantee you will get value for money. Additionally, there are cheaper attire with better comfort and features more worthy than KASUI's Home Suit. Take time to compare the prices and quality with other apparels before making the purchase decision. But if you are looking for a premium product to try out, you can get KASUI's apparel and see if it suits your home lifestyle.


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