Garcinia MaxSlim Review – Should You Buy?

Garcinia MaxSlim is a diet pill that contains 500mg of garcinia cambogia at a 50% concentration of HCA. It’s sold in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Here’s our review.

What is Garcinia MaxSlim?

Garcinia MaxSlim is yet another garcinia cambogia diet pill that promises to provide benefits like:

That formula is purportedly made from “100% pure garcinia cambogia extract”. There are 500mg of that extract in each serving. The extract is at a concentration of 50% HCA.

Garcinia Cambogia, for those who don’t know, is a pumpkin-shaped fruit that grows naturally in Southeast Asia. The fruit has become a popular diet pill ingredient for its rich concentrations of hydroxycitric acid, or HCA. That acid purportedly suppresses appetite and blocks fat storage.

So far, so good for Garcinia MaxSlim. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does Garcinia MaxSlim Work?

Garcinia MaxSlim describes itself as a “natural weight-loss supplement, appetite suppressant and mood enhancer.” When you eat less, while maintaining a healthy diet or exercise routine, you’re inevitably going to lose weight.

Garcinia MaxSlim also claims to raise serotonin levels to lead to better mood and sleep. By taking it daily, you can also suppress your appetite.

Garcinia MaxSlim has never been specifically studied. However, garcinia cambogia as a whole has been studied. The makers of the supplement link to one study where 44 subjects were separated into two groups, with one group receiving garcinia cambogia and the other receiving a placebo. The garcinia cambogia group was able to reduce abdominal fat. Here’s how researchers concluded the study:

“G cambogia reduced abdominal fat accumulation in subjects, regardless of sex, who had the visceral fat accumulation type of obesity. No rebound effect was observed.”

Obviously, this isn’t the same as giving garcinia cambogia to healthy individuals and experiencing weight loss. However, in obese people, garcinia cambogia led to less fat accumulation – which isn’t exactly weight loss.

You can read the full text of the study here:

Garcinia MaxSlim Ingredients

Garcinia MaxSlim sort of gives us its list of ingredients. It tells us the total dosage of the capsule but does not break down individual ingredients.

We know that Garcinia MaxSlim contains 450mg of calcium, potassium, and garcinia cambogia extract in each capsule. Aside from that, we don’t know any specific dosage information.

Garcinia MaxSlim Pricing

Garcinia MaxSlim is available through a trial program or through a direct purchase.

If you purchase a single bottle outside the trial, you’ll pay $129.93 per bottle (90 capsules, one month supply).

The Garcinia MaxSlim trial, on the other hand, works a little differently than other garcinia cambogia trials we’ve seen. You pay $9.95 for shipping today, and the trial lasts 28 days. However, the supplement takes 10 to 15 days to arrive in your mailbox (3 to 5 days if you’re in the UK). Once the 28 day trial is over, you’ll automatically be charged $89.84 for the bottle of Garcinia MaxSlim you already received. Then, you will continue to be charged $89.84 + $9.95 per month until you cancel.

This trial is called the “Pure Supplements Club”. You’ll need to call the company to cancel your subscription if you no longer want to be charged $100 per month for your package of Garcinia MaxSlim.

You can contact the company at 1-888-497-1406.

Who Makes Garcinia MaxSlim?

Garcinia MaxSlim is made by a company named Site Central Limited, also known as Site Central LLC. That company lists two corporate headquarters: one in Cardiff, Wales and the other in New York, New York.

There’s little information about the company available online. One of the first results when you search Site Central LLC, however, is a page on ScamXposer that links Site Central to a program called Elite Mystery Shopper. That company linked people to scammy mystery shopping companies in exchange for a fee.

Nevertheless, Site Central LLC also has a page on the BBB where it has an A+ rating.

Should You Use Garcinia MaxSlim to Lose Weight?

Garcinia MaxSlim is a high-priced garcinia cambogia supplement that delivers a high dosage of garcinia cambogia into your body every day (1500mg / 3 capsule serving).

However, we don’t know the specific breakdown between garcinia cambogia, potassium, and calcium. All we know is that there’s some combination of those three in each 500mg capsule.

Another problem with Garcinia MaxSlim is the high price tag: few diet pills are worth $129.93 for a one month supply, and Garcinia MaxSlim does not give us any indication that it’s worth the high price. At this price, you would expect to see more clinical trials and other information. That’s not the case with Garcinia MaxSlim.

Unless you’re desperate to try every weight loss pill in the world today, Garcinia MaxSlim probably isn’t your best option at this price range.


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