Fresh Wave – Natural Deodorizers To Remove Smells & Odors?


Consumers who are looking for chemical free alternatives for laundry boosters, air fresheners, and vacuum beads will want to read below to learn more about Fresh Wave and their healthy home care product offerings.

Fresh Wave Company Details

A wide range of products are available from Fresh Wave that will help rid the home of even the smelliest odors like diaper pails and hockey gear.

The way these natural products work to eliminate odors without harsh chemicals is by using molecular technology. The ingredients in Fresh Wave products work to break apart chemical bonds that form between odor molecules rendering them useless.

Those interested in browsing Fresh Wave products in a retail location can use the Store Locator feature on the company’s website to find a store nearby.

Fresh Wave Products

Whether consumers have a stinky diaper pail or want a way to freshen their front loading washing machine, Fresh Wave offers a low cost, environmentally friendly option.

Odor Removing Gel:

These gel containers can be easily placed in any room of the house to absorb odors naturally in areas that need it most like bathrooms and kid’s rooms. Seven ounce containers last roughly fifteen to thirty days and the fifteen ounce container lasts one to two months. Odor Removing Gel also comes in refill sizes for both home and commercial use.

Odor Removing Spray:

Available in two ounce travel size bottles or eight ounce room size bottles this spray keeps areas smelling fresh by eliminating odors and adding a delicious scent from plant oils. The travel size bottles are perfect to keep in a purse, gym bag, or even the car to ensure odors are eliminated quickly and safely.

Pet Shampoo:

Many pet shampoos are made from chemicals that can be harmful to not only pets but also the humans who wash them. Fresh Wave’s pet shampoo offers deep cleansing benefits without the health risk. The small is divine and will make both pets and their owners happy.

Vacuum Beads:

One of the areas of a home that harbors the most odors is carpet. Vacuum beads are a popular new product that consumers love but most are made from health harmful chemicals.

Fresh Wave offers a product that leaves a pleasant fragrance with every vacuum that consumers can feel good about using even in homes with babies and pets. Simply add a cap full of beads to the vacuum’s canister and enjoy the scent that lifts as carpets are cleaned.

Fresh Pod:

This stick on air freshener is perfect for diaper pails where it absorbs odors in an easy to replace pad.

Laundry Booster:

This product enhances regular laundry detergents effectiveness by helping eliminate odors in difficult to clean items like bedspreads, pet beds, and athletic clothing.

Fresh Wave also offers job specific bundles including the Athlete’s Kit, Dorm Kit, and Kitchen Kit.

Fresh Wave Ingredients

As a company Fresh Wave is committed to offering consumers products that are not only safe for their entire family but also the environment. The odor removing products are made from pure water and a proprietary blend of plant extracts including lime, anise seed, red cedar wood, pine needle, and clove.

Many air fresheners contain chemicals that are considered to be a carcinogen by the EPA, Fresh Wave aims to offer an alternative product range that is just as effective is not more so.

Fresh Wave products are non-toxic and are free from harmful volatile organic compounds. They are also alcohol free and contain no synthetic fragrances. Even without synthetic ingredients they smell great due to the plant extracts added for both their antiseptic and antibacterial properties but also their scent.

All Fresh Wave products meet the stringent criteria of the Safer Choice program recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency which is given to companies that are committed to environmental excellence and offering consumers smarter cleaning solutions.

Full ingredient information is available on the company’s website at www.Fresh

Fresh Wave Pricing

Both Fresh Wave and Amazon carry Fresh Wave products online.

Fresh Wave

  • Odor Removing Gel: Seven ounce jars start at $7.99 each and the two gallon refill is available for $129.99.
  • Odor Removing Spray: Two ounce bottle are available for $4.49 each or can be purchased in four bottle packs for $16.16 and twelve bottle packs for $45.80. Eight ounce room size bottles are available for $7.99 and multi packs are also available for $21.57 for three bottles and $40.75 for six bottles.
  • Pet Shampoo: Each sixteen ounce bottle is available for $9.99 and multi-bottle packs are available for $26.98 for three and $50.95 for six.
  • Vacuum Beads: Each bottle contains 10-14 applications and costs $12.00. This product can also be purchased in multi-packs to save money.
  • Fresh Pod: each stick on holder is available for $5.99 and a three pack of replacement pads cost $9.99.
  • Laundry Booster: Each 24 ounce bottle is available for $9.99.


Most prices are slightly lower through Amazon and most items offer free shipping with or without qualified purchases.

Should You Use Fresh Wave?

Environmentally friendly household products are not only good for mother earth but also families. Fresh Wave does not use any chemicals meaning these products are safe for use around babies and pets.

They are also good for consumers who have severe allergies or are often sensitive to regular air fresheners and cleaning products.

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