Gold Elements Age Treatment Eye Cream – Quality Skincare?


By around 25 years of age, the delicate skin around your eyes begins to degenerate, and nothing gives away aging prematurely like those little lines forming around your eyes.

The skin surrounding the eye area is the thinnest and most delicate on your entire body, so it makes the most sense to pay extra attention and give some extra love to this part of your skin care routine. Anti- aging ingredients and maximum moisture are the key to maintaining bright, smooth, wrinkle free eyes.

Who doesn’t love the combination of luxury, gold, and a moisturizing eye cream that makes wrinkles disappear? Gold Elements Age Treatment Eye Cream is specially formulated to provide a luxury eye care experience.

Medical research shows that gold has anti-inflammatory properties, and Gold Elements uses 24 carat gold particles to address the aging process particularly around the eye area.

About Gold Elements Age Treatment Eye Cream

Specially formulated to be gentle for the eye area, Gold Elements Age Treatment Eye Cream contains effective age defying ingredients combined with these trace elements of gold, to offer a luxurious and immediate, long lasting result.

The state of the art moisturizing process, paired with the luxury ingredients used by Gold Elements guarantees beautiful results. The skin is immediately moisturized and appears smoother, brighter, and softer as small wrinkles disappear.

Paraben Free

Although parabens are used in many skin care products, Gold Elements prides itself on its absence of parabens in its line of skin care. Parabens can be quite irritating to the skin, and the absence of it has lead to more effective results without worrying about irritation, particularly around the eyes.

Aside from irritation, parabens have been known to be hormone disruptors which can lead to breast, and other estrogen fuelled cancers in women. This paraben free formula helps prevent premature aging with its lavish formula’s developed by the UMO group.

Gold Elements helps prevent premature aging with its incredible moisturizing formulas spearheaded by the world’s best developers of luxurious moisturizers.

How to use: To apply, use on previously washed skin using soft and small circular motions until absorbed. For best results follow with the Eye Treatment Serum.

Only using the highest grade ingredients, the Gold Elements line continues to offer advanced, customized treatments for the skin. It aids in the reduction of wrinkles while smoothing and moisturizing the delicate skin around the eye area. Inspired by advanced cosmetic research it contains trace amounts of gold along with the best age defying ingredients.

Gold Elements Age Treatment Eye Cream Consumer Testimonials:

~ Eric K

“I like the way this product works. It smooths lines and tightens, and I believe the gold powder changes light contrast to make lines even more less visible…….”

~ JC Tsang

“I enjoy very much this product. It is easy to use, the products texture is smooth and the price is reasonable. You can see the result within a couple of weeks”

~ Kelly Cordel

“I first purchased this product from a boutique in Las Vegas while on vacation. I was thrilled to find it for much, much less online”

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