Goldfaden M.D. Wake Up Call Overnight Facial Treatment


We all know that the doctors recommend getting a full 8 hours of sleep a day. For some lucky people that might be the standard that they are able to get.

For others, 8 hours may sound like a dream come true. The reason that 8 is the magic number to strive for is because that is how long all of the cells in your body need to get enough rest to rejuvenate themselves.

But shouldn’t you be making the most out of that time?

Why Goldfaden M.D. Wake Up Call Overnight Facial Treatment?

Goldfaden M.D. Wake Up Call Overnight Facial Treatment is designed to be put on after you cleanse your skin, but before you use your moisturizer. This way all of the vitamins and acids can seep into your cells and pores to provide you with results that not only last for through the next day, but also work to improve your skin over time.

Ingredients in Goldfaden M.D. Wake Up Call Overnight Facial Treatment

Do you ever wonder what makes one formula better than the other? The answer lies in the ingredients list.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to see a bunch of botanical names in latin and other words that are hard to pronounce. Listed below are just a few of the key ingredients that make the Wake Up Call Overnight Facial Treatment so special.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is usually touted as the “skincare” vitamin because it is rich in fatty acids that greatly benefit your hair and skin. As a part of the Wake Up Call Overnight Facial Treatment made by Goldfaden M.D. it provides a wonderful source of moisturizing hydration that helps your skin stay fresh and dewy looking.

This type of rich hydration also as an anti-aging effect that helps to keep those wrinkles and fine lines from finding a home on your face.

Avocado Oil

This superfood is also rich in vitamin E and other fatty acids that also benefit the skin. Avocado oil helps to smooth the skin and actively treats dry spots, patches and bumps. It is an effective part of this formula due to its ability to deep moisturize the skin for an added anti-aging feature.

Its soft, silky texture creates the perfect base to put make up over in the morning, and helps to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Even if you don’t wear makeup the moisturizing effects are still just as valuable.


Retinol is a chemical component that used to only be accessible if you had a prescription from a professional doctor. These days, this ingredient is much more easily found in skincare products but it is rarely combined with other quality ingredients. Retinol is renowned for helping to dramatically reduce the appearance of the finest of lines and the deepest of wrinkles.

It is one of the star components of this formula and when used daily the results will speak for themselves over time.

Grapeseed Oil

One oil, so many uses. This multi-faceted oil is a virtual powerhouse when it comes to making a huge impact on the health of your skin. Not only is it a light, non-greasy moisturizer, it also works as a skin tightener. This helps to keep your face looking taut and young.

In addition, this prevents the appearance of aging as the skin is made to be resistant to wrinkles and fine lines. As an extra bonus, grapeseed oil also helps the Wake Up Call Overnight Facial Treatment minimize the appearance of under eye circles.

Organic Red Tea

Red tea or rooibos tea is a very popular beverage for those health conscious individuals that are sensitive to caffeine. It is rich in antioxidants and properties that help to strengthen the immune system and keeps you feeling energized and vibrant. It is used as part of this formula because it is naturally high in zinc which helps fight acne and blemishes, while soothing other skin irritations.

Goldfaden M.D. Wake Up Call Overnight Facial Treatment Conclusion

It seems like everyone has been a lot more busy lately. Whether you are a mom who juggles kids schedules and your own, a full time student, or a career minded gal one thing is for sure – you are a master at multi-tasking.

Its finally time to let your skin care multi-task for you. What better way to do that than letting Goldfaden M.D. Wake Up Call Overnight Facial Treatment work for you while you sleep.

Now you can wake up every day to fresh, hydrated skin that looks as youthful as you feel. Get your bottle today and get ready for skin that glows!

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