Garcinia Slim 500 Review

Garcinia Slim 500 is one of the hundreds of garcinia cambogia supplements sold on the Internet nowadays. The makers of Garcinia Slim 500 promise to deliver you “the fat busting power of garcinia cambogia without the need for strenuous diets or exercises.”

The question is, can it really deliver on these promises?

What is Garcinia Slim 500?

Garcinia Slim 500

Garcinia Slim 500 offers a whopping 1600mg of Garcinia Cambogia with 50% HCA extract, as well as resveratrol, Acai, and chromium.

Acai and resveratrol are commonly added to weight loss supplements and are both rich in antioxidants, but don’t actually have any weight loss benefits. Chromium is a mineral that mainly helps the body absorb garcinia cambogia.

By now you should be aware of exactly how garcinia cambogia works. It’s both an appetite suppressing and fat burning supplement, which is why it is such a power weight loss tool.

Unfortunately, when searching for Garcinia Slim 500 testimonials, we were unable to uncover any that seemed legitimate. Although Garcinia Slim 500 may claim to be one of the top selling garcinia supplements, the truth is it seems like nobody has purchased it to this day. That sets off some major red flags.

Benefits of Garcinia Slim 500

The makers of Garcinia Slim 500 make some pretty bold claims about their product. They claim that their product will:

— Help Prevent Fat Build Up
— Control Your Food Cravings
— Increase Serotonin Levels
— Decrease Fat Mass
— Reduce Your Caloric Intake By 25%

We’ve seen some of these claims made before, but never before have we seen a supplement claim to reduce caloric intake by a specific percentage. That raises some suspicions about whether or not Garcinia Slim 500 really works.

Garcinia Slim 500 Free Trial

Garcinia Slim 500 is only sold as a free trial offer, which means you can receive a small trial bottle for only the cost of shipping and handling. After your 14 day trial is up, you’ll be billed around £60 for the bottle and you’ll receive a new bottle each month.

We can’t tell you enough how many of these free trials are worthless. There are plenty of garcinia cambogia supplements that will cost you much less per bottle and still provide the weight loss benefits of garcinia cambogia.

You’re much better off avoiding Garcinia Slim 500 all together. 14 days is not nearly enough to determine whether or not a weight loss supplement is actually working and paying $80 a bottle after that is just pointless.

Is Garcinia Slim 500 a Scam?

While Garcinia Slim 500 may not be a scam, it certainly seems like their trial offer is meant to rip you off. As we said before, there are several products that offer quality garcinia cambogia products for half the price.

In the event you do purchase Garcinia Slim and need to cancer your order, you’ll need to email their support or call them at 800-468-1045. Otherwise, you’ll be billed the full £60 for your order.

Final Thoughts On Garcinia Slim 500

While Garcinia Slim 500 may not be a scam, there are just too many red flags around the supplement. No full ingredient label or terms of the trial period are given, which is never good. In addition, paying £60.00 for a single bottle of garcinia cambogia is absolutely ridiculous.

The good news is that there are legitimate garcinia cambogia sellers that you can buy quality, affordable garcinia cambogia extract. Supplements like Garcinia Fast sell reasonably priced, high quality garcinia that can and will help you lose weight. It’s best to avoid supplements like Garcinia Slim 500 and rely on proven, reliable supplements like Garcinia Fast.


  1. i never got the carcinia but the cleanse pills and they charged me monthly. i tried to use their ‘easy’ cancellation steps online and they never ‘recognised’ my details. off to the bank to cancel my credit card. what a load of crap. now the email address came back as failure and i checked the spelling etc.

  2. Frustrated!!!! What a bait and switch. Customer service is ruthless and will NOT refund your money for the extra charges after day 16. I tried everything and they would not budge. They have sneaky language in their terms and conditions that spell it out for you, but of course it’s hidden and not told to you up front. What a horrible business. I am so upset that I’ll never know if the product is effective because I cancelled “my subscription” as soon as I got my bill with the crazy charges. I’ll loose the weight the old fashioned way rather than deal with these crooks.

  3. OMG, I thought I was buying a FREE sample of this product only to find out that within two weeks of receiving not one but two products. I order the Garcinia Slim and received and was charged for some kind of coffee pill item. I had no idea that they were going to rob me blind and send me into the negative at the bank. When I spoke with customer service I asked them, ‘this is a one time , sample order, and you will not be taking anymore money out?’ They said ‘yes’, that is correct. God forbid that I was soooooooooooo stupid to fall for this overseas disaster. I will be going to the bank tomorrow and taking care of this bullcrap. This is a horrible thing for people to do to others. May you rest in hell for what you have done this.

  4. Hi there,
    I just got charged by these people.
    Can anyone give me their contact information. Please, please, please.
    Many thanks for your help.

  5. Let me add to the BEWARE comments below. Buried in the pitch is the fact that they’ll be billing you $89 for the second month and all future months. I was billed $89.31, but never received the product. Total scam. They cancelled the future charges, but would not refund for products never received.
    Immediately after cancelling I called my credit card to find out that they had charged me an additional $94 while I was talking with them. Don’t get sucked in.


  7. My wife was suckered into getting the trial bottle paying shipping only. we were charged $89.92 for not cancelling and they promptly sent another bottle for $89.92. we can not return as it was charged to us 14 days before and they do not accept it. we will send back. It was an expensive lesson.

  8. CUSTOMER BEWARE!!!! Worst product ever. Made me sick within 2 days called to cancel and was charged $89.31. They said you have a 14 day trial period. Hiding the fact that the trial runs from the day of order not when you receive the product. I ordered the product on 12/21, received the product 12/26 and cancelled in writing on1/9 then followed up with a call because I did not hear back and was told I was over the free trial period. This is the worst customer service for a product that does not work I have ever worked with. Please do yourself a favor and don’t order this product!

  9. SCAM!! I should have checked before ordering. Was sent FREE TRAIL, charged $89 + short time later. I called them at 6:30 AM and rep answered. This company is full aware that it is a SCAM. Supposedly to get 50% back, will see. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK. THEY SENT AN EXTRA PACKET THAT WAS NOT ORDERED. When I threatened to have my bank dispute this charge, was advised that if I DID NOT do that, I would get the 50% back in 3 to 7 business days. I learned I should have yelled for 75% back. Very bad taste in my mouth about this SCAM.

  10. No one will answer phone personally. Yes I’ve been done. Such a scam why aren’t they stopped when so many people are caught with this scam. There was no agreement to be seen when signing for trials.

  11. Yell and swear at the customer service rep! I got 75% refund doing that and my account was closed. Call them thieves and don’t let up! Plus, if you happen to be in a lousy mood or stressed out it really helps to let loose like I just did!

    • I am furious !!!!!! I paid postage for free trial…never arrived…phoned up…still on way. Extended my trial period then 90 tablets arrived billed £63

      Am gonna give em hell right now!!

  12. They have just agreed to put £82.00 back in my account in the next 3 to 5 days let’s wait an see.?

  13. I have been scammed as well ,phoned my bank to make sure they do not take anymore money from my account, I lost £170.00 & £160.00 don’t know what the £160.00 was for.

  14. Yes — its A Scam- I called My credit card Co. -Explained- they Deactivated my card- Will send me a new card for $ 15:00 & the Bad guys are out of my Pocket—Thank you; Credit card people-

  15. I ordered the free trial and now they’ve taken 2 payments out of my bank without my permission total £65 I’ve spoke to my bank and they’ve given me the visa debit fraud team phone number I will ring them on Monday morning I have tried speaking to the customer service team this afternoon and was told I signed the agreement which I know I didn’t as I only wanted to try them I suffered constipation and had a burning hot sensation feeling from my throat down my chest and into my stomach and do I stopped taking them the guy spoke to me like utter crap and hung up on me on the phone how dare he I’m totally disgusted I’m fuming this is a joke and it’s false advertisement I will be recalling my money back on Monday

    100% scam on tablets that have no ingredient list on and make you feel very ill. I’m taking this further and I shall also be contacting the national press to make my re women aware. Absolutely appalled by them !

  17. I too have been billed £85 for my ‘free trial’ After complaining to the company when I received my statement I was told that it was in their terms and conditions. I have alerted my card company who have assured me they will investigate. However in the meantime I have e-mailed the manager who is someone called Sandra Roberts on the [email protected] address. Company is based in Holland. They are a total rip off. I rang them on their customer service number 0800 211 8457 and they have assured me my order is cancelled and they will not take any more payments.
    Waiting to see what comes of e-mail and investigation by card company

  18. I’ve just ordered today, then read allall of these reviews after I ordered. So now I have blocked my blocked my card details and my bank are going to send me a new card that’s the way to do it…

  19. I have been caught in the Garcinia Slim 500 scam as have others on this website! They took £80 &£85 out of my bank. I spoke to the company and cancelled any more payments, got confirmation emails.
    I wrote nasty emails to GarciniaSlim500 and Natures Answer Cleanse ([email protected], [email protected]) threatening them with fair trade people, citizens advice and court actions. It worked! After sending them a few emails I have managed to get half -£40.00&£42.50 as a ‘good will gesture’! Better than nothing!
    But I learned a very important lesson – there are no “free” offers in the internet and there are enough people who want to play on our greed and carelessness! Be careful and good luck to everybody!

  20. Just a simple ‘phone call to the 0800 number & we managed to get a full refund but only because no other products had been sent out besides the original “free” bottle. That said, it was pointed out that 99% of people who sign up to this DON’T READ THE TERMS & CONDITIONS!!! Lesson? Read everything. If it sounds too good to be true then IT IS too good to be true. You rarely get anything for free. Easiest & safest way to lose weight is eat properly & exercise, simples ☺

  21. I too have been ripped off by this company. I thought I had signed up for the so called free 30 day trial for the two products advertised and only found out that I had been billed for £165 when I checked my most recent credit card statement. I immediately rang their Customer Services number and was told that I had agreed to their terms and conditions and they would not refund money. If there were terms and conditions I certainly did not see any when I placed the order. In my book a free 30 day trial means just that, yet this company apparently requires the customer to cancel an order they did not realise they had set up within 14 days, not long enough to see whether the products are as effective as they claim to be and in my case my weight is exactly the same as it was when I started taking them. How can I have been so stupid. I have reported them to the Advertising Standards Agency although I doubt whether they can take any action.

  22. yes just been billed £85. logged a dispute with my bank, waiting to hear if I’ll be refunded The free UK phone number goes through to god knows where and the lady is really at ease about refusing a refund. And i cant find anything anywhere about the free trail that i supposedly signed up for and my right to cancel after 14 days. this product is doesn’t work at all!!!!!!

  23. Tina
    Likewise I received my first bottle which was supposedly free, £4.95 I then had my credit card account statement (John Lewis) to discover that I am being charged for a subscription charge, against Smoothskin for £85 which asked them not to pay.

  24. Please guys, don’t waste your time or money buying this stuff. If you have already bought it, get on to your bank and have any attempt from this company to extract money from your account blocked. It is pure rubbish. I took it faithfully and it honestly made NO difference to my weight. All it succeeded in doing was to constipated me horrendously.
    I will stick to trying to eat healthily in future. This stuff’s a total scam.

  25. Pamela. I have just checked my bank account and have been billed £85 for what was supposed to be a free trial. I also ordered cleanse and detox on the same understanding . Will they charge me for that also. Have nothing to do with either company. It’s a scam and I feel very foolish. If you have had the same trouble change your card or they may try under a different name .

  26. yes just been billed £85. logged a dispute with my bank, waiting to hear if I’ll be refunded The free UK phone number goes through to god knows where and the lady is really at ease about refusing a refund. And i cant find anything anywhere about the free trail that i supposedly signed up for and my right to cancel after 14 days. Can’t believe I’ve been duped

  27. WARNING!!! Don’t do it!!!! Like previous comments I signed up for a “FREE” trial & have just been charged £85. SCAM ALERT!!!

  28. I want to make sure I don’t get charged for another bottle I only wanted the trial bottle I do not want to be charged any further Why is there no way to get to talk to a salesperson or any paper work to discuss this product Please advice me on this request

    • I just phoned them to cancel it and told them not to take any money out of my account she was helpful and said that nothing now would be taken out we will wait and see but I have another problem with it the bottle does not look like any of the ones I’ve seen and I’ve only taken 2 and feel very I’ll

  29. I paid £85 twice within 16 days plus the £4.95 postage. In total this product has cost me £175 and I haven’t opened the two bottles they sent. I thought I was signing up for WomenFreebies. Now I’m inundated with emails from lots of other companies

  30. There’s no free trial they send u 1 free bottle then 2 wks later they take £85 out of your bank they don’t send u anymore tablets u have to cancel your bank card as well cause they just keep taking


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