Genius Estrogen Balance: Men & Women Hormone Stabilizer Complex?


Ever feel bombarded by supplements and simply aren’t even sure which are the right ones to choose? There are a few key things that you are encouraged to consider before taking any supplement. Especially, those that a related to hormone levels in both men and in women.

You see when men are working out, bulking up, cutting and so on, it is imperative that they do not produce excess estrogen which can, happen. So sure, there are a multitude of supplements who claim to stop the production and are geared towards men specifically and often with a multitude of other ingredients and effects.

Whereas women on the other hand, experience their own imbalance of estrogen and in some cases balancing, especially for active women, can become difficult.

The Genius Estrogen Balance product however, would read as being the best of both worlds.

Benefits Of The Genius Estrogen Balance

How about instead of attempting to chase the imbalance of hormones, there was a product that would do that for you? A product that helps block the production of excess estrogen in men, and the same product helping to balance those levels in women.

Well, it would appear that is exactly what this product is designed to do. They describe it as ‘optimizing levels’. And, designed to help everyone (men and women). This can range from a woman who is lean but experiencing horrible menopausal symptoms, so the product helps to balance those effects out.

Or in the case of men, it works as an all-natural estrogen blocker to help them (or you) remain that alpha male physique you are chasing.

Key Ingredients That Make Genius Estrogen Balance Possible

There are many ingredients in this all-natural blend, but let’s take a look at a couple of the primary ones. Starting with, black pepper extract. This ingredient is added as a cutting edge addition that helps achieve enhanced results.

It is possible when it is combined with the primary ingredient of grape seed extract. This ingredient is becoming more common in the health and wellness industry primarily for its ability to improve and optimize results generated by other ingredient combinations.

It is that ingredient that simply helps take things to the next level.

What Men And Women, Can Expect:

A few benefits men can expect are:

  1. Loss of body fat
  2. Increased libido
  3. Improved workout performance
  4. Lowered estrogen production

A few benefits women can expect are:

  1. Decrease in menopausal symptoms
  2. Improved weight loss
  3. Restored clarity and focus
  4. Reduced hot flashes

In addition to the above mentioned physical and physiological benefits, the Genius Estrogen Balance is also an excellent choice for managing skin conditions like acne. Because of its ability to balance hormones, it works by fighting the skin conditions from the inside, out.

How To Order Genius Estrogen Balance

The Genius Estrogen Balance supplement can be ordered on Amazon for only $19.99. That is a savings of $10.00 off the regular retail price. And, each container holds thirty (30) vegan friendly capsules which is a one-month supply.

Each serving size is one capsule, daily.

There are several dozen reviews available online and the product boasts an average rating of 4.5 stars (out of the best possible five).

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