FP Skin – Francesca Paige’s Daily Restoring Skincare System?


Francesca Paige Skin, also known as FP Skin, is a company that helps to improve the appearance of skin in a multitude of ways, dealing with everything from wrinkles to clogged pores. The treatments are easy to balance, though consumers need to follow the regimen exactly.

What Is FP Skin?

Even though there are many different skin types, most people deal with the same types of issues over time. The skin requires regular cleansing, but anyone that has ever used cosmetics or even been out in a filthy environment will express dissatisfaction with their clogged pores, and that is just where it starts.

With clogged pores, the complexion of the consumer becomes dull and can even start wrinkling early. The key to a clear complexion is found only with the products that keep the skin both clean and hydrated, which is what Francesca Paige Skin is all about.

The FP Skin line was started by Frankie Page, who has practiced her skills as an esthetician for over 20 years. She is presently one of the most popular and effective professionals in Hollywood for skincare, which led her to create her own line of products that helps keep pores clean and to nourish the rest of the complexion.

However, despite the high demand, everyday consumers can still get the glamourous and radiant complexions of the starts. All her products come from a lab that exclusively deals with organic substances, like plants and milk. Read on below to learn more information about the skincare system she recommends for everyone.

The Francesca Paige Daily System

The Daily System is a combination of three different formulas – Prep, Balance, and Restore. The set all together is $153.00 and even offers free shipping. The whole point of this collection is to help the consumer to have clear and youthful skin. Each remedy contains organic ingredients, which make a huge difference in the performance of the product.

During this regimen, consumers should experience:

The first step involves the use of Prep, which can be lathered into wet skin. Wash it off, and then move onto Balance. Saturate a cotton ball or cotton round with Balance and press it over skin. Dry the skin before massaging Restore into the complexion to moisturize.

If the user wants to refill only one of the products at a time, here is the total cost for each one:

  • Prep: $26.00
  • Balance: $37.00
  • Restore: $90.00

Other Products From FP Skin

Even with the Daily System, consumers still have a couple of other formulas that they can benefit from with Francesca’s skincare line. Read on below to find out about other ways to treat the complexion.


Un-Liner helps consumers erase the wrinkles that form around the lips and eyes, but the actual changes that consumers see are so much more. With consistent use, this treatment:

  • Helps consumers to look more alert
  • Lifts eyelids that seem to sag
  • Reduce the appearance of dark circles
  • Reduce puffiness
  • Improve moisture

This treatment uses a few ingredients to make the changes, including Persian silk-tree bark extract, Kojic acid, retinol, MSM, vitamin C, and many others.

To get the benefits of this $45.00 formula, consumers need to use their ring finger to lightly dab in the treatment around the lips and mouth until it is fully absorbed.


BFF is an abbreviation for “Be Blemish Free,” and it is a serum that helps to reduce the inflammation in the skin, while maintaining the moisture. This treatment clears up the user’s complexion, and:

  • Reduces the amount of healing time
  • Improves the level of discomfort
  • Reduces drying

This treatment primarily uses three ingredients – camphor, tea tree oil, and salicylic acid. Camphor and tea tree oil work together to tackle inflammation, while salicylic acid handles the bacteria that damages the complexion.

This remedy is available for $35.00, and can be generously applied to the area that needs to clear up.

Contacting The Creators Of Francesca Paige Skin

Even though the website goes in-depth about the products available, some consumers may have questions about their use or the return policy. Reach out to the customer service team by emailing them at [email protected]

FP Skin Conclusion

Francesca Paige Skin provides care for every type of consumer, and her use of organic ingredients is not something that is usually affordable for the average person. There are plenty of different solutions for skincare issues nowadays, but the use of a remedy that tackles multiple aspects of the complexion is the easiest way to look radiant.

If you want to have skin as good as your favorite celebrities, you may want to try out the different products that Francesca Paige Skin offers.

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