Gold Elements Salt Scrub – Nourishing Gentle Salt Crystal Oils?


Gold Elements is a healthcare product company that offer high quality products that are designed to improve skin vitality and appearance. Gold Elements products are infused with truffle oil and 24K gold that offer skin healing properties. Gold Elements offers two decadent salt scrubs that polish skin for a healthier glow and softer feel.

These salt scrubs are high end and will make users feel pampered and happy with each bath or shower. These Consumers who love luxurious products will want to read further to learn specifically about Gold Elements salt scrubs that work to polish skin and leave it soft and glowing.

Please read below to learn more about Gold Elements Salt Scrub and how to order a jar or two!

What is Gold Elements Salt Scrub?

Gold Elements manufactures two high quality salt scrubs. One option is called Golden Salt Scrub and contains 24 karat gold. The other product is infused with truffle oil for an ultra-luxurious bathing experience. These salt scrubs help soften skin and improve its overall appearance. They can be used daily or reserved for special occasions.

These luxury salt scrubs are part of a much larger product line including truffle infused serums, masks, nail products, and moisturizers. Many consumers may recognize the Gold Elements name due to their high end spas based around the United States.

Gold Elements offer fast shipping worldwide and orders totaling over $150.00 ship for free. They also mention they give free samples but not specific details are given on the Gold Elements website.

How Does Gold Elements Salt Scrub Work?

Users simply use small amounts of salt scrub while bathing. These products can be used on all areas of the body and will soften skin and leave it smooth and glowing. This salt scrub is perfect for daily use or just as a treat when feeling stressed and needing some extra pampering.

There is not a large amount of information about these salt scrubs but the website is quite nice. Gold Elements does offer a toll free live support phone number so it would be a simple phone call to get specific ingredient information or more details.

Gold Elements Salt Scrub Pricing

Gold Elements Salt Scrub products are available for purchase through their website at This company offer s huge range of luxurious bath and beauty products.

  • Golden Salt Scrub: Each fifteen milliliter bottle costs $59.00.
  • Truffle Infusion Salt Scrub: Each container costs $99.00.

Gold Elements offers free shipping on all purchases over $150.00. Currently if consumers sign up for the company’s E-newsletter they will receive a $50 off coupon for any purchases totaling $200.00 or more. All Gold Elements products ship within two to four days and customers can order worldwide.

Some Gold Elements products are available through Amazon but both salt scrubs (Golden and Truffle Infusion) are not currently available.

Gold Elements products are also available in brick and mortar stores throughout the United States. The Gold Elements website offers store locator function that will help customers locate stores near their home to try the products before purchasing.

Gold Elements Company Details

Gold Elements is a US based high end spa company that not only offers spa treatments but also a full product line for home use. Consumers interested in learning more about this company can visit their website or their social media platform through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Gold Elements offers products in over forty countries as well as in thirty US based retail stores. Consumers rave about the way their skin feels after visiting a Gold Elements spa so having the products available for home use means consumers can enjoy this pampered feeling more often.

Purchasing Gold Elements products online gives customers a ten percent savings over in store prices.

Should You Use Gold Elements Salt Scrub?

Gold Elements Salt Scrub is a high quality beauty product company that aims to give consumers luxurious salt scrubs that will soften skin and leave users feeling relaxed and pampered. Whether users choose to use Golden Salt Scrub or Truffle Infusion Salt Scrub they will enjoy using such a high quality product that helps them feel relaxed and spoiled.

Gold Elements Salt Scrub gets good reviews overall and people love how they feel after visiting their spas so it is probably worth trying the salt scrubs if you want to try one of their high end products without spending hundreds of dollars on a serum. Interested consumers can learn more by visiting the Gold Elements website at and also place an order.

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