Garcinia Loss is a new Bulgarian diet pill that claims to use the power of garcinia cambogia to help you lose weight. Does it actually work as advertised? Or is this yet another diet pill scam?

What is Garcinia Loss?

Garcinia Loss is a diet pill that was recently launched online via a Bulgarian-language website at

The diet pill is currently only available to residents of Romania. You cannot enter any alternate shipping destination country at checkout. However, the diet pill claims to be made in America.

Garcinia Loss makes a number of bold claims about its benefits, like the fact that it’s “FDA approved” to provide “guaranteed weight loss”. Some of the other claims made by the supplement include:

-Halts the formation of fat

Suppresses appetite

-Increases serotonin to avoid emotional eating

Provides clean and efficient weight loss

Obviously, these benefits are virtually identical to the benefits we’ve seen with other garcinia cambogia diet pills. All garcinia cambogia diet pills make the same claims we just mentioned. So is Garcinia Loss any different from its competitors? Or is this just another scam with low-quality ingredients? Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does Garcinia Loss Work?

Garcinia Loss, like all garcinia cambogia diet pills, relies on a unique compound in a Southeast Asian fruit called hydroxycitric acid (HCA). That compound has been shown in some studies (mostly on mice and rats) that it can suppress your appetite and block fat storage.

Good, high-quality human studies on garcinia cambogia are few and far between. Some human studies have indicated mild weight loss benefits, while others have indicated no benefits at all. At best, garcinia cambogia may provide mild weight loss benefits when you use a clinical dose of 1000mg of 60% HCA extract.

Now that you know the scientific basis behind garcinia cambogia, we can better understand how Garcinia Loss claims to work.

Garcinia Loss claims to work using 100% pure garcinia cambogia extract with a concentration of 60% HCA. That’s a good thing.

Unfortunately, the makers of Garcinia Loss refuse to disclose how much garcinia cambogia formula is inside each capsule. Ideally, we’d like to see a dose of 1000mg. But since the manufacturer refuses to provide dosage information, it’s impossible to guess how much is inside each capsule.

In general, when a manufacturer doesn’t tell us dosage information, it’s because the dosage is lower than its competitors. Manufacturers who sell high-dosed garcinia cambogia supplements typically like to advertise that fact.

Garcinia Loss Ingredients

Garcinia Loss contains just one active ingredient, although that ingredient is mixed with three additional vitamins and minerals. The manufacturer doesn’t tell us what the capsule is made from – which is worrying. Manufacturers typically like to state whether their formula is made from gelatin capsules or veggie capsules.

In any case, Garcinia Loss only gives us four listed ingredients and no dosages:

-Garcinia Cambogia (60% HCA)




We’ve seen ingredients like calcium, chromium, and potassium in other garcinia cambogia supplements. They may have a mild effect on your weight loss. However, it’s easy to get these ingredients from other sources – so it’s odd to see them used as “filler” ingredients in this supplement.

Garcinia Loss Pricing

Garcinia Loss is priced at the following rates:

-1 Bottle: 59.00 lev + Free Shipping ($34 USD)

-2 Bottles: 119.00 lev + Free Shipping

-3 Bottles: 149 lev + Free Shipping

-4 Bottles: 179 lev + Free Shipping

After your purchase is confirmed, your Garcinia Loss will arrive within 1 to 3 business days.

Garcinia Loss does not appear to provide refunds of any type. No official refund policy is listed, aside from the fact that the manufacturer reserves the right to reject refunds for any reason.

Who Makes Garcinia Loss?

Garcinia Loss is advertised through the Bulgarian website However, the supplement is made in the United States by a California-based company named Mayer Laboratories. It’s unclear what connection Mayer Labs has with Bulgaria – if any.

The company is located at this address:

Mayer Laboratories Inc.
1950 Addison Street< Suite 101
Berkley, CA 94704-1182

You can contact the company by email at [email protected]

There’s something shady about the manufacturer of Garcinia Loss: the address listed above is a small building in suburban Berkeley, CA. However, the manufacturer posts a picture of a beautiful, sprawling research facility claiming that it’s the headquarters. When you do a reverse image search on that picture, you learn it’s the headquarters for the USDA Agricultural Research Service in Maryland – so clearly, Mayer Laboratories is trying to make itself look more important than it actually is.

Mayer Laboratories also claims to have been founded in 1986 and has sold its products to “millions of users”. It also claims to have offices in Japan, the UK, Thailand, New York, and San Francisco.

You can view the official Mayer Labs website here. It’s less shady than the Garcinia Loss website. At that site, you’ll discover that the company lists a slightly different address than the one listed above. They also make no mention about Garcinia Loss on their products page: they mostly sell sexual enhancement supplements like Aqua Lube Lubricant, Blossom Organics lubricant, and Kimono Condoms.

Ultimately, based on this information, it appears the makers of Garcinia Loss have attempted to disguise themselves as another company. We can find no connection between Garcinia Loss and Mayer Laboratories, and the pictures on the Garcinia Loss website are of an entirely different research facility.

Note: on a separate contact page, Garcinia Loss mentions an unlisted address in New York City (“445 Park Avenue”). So clearly, something shady is going on with their contact information.

Should You Take Garcinia Loss to Lose Weight?

Garcinia Loss is a diet pill advertised on a strange Bulgarian-language website. That website features generic pictures of skinny women along with the same vague weight loss promises made by other diet pills.

No dosage information is listed, and Garcinia Loss doesn’t even contain pure garcinia cambogia: the formula is mixed with calcium, potassium, and chromium.

There’s also the problem that Garcinia Loss claims to be made by Mayer Laboratories – but in reality, that company does not appear to have any connection to Garcinia Loss. Garcinia Loss’s official website even posts a picture of a USDA research facility and claims that it’s their “headquarters”.

Based on all of this information – not to mention the shady pricing policy – Garcinia Loss appears to be yet another diet pill that’s too good to be true. There are better options available online for Bulgarians.


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