Garcinia Cambogia G3000

Garcinia Cambogia G3000 Review

Garcinia Cambogia G3000 is a nutritional supplement that claims to contain 3000mg of 60% HCA garcinia extract. Here’s our review.

What is Garcinia Cambogia G3000?

Garcinia Cambogia G3000 is a recently-released diet pill that contains high levels of Malabar Tamarind, better known as garcinia cambogia.

The rind of that fruit is extracted, condensed, and formulated into diet pills like Garcinia Cambogia G3000. Dieters take pills like this to suppress appetite, block fat formation, and increase their metabolism.

Clocking in at 3000mg of 60% HCA formula, Garcinia Cambogia G3000 is one of the largest garcinia cambogia supplements on the market today.

It’s priced at $49.95 for a one month supply. But is Garcinia Cambogia G3000 worth the price? Let’s find out how it works.

How Does Garcinia Cambogia G3000 Work?

Garcinia Cambogia G3000 claims to be the most effective garcinia cambogia supplement on the market in terms of its fast weight loss and appetite suppression abilities.

One reason why Garcinia Cambogia G3000 claims to work more effectively is that it doesn’t just contain 3000mg of garcinia cambogia formula: in addition, it contains a proprietary formula of potassium and calcium salts “for optimum absorption of HCA”, according to the manufacturer.

HCA is the active ingredient inside all garcinia cambogia supplements. It stands for hydroxycitric acid. In some small studies, this acid was shown to suppress appetite while boosting your metabolism – although the effects appear to be small even in these studies.

Typically, garcinia cambogia supplements contain between 500 and 1000mg of formula. You take a capsule before a meal to encourage you to eat less.

So does including a whopping 3000mg of formula make Garcinia Cambogia G3000 more effective?

This is where things get a bit misleading. Each capsule of G3000 actually contains 1000mg according to the product’s official FAQs. You have to take three capsules per day to get to the recommended daily dosage.

In addition to HCA, garcinia cambogia contains trace levels of niacin, calcium, thiamine, riboflavin, phosphorus, and iron.

It’s also not clear how much of the supplement is made up of these other ingredients. Although G3000 claims to contain no fillers or binders, the manufacturer mentions that it contains other ingredients like potassium to boost absorption. How much of the formula is hidden in other nutrients – and how much is pure garcinia cambogia?

Since the manufacturer never lists its ingredients, we can’t answer that question.

Garcinia Cambogia G3000 Ingredients

All of the Garcinia Cambogia G3000 are hidden behind a proprietary formula, which means we only know that each capsule contains 1000mg of some blend of formula – we don’t know any further details.

Garcinia Cambogia G3000 Pricing

Here’s how pricing breaks down for Garcinia Cambogia G3000:

— 1 Bottle: $49.95
— 3 Bottles: $99.95
— 4 Bottles: $119.95

Depending from where you order the supplement, you may see mentions of a “free” trial offer. However, that trial offer is just a scam to get your credit card information and then charge you enormous fees for products that you never intended to order. Be careful where you’re ordering from and always remember to read the terms and conditions.

Even if the trial says it will only cost you $4.95 today, it’s likely there are enormous hidden fees involved that will push the price as high as $100 per month.

The manufacturer will also frequently push you towards purchasing a green coffee bean diet pill as a supplement to your order. This is basically just a caffeine pill, but it’s up to you whether or not you want to bundle your order together.

Who Makes Garcinia Cambogia G3000?

Garcinia Cambogia G3000 is made by a manufacturer of the same name based in Illinois at this address:

13040 W. Regan Road
Mokena, IL 60448

You can call the company at 1-630-857-9597 or email them at [email protected] — But I assume this email is fake. If you go to the website attached to the email, you will find a different supplement. So you may get a response, but I wouldn't expect them to have any knowledge of your order.


  1. I actually caught my charge the 1st time they charged me. I called and was told I didn’t cancel within the 14 day trial. I yelled and screamed and cussed and got nowhere. I called back today and was told the same thing. I told the lady on the phone they were a fraudulent company and needed to be shut down. She actually laughed and hung up on me.

    I JUST called back and spoke to Michael (operator ID 1518949) and he started out with the 14 day trial cancellation bullshit and I had to break it down to kindergarten language and explain that if the company provided any type of invoice or paperwork or ANYTHING with the trial product maybe somebody would be able to call and cancel. And since it wasn’t provided they were negligent. He started out with the 25% then 50% refund. When I told him that if the product worked 25-50% I’d take that but since it worked 0% I wanted 100% of my money back.

    After I told him I would get my banking institute and any attorney or district attorney and anyone else’s attention I could get to cause a stink about this company he told me I could send the empty bottles back for a full refund. So I asked for PHYSICAL ADDRESS. He refused and when I started asking why he couldn’t provide a physical address (even for a warehouse) he agreed to allow me to “keep the product” and he would process my refund in full. I have already received my confirmation email stating it will be 4-6 days, but I’m getting my money back.

  2. YOU have to keep calling them and cursing their asses out I call about 15 times in one day cursing their asses out and telling them to put my dam money back .Finally got a full refund and a confirmation e-mail and the order was cancelled

  3. This is a total scam. I paid the shipping ($4.95 and $5.99) for the free trial, not realizing that the 14-day trial starts on the day you order; not on the day you receive the pills. (How can you be trying something you haven’t even received?)

    I would happily pay for something that helped me lose weight, but these pills did nothing for me. On the 13th day of having received the pills, I called to cancel any future orders. They had already charged me $89.95 and $92.53 for the product. After three phone calls to customer service (what a joke that is), they agreed to refund $91.24. So… I paid a total of $193.42 for a product that doesn’t work and was supposedly a “free trial”. .

  4. I ordered the garcinia cambogia g3000 and the green coffee g3000 on the free trail for $4.95 and had no problems with my order other than it taking to long to get to me. I have started taking both and have actually been losing weight and inches. But looking at all the reviews I will get it locally instead of taking the chance on spending a lot of money on something that I can get for less. Thank God my experience was not bad.

    • I too sent for trial from garciniacomplexplus though so there must be many out there.called after 3 day and got runaround. So I called bank and spoke to fraud .I cancelled card and a BLOCK was put on new no.cause bank person said w\out block they could call and get new number. I am looking into Attorney General office for help in CA. Where probably fake address is from.looked up web address..said something about Germany! How could I have been sooooo stupid!!! good luck everyone.Wish they could read this stuff first.Wish I had.

      • I started to try to and they have been taking money out of my account for the last four and a half months and I recently went to the bank to find out that they are continuing to try to take money out of that account they are scamming


    • You werent stupid….you wanted to lose weight so sometimes we just want to hope something can help and some people prey on that hope. You’re not dumb…sounds like they are shitty people. They’ll have to own their karma later. I was lucky….got mine at the local drug store…..2 bottles (84) for 23.95. and although it’s 60℅ and not ” pure” as they claim it has to be….it’s still going to have the same chance of working because you take a double dose. I had been scammed before giving my card to a company for a face cream so was more cautious this time. Ahhh….being a woman. We are prone to scams for weight loss and wrinkle creams. I eat whole food plant based only now…..have been for over a year and lost the best part of my weight that way. And dropped my blood pressure and cholesterol and sugars to normal. Just wanted an extra boost for that final 8 pounds. Try eliminating animal products. Get some vegan cookbooks! You I’ll feel better, feel kinder to animals and lose weight and be healthier. Good luck!

  6. These Mofos are crooks I’m trying to be nice but I canceled thus crap . They told me I had went pass the 14 day period which is lie. I will never do this crap again going to block their sorry crooked tails Monday. I don’t trust these devils they’re taking advantage of people that want to lose a few extra pounds. That’s why I don’t trust these sites I hate they’re so deceitful towards folk that are honest. They charged my account 88.00 then 39 twice. I canceled again. Please don’t mess with these damn crooks????

  7. I reluctantly got a 25% money back on my 2 charges ($88/$89), so I’m out $120 on this poor product. I did have a nice customer support person but he was very hesitant to give me any money back. I guess getting about $60 back is better than nothing… but still very upset with this product/company!

  8. I can’t believe these people are getting away with this I just wanted to try it not be charged 200.00 without my consent total scam does anyone know what I can do I am also on disability and that’s alot of my bill money .all I can do is cry .I called them they were rude I asked to speak to supervisor they put me on hold and then hung up on me. I can’t just let this go.please if anyone knows what I can do email me

    • Change your card these are crooks go to your bank and block them they are truly evil . I don’t have extra money to give to their sorryselves. I’m mad at myself I went against my better judgment. I did cancel but they still charged me. I tell anybody run the other way. I received the pills I wonder if they are real????

  9. everyone who ordered like me take them to court. File paper on their asses or someone needs to sue them. someone would have to get their hands dirty but they got to go down and we got to stop they asses. look like i got to get to the bank on monday to stop their asses.

  10. I just spoke with a lady named Candace who told me that I couldn’t get my money back either and when I asked her to speak with someone over her she told me she would give me a supervisor but the supervisor would just tell me the same thing so I still wanted to speak with a supervisor and was put on hold for about 8 yo 10 minutes before a supervisor by the name of risk came onto the phone and told me basically if I was an adult consumer I should have read the fine print before I ordered the merchandise and she could only offer me first 45% of my money back after the Candace lady had originally offered 75% back and before we ended the conversation she finally tested my intelligence by saying she could only offer me 55% and proceeded to give me a total that was only 50% before I corrected her on the total and her telling me to give her a second to see if she could force the extra 5% like I didn’t know she could refund the total amount so I in turned asked for a cooperate number and she told me there was none just an email she could give me. SCAM ScAM ScAM I am now looking up a way to report them to the better business bureau

    • Thats the same for me. Fernando was a supervisor and was so rude and said us customers are stupid for ordering off these sites..

  11. I had the same thing happen to me. I can’t believe how much this company has robbed from people and there is nothing that can be done!. Im more disappointed that Dr. OZ would promote such a company or allow his name to be used. I usually am very careful about reading the fine print, but I have to admit this one caught me off guard. $177 later and no results from the pills, super upset at myself for falling for such scam. I feel I let me guard down because Dr Oz was attached therefore I was way to comfortable with giving out my CC info to purchase a SO CALLED risk free trial….UGGG i knew better!!!

  12. I placed a trial order. Was told it would ship in 4-6 bus. days. It is day 13, have not received trial order. There was 14 day trial period and it is day 13 after ordering today. Decided to call. When I got on the phone tree to start it said my order had been shipped April 6th, day after order was placed. I then chose ‘operator’ option and spoke to “Eric”. He was very close to being rude, rather combative in his responses. He said they Could resend my trial order and extend the trial period, but after being lied to about the shipping date I decided to cancel my order. I guess I forfeit the shipping fee, but I had a bad feeling about the company at that point and will be looking closely at my bills to make sure I am not charged more. I did get a cancellation number and was told I would bet an email confirmation… we’ll see.

  13. Terrible the automateded cancelation is rediculose you hit the wrong number get charged and theres nothing they can do about it 40$ right out in product i cant use terrible

  14. I ordered the free trial and they were only supposed to charge me shipping. Well they charged my card $89. It says in really small print in the terms and conditions that you have 12 days for a full refund. So now since I am on the 13th day I only get $62 back. This is the biggest scam and I advise no one to order from them! This is a complete scam and they don’t seem to care.

  15. Uh oh I ordered both and it’s only been a little over a week ago. I need to figure out how to make v sure they don’t take any more money v from my account. Should I tell my bank?

    • They took 2 charges of 89 and one charge of 98 out of my account on day 14. I called and they said it is at their discretion to accept returns and they said they are not. They said their is no free sample. You get it free for 14 days and then balance is due. Then tried to scam me a second time when I told them to immediately stop any future shipments. I hope you have better luck than I did since you know about it before day 14.


    Ellen Sawyers]
    P.O.Box 24567 Santa Ana, CA 92799
    Re: Ellen Sawyers

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am writing to dispute a fraudulent charge on my account in the amount of $356.00__
    I did not make or authorize this charge and may have been the victim of a scam by GarciniaG300-GreenCoffee3000. I am requesting that you stop charging my account. When I was to receive the free trail I called and made it clear not to charge any other charge to my card other than the $4.95 fee for shipping. I was told by the reprehensive that is not a problem. After looking over my account I was charge on12/7/15 $4.95, 12/21/15 $89.99, 01/19/16 $89.99, 02/18/16 $89.99 and 03/21/16 $89.99… I agree for to the $4.95 charge and the charge01/19/16 $89.99 due to me received the shipment and did not return it. For the other charges totaling $179.98I had moved and not received the product you can check with US Postal Service for my change of address.
    • The charge is to be credited back to my credit card.
    • Any or other charges related to the fraudulent charge are credited to my account.
    • I have never received a bill or a receipt with charges for the order…
    I called the (800)766-7405 on 03/08/19 requesting that all and any order be cancel ASAP and instead of the lady canceling my request she continued to offer lowering the cost what part of canceling did she not understand? I also ask her to emailed me a confirmation she sated she would and I never received it. I tried to emailed you at [email protected] NOT A WORKING EMAIL…I these charges are not refuned I will be reporting you to Consumer affairs
    I have evidence of fraud as evidence that these charges are fraudulent. I have contacted my bank and made them aware of this fraud. CUSTOME NEW TO COME TOGATHER AND DO A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT…

    Ellen Sawyers

  17. they got me too,,, $89 and $87 withdrawn from my account,,,, they laughed when I told them I would send unopened packages back for a refund,,,,,, I,m disabled,, bounced all my bills,,,,,,,,,, scam ass hats !

  18. What is the number because the 1-800-866-7405 number says they don’t have me on file but I ordered the pills from them and received them, but conveniently they don’t have any info on me.

  19. I’m super pissed off I ordered this because it’s a free trial well they been charging my card n I just found out they charged me for each bottle 88$/89$. I called to speak to a manager n all he could tell me was did I read the terms n agreements. I just got this product last wed n they won’t give me my money back. Plus yeah I’m pissed off they don’t explain wat ur going to b charged so I am mad n he’s talking to me as if I’m his child ” when ur ready to talk say yes or Ima place u on hold!! Fucking really Don’t try this bullshit they been charging since March the 2.99 then this 88/89$ wow I thought it was a free sample!!!! These bottles r still closed never used n I’ll b calling back cuz this stupid ass so called manager hung up on me…

  20. Total scam – do not purchase! They will continue to take money from your account even after you have cancelled! I actually had to cancel my card!

    • I just called to cancel and after I cancelled they said you will be charged 38.71 and sure enough I got on my account and was charged!!! I called and the rep told me that I accepted the cancellation and amount. So when you press to cancel you are accepting a charge before you even know it. After you accept you are told you will be charged and you are being charged before you hang up…this is how they get you. I am being refunded, but they basically called me a liar when I said I did not accept any charge to cancel, I was told after I cancelled. BEWARE Call card company first to block any charges before calling to cancel.

  21. Can somebody please tell me when you started seeing results from this product because right at the moment I’m not feeling any different!!

  22. I just bought a free 30 day trial for $2.95 shipping and handling. And only been taking it for a week. Does any one know if these pills actually work I been taking 2 capsules a day .

  23. They suck and even if u return it they dont give ur money back. They need to be stopped and the celebrities they help them sell it should be in trouble too.

  24. Dont do it, it’s a SCAM! It says it’s a 30day trial but they actually charge you after 2 weeks! Then, when you FINALLY get a hold of their customer service number, you NEVER end up with a full [email protected]#!

  25. I received a bottle today, from a free trial$2.95 shipping, nothing else in the bag just the pill bottle.. I put this on a card that had about $3.00 on it so they cannot charge me anymore. Called the number, it was a message. No other way to get a hold of them. Will not use in case need to send back. Pretty much afraid to use anyway

  26. I ordered it and they said free trial. Well I go to cancel and cant find a way to cancel anywhere. So I go to try and speak with someone all I got was recorded message. Then they charge me 65.00 for it yes scam. The company on my bottle was browning i was told the cancellation was free and wasnt going to be charged yeah right.

  27. I ordered both & lost 5lbs the first week so I kept using it. It works, curves you appetite, and I’ve lost some inches. I did cancel the order because I don’t like taking pills. They gave me a months worth. I cancelled on the 14th day & they told me I would be charged but I haven’t yet. But yes the product works. Hopefully by the time I run out I will have lost the amount I want. Good luck!

  28. To anyone that is going to try this Product DO NOT DO IT they are fraudulent in every way possible, first, they say it we will send it to you free then as they say 14 days from the time you order it they bill you for it. How do you know if the product is going to work or not? The supervisor Miguel dare compare themselves with Netflix and Amazon how ridiculous. If you buy from Amazon and don’t like the product you have 30 days to return it, Netflix you have movies to choose from, Garcinia G3000 you can’t even see if it works before they change you for what they claim is a free trial. !!!!!!!DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!

  29. Does anyone e know if the pill even work? If so dies anyone know if suppliments containing the same ingredients could be found at local health food stores like gnc?

  30. I ordered the garcinia and green coffee and was charged 2.95 and 3.95. But after asking the csr about the early cancelation and how it worked, I didn’t feel good about it. So I called my credit card company and cancelled my card. So they won’t be able to charge for the balance.

    • I cancelled my card n still got charged $90 for pills I never received!!!

      How do u stop them? Cancel checking Acct?? I’m going to bank tmw n I will threaten them w lawsuit n report to better business bureau!!!

      Any advise is welcome

  31. I did order the garcinia and the green coffee and was charged 2.95 and 3.95. But something didn’t sit right with me after I asked about the early cancelation, so I called my credit card company and had the card cancelled so I will not be getting charged the full amount.

  32. I just went through the same thing. I live in Hawaii so naturally, everything takes a little longer to get here. So, to avoid the automatic shipment, I cancelled 6 days after I ordered. I used the automated system and it only gave me two options: option 1 to cancel garcinia and option 2 to cancel coffee. So I chose option 1, then it said I was going to be charged $38.71 (55% discount) for the bottle that was just sent (which was my free trial bottle). I called customer service immediately. CSR was totally rude and argumentative and basically said there was nothing she can do. So, I called my credit card company to dispute. I have never encountered any free trial with an early cancellation clause. Nowhere did it say that on the website. Even the rep from my credit card company questioned about early cancellation fee on free trial. HUGE SCAM COMPANY! The distributer on my bottle is Browning Solutions Inc. BEWARE!!!

    • Same thing just happened to my self once i heard charge i hunged up phone and call customer service and there just like you should’ve listen to all the options first before pressing a button like seriously its not that hard for other companies to do a refund they should be able to even with the stupid automated thing

  33. I just got off the phone with their so called customer service. They charged me 88 and 89 dollars. Wanted my money back was told that I could only get back 22.25 and 13.20. They said that you are to cancel within 15 days of ordering. I ordered on Jan 31 and canceled on February 13 by phone and still didn’t get all my money back. How can a bunch of crooks like this get by with this. If there is ever a law suit against them I’m in. They did send me an email telling me that my order has been canceled I hope that is not another lie. Thanks for letting me vent.

  34. you stupid garcinia collected my money of $177 and you didnt send the product.. you scammer, SCAMMER..SCAMMER…

  35. They charged me $88 & $89 awhile back and now they are charging me another $89. How do i get that money back? I will take to small claims if need be. I just want the last $89 they are charging me

  36. I ordered this and was charged $88 & $89 now they are trying to charge my debit card again of $89 how do i contact and get this stopped i have not ordered anymore

    • Any mail to contact them ? I’m in the same situation and can not find the place where I ordered , authorized the first purchase as the bank does not respond even though I tried to cancel the purchase with them

    • Read the very last paragraph of the article and it gives you the number and email.Its a scam. To make a long story short ,they just got me for about $70 bucks tonight!!! It was only suppose to be a free 14 day trial and if not satisfied with product then you call and cancel b4 your 14 day trial is up but what they dont tell you is that when you cancel early,then you are charged an early cancelation fee..!!!!!!

      • That just happened to me I called to cancel and they charged me $38 and plus for the product and on their website and never said anything about being charged to cancel all I said is 100% guarantee your money back

  37. Thats why i used a prepaid credit card they always try to scam people i hope this product works fuck them i will get me another prepaid card asap and cut the other one up thank you all for the feed back i refuse to get something tooken from me that i did not order these people take uour credid card and do what they please with it just go to the bank and cancel card if its prepaid cut it up and get another one thats the dmart one God Bless you all we all need help in loseing weight and they just want to scam us out of more monety thats just not right
    Anonymous.but truthful……..

  38. I just got my free trial ones in the mail. I really hope they work. I paid just for shipping and handling. I used a prepaid debit card so they couldn’t charge it anymore.

    • Were they able to charge you anymore than the shipping and handling I called my bank and reported my card as lost and had a new one sent out as a few hours after ordering so I wouldn’t get charged more than the $2.95 but will this work? I was told by there customers service that I was only going to receive a free trial and that it wasn’t subscription but I feel like based on reviews that was a lie and they called from a blocked number so I can’t call back.

      • You will probably have to cancel your card because they use multiple numbers crooks I hate people like this. I work too damn hard to just let folk like them just scam my money right out my account. I’m mad as heck????

  39. I just got off the phone with these crooks, my free trial period ended the same day I ordered apparently and I was charged $177 without my knowledge. Hidden in their Terms was “By placing your order you will be receiving a 14 day evaluation for the price of $4.99! You will also be enrolling into our convenient auto ship program once your evaluation expires. You understand that you are subscribing to a monthly shipment program and you will be charged $89.00 per month starting 14 days from today and every 30 days thereafter unless cancelled. ” My trial was free except for shipping of $2.95 and $3.95, then they turned around to charge me $88 and $89 for more I didn’t want or order. They said they are refunding the charges, but I notified my credit card company too.

    • 800-980-1784 they offered to give me back 50% at first then when I bitched he upped it to 75% back… I will call my bank in the morning. This is ridiculous

    • They just chargerd me 88 n 89 today n are saying they are only gonna refund me 13.00 I am pissed I’m taking them to small claims… Asap


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