GoBean – Whole Green Coffee Powder For Weight Loss?


GoBean Review – Does It Work?

GoBean is a company that creates multiple energy and weight loss supplements. This is our review.

What is GoBean?

Sometimes, you don’t have time to indulge in your regular cup of coffee every morning. You can’t get through an entire day without the right amount of sleep. Even if you had a great evening, you may start to feel that lack of energy in the middle of the afternoon. When you’ve had to pull an all-nighter or you just need to have a little extra energy during the day, GoBean can help.

GoBean uses the active ingredient in WGCP to help you have a slower release of energy over time. A strong cup of coffee can energize you for a little while, but these capsules can keep you alert for hours. The products are made with organic ingredients, which eliminates the side effects that you experience with caffeine-only tablets, since your adrenal glands aren’t drained in the process.

How GoBean Works

GoBean capitalizes on the effects of coffee as a superfood, which means it has a wealth of health benefits. The company states that cooked coffee beans lose a great amount of essential acids. However, in its raw state, you are able to get the benefits of contain five essential acids, caffeine, fiber and other nutrients. One of the main benefits, besides providing energy, is the inclusion of chlorogenic acid. This substance is able to motivate weight loss in a safe way.

The products contain WGCP, which went through a clinical trial at “America’s top-rated hospital.” The blend is used in every one of the products.

GoBean Products

Each one of the products by GoBean serves a different purpose for improving your energy or weight loss. The caffeine is the main driver in the effectiveness of these products.


The Energy supplement is the most basic and simple of all of the products in the GoBean line. While liquid caffeine products can often create a jittery effect, these capsules contain the raw coffee powder that is discussed earlier in this review. By using the powder instead, you are able to feel like you’ve had a strong cup of coffee for up to six hours. The natural caffeine powder does not put stress on your brain or heart, unlike the side effects of taking a caffeine-only pill or drinking excessive amounts of coffee. The sample size of this product is only $1.99, but you can get a bottle of 30 capsules from the website for $24.99.


There is little difference between the Energy and Focus supplements. The Focus supplement states that it helps to improve your concentration, but there’s no indication that the ingredients are any different. For $24.99, you can get a bottle of 30 capsules, which is about 50-60 hours of energy.

Study Aid

There is no information about this study aid supplement on the website, but it also has a $24.99 price tag for 30 capsules.


The Trislender formula is one of the first weight loss products with three different ingredients to help with your weight loss. It contains Garcinia Cambogia, Whole Green Coffee Powder, and Raspberry Keytone. This product costs $29.99 for a 30-capsule bottle. One serving is two capsules, so you have enough in a bottle for about two weeks.

Weight Loss

The Weight Loss line of products is effective because of the inclusion of chlorogenic acid, along with the coffee powder. These supplements are completely safe and have no side effects. Each form of the product has different uses, but that just makes this line of products more versatile. You can sprinkle it on your food, mix it into a drink, or just swallow a capsule.

The weight loss supplements are available as a chewable tablet, a capsule, a weight loss powder, and a sprinkle powder. The price per method ranges from $24.99 to $49.99.

Essentially, the included ingredients help to slow the release of glucose throughout your body after meals. By delaying this response, your body doesn’t automatically gain the weight of your food. When you combine the delay with caffeine, it helps your body to use the glucose in your food for energy, even if you aren’t working out. Essentially, you feel fuller for longer, while you burn calories.

Coffee Pill

The Coffee Pill is a solution for when you don’t get to relax with a cup of coffee before beginning the day. With added fiber, the supplement slowly releases the caffeine into your body, giving an energized effect for longer. The delayed effect also allows your body’s natural energy levels to start catching up to your true energy level. For a bottle of 30 capsules, the total price is $24.99. However, this supplement is also available in a granola bar.

Glucose Control

There is very little information about the glucose control formula. There is 900mg of the active ingredient WGCP in each capsule. Unfortunately, there is no information about the way that this product helps with your glucose levels. It is only available as a 180-capsule bottle, which is available for $39.99.

Using GoBean

Each product has listed information about the dosage you should take. Most of the supplements require you to take three capsules to get the full effect. The energy supplements are good for five to six hours, but you should not take more than eight capsules within 24 hours.

Where to Buy GoBean Products

You can buy these products directly from the website. Additionally, if you want to sell these products at your store or shop, you can order display cases. You must call to place your order.

Contacting GoBean

If you have questions about the products, customer service is available via phone or email. To speak with someone urgently, you can call 1-888-206-1288. The company is closed on Sundays, but you can speak with someone from 9:00am to 9:00pm on weekdays and 9:00am to 5:00pm on Saturdays.

If you want to speak with someone outside of business orders, send your inquiries to [email protected]


While there is little difference between the different energy and weight loss formulas, the products are effective in giving you more energy. If you are unsure about the safety of these products, you can speak with your doctor before using them.

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