FM World – Federico Mahora’s Perfume & Beauty Cosmetics MLM?


There is nothing better than having the right beauty products on hand. With proper beauty care products, you can attain the support that you need for beautiful skin, a luxurious scent, and so much more. As you may know though, finding the right brand for your needs can certainly be a challenge, especially with so many of them on the market.

That being said, this review would like to introduce you to FM World, a new brand on the market that offers you an array of high-quality beauty care options. Here is everything you need to know about what FM world is and what it offers:

About FM World

FM World is a global-reaching beauty and wellness brand that was established in 2004. It was founded in Poland by a man called Mr. Artur Trawinski. By 2007, this brand was breaking boundaries and the global expansion had started. Today, you will find their products in all the continents of the world.

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The brand works with over 600,000 business partners to deliver high quality beauty products to households. This company has made its mark by employing a unique marketing model commonly known as direct selling.

Multi-level marketing ensures that products reach the consumers at great prices on the ground. This is to say that there is no use of retail networks, unlike in more traditional business models.

This company operates under the FMCG industry and creates excellent opportunities for micro-businesses to thrive. They provide both training and support to allow the business partners to get the most out of it. This company's mission is to provide cutting edge products while promoting the living standards of people through enhanced financial freedom. FM World envisions becoming the global leader where multi-level marketing is concerned. In addition, they are working towards being the leading fragrance brand in the world. They also strive to work ethically with all people who have success in mind.

This company is also defined by several values. They pride themselves in being people you can trust. Their products are trustworthy and their business principles are sound. They are always looking to establish mutual trust no matter the engagements with society. Another value that can speak to this brand is excitement. They are raring to go and this is how they are able to cross borders. They are also about independence where they foster and encourage businesses to achieve their highest potential. This is made possible by their flexible business model.

FM World is a caring brand that creates products that provide this care. In addition, they care for the environment and promote best practices in this regard. Finally, this company is bold. They are out to change the world while promoting an enterprising spirit. These are just a few ways to describe this global brand.

Is FM World A Trusted Brand?

FM World is a beauty care brand whose mission it is to create high-quality products that its customers can enjoy. While it offers a few different product lines, its primary and most famous one is its fragrances. As you’ll find, the fragrances are not only extremely luxurious, but they are gentle and fragrant as well.

Those who incorporate the brand’s products are satisfied with their quality and performance levels. Now, you too can experience how well each option works, should you decide to add it to your beauty routine too.

An MLM Company

Aside from offering a number of high-quality beauty products, the brand also offers those who are interested in becoming distributors and opportunity to join as a representative. Those who become representatives are able to become a part of a team that is number 1 in fragrance sales worldwide.

The brand focuses on fostering a core set of values during the sales process, which include trust, independence, care, excitement, and boldness. When you follow these values, you too can experience all of the benefits that FM World has to offer its team. Currently, the brand has offices in a number of continents, which include Europe, Asia Pacific, Near East Africa, North America. ,and South America.


For those who do plan on joining the company’s MLM sales structure, the brand also provides access to its Household Program. This is an incentives program that offers a prize for those who make the most sales.

For example, if you achieve the standards outlined in the award guidelines, you’ll be poised to receive an additional 500 EUR, which you can use for your household needs such as paying a loan, buying utilities, rent, and the like. If you are interested in receiving more information about this matter, then you can do so through the brand’s website or its local offices.

FM World An Award Winning Brand

FM World is an award-winning brand that has achieved acclaim for its products for a number of years. For example, a few of the awards that the brand has garnered include:

  • The Super Product of the Women’s World Readers
  • Customer Laurel – Discovery of the Year
  • Business Gazelle
  • Forbes Diamond
  • V Certificate
  • Cosmetic Product of the Year 2013
  • Silver Consumer Laurel
  • And more

With these awards, you can feel confident that you are making the right decision in a fragrance brand. The products have met high standards and those who incorporate the fragrances into their routine love the delicate and lovely scents.

FM World Product Offerings

This brand finds great pride in its wide portfolio of products. In their fold, you will find perfumes, body care products, makeup cosmetics, household products, coffee, tea, and food supplements. Here are the products that the brand has to offer:

1. Perfumes

Their perfume line is called Utique, and it is a delicate blend of natural offerings balanced in a meticulous way to deliver perfect scents that are enchanting to say the least. The perfumes are created using fine natural oils including orange blossom, precious iris absolute, velvet vetiver, and vanilla-like balsamum bark. Utique is an award-winning perfume line that is highly superior in delivering wonderful scents.

Utique Perfumes

Utique Perfumes is a perfume line of products that is made out of all-natural oils. The types of oils in the perfumes include velvet vetiver, delicate orange blossom, precious iris, and vanilla-like myroxylon baisamum. Each of these essentially oils is made out of the purest and finest ingredients so that you can enjoy from a high-quality and luxury product. You can apply these perfumes at any time and not expect to experience any adverse side effects such as irritation, redness, and the like.

Luxury Collection

The next line of perfumes that the FM World has to offer is the luxury collection. There are two products in the luxury collection that you can choose from, one of which is a lovely floral fragrance derived from rose extract. The floral fragrance is the women’s perfume, while the alternative is the male cologne.

Pure Line

The next option is the Pure Line and as the brand explains, this line features “marvelous fragrances.” These fragrances feature qualities such as classic elegance that come in a unique and delicate form. The design of these products is inspired by fun and exciting art, travel, and philosophy. As for the bottles themselves, you’ll love the chic and modern design that will look great among your collection of perfumes.

2. Make-Up Cosmetics

FM World products cater to your facial needs, lip care, eye make-up, and even make-up removal. For the facial products, you can be sure to have that perfect complexion no matter where you are. The products include powders, foundations, concealers, and blushes. This line is by Federico Mahora and it is a dream line to give you perfect results. People who have dark skin tones have not been left behind. There is an assortment of great products to choose from for all skin types.

3. Body Care Products

FM World has excellent body care products in their Utique line. You will find hair and face oils that are like liquid gold. This luxurious offering is meant to give you pleasure every time you use it. The oils provide moisture, rejuvenation, and regeneration to give you skin with an impeccable appeal. Needless to say, your hair will be silky smooth and shiny.


Finally, the brand also offers Fontainavie, which is an eye-lifting serum. This formula works to provide you with the lifting eye care that you need for smooth, radiant, and rejuvenated skin around your eyes. Dissimilar to other skincare products on the market, this formula is able to handle the delicate eye area, thereby maximizing the benefits that the formula has to offer. Further, as you’ll find, it is made with all-natural and high-quality ingredients that you can count on.

4. Household Products

FM World is a versatile brand that is not just concerned about your body care needs but your household needs as well. They have excellent household products in their Smart and Clean line. Here, you will find cleaning products dedicated to your bathroom and kitchen.

This is to promote utmost safety and hygiene. You will also get products that can clean your dishes, furniture, appliances, and floors, among others. They also have laundry washing and softening liquids. This is to ensure that your clothes are clean, soft, smooth, and fragrant. They also make stain-removers and anti-crease ironing spray.

5. Coffee & Tea

As hinted to above, FM World is a truly dynamic brand. They also have their own special blends of coffee and tea. They have natural coffees which are the Arabica blends. You can enjoy the exotic tastes in all-natural formats. You can get ground, un-roasted, capsules, and even green beans. They also have functional coffees which come with healthy nutrients such as minerals and vitamins.

6. Food Supplements

This brand is concerned about your overall wellness. Their selection of food supplements will enable you to become the best you. Their Nutricode supplements will improve the hair, skin, nails, and vitality, and even help you to lose weight. The supplements are created with perfect blends of ingredients to deliver optimal health in a natural way.

As you can tell, FM World offers an array of product options that you can make use of in your daily skincare routine. The formulas are made with excellent ingredients that are completely safe when applied to your skin surface. Further, you can expect the products to last a reasonable amount of time when applied to your skin.

Benefits Of Using FM World Products

  • These products are made available for consumers all around the world. This company has a presence in many continents, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America. This means that consumers can get to experience the benefits with utmost convenience.
  • Due to the wide global reach and the business model of this company, products reach people at suitable prices. High quality beauty and wellness products are known to be out of reach owing to the high prices. This company leverages on direct selling to maintain excellent price points for its customers.
  • FM World prides itself in offering the customer top-notch products made in the highest quality. This means that the products are not just safe for use but they are effective as well. When you need skin care solutions or household cleaning answers, their product lines are unparalleled. There are many customer reviews that attest to this.
  • A beauty and wellness brand that gives its clientele many options and varieties of products becomes a one-stop shop. To this end, this brand delivers on this. No matter what you need, you will get it. From fragrances to coffee and supplements, the choices are endless.
  • This company provides excellent opportunities for people who want to have their own business in the beauty and wellness industry. Their great business model allows many people to thrive and attain the ultimate financial freedom. A company that is able to touch lives this way is definitely invaluable.
  • They have an award-winning fragrance which was rated the most beautiful scent in 2017. This goes to show that the standards are high and notable. Therefore, you will shop with more confidence thanks to this endorsement and recognition of the overall brand.
  • The company offers great incentives that can be viewed on their online pages. This goes a long way to make the consumer experience even better.
  • FM World is a company that operates on great values that are all geared towards delivering fair business practices, high quality products, and ethical standards. This way, the company is able to give back to society to make the world a better place.
  • Their product lines cater to the needs of the whole family. In the various body care lines, you will find products for kids and babies.

If you are not sure which products are ideal for you, simply contact the company to get answers on any query. They offer resources and guidelines to help people like you find the right products for everyday use.

Any Risks In Using These Products?

There are no risks associated with using the products. They are tested for safety and you can rest assured of this. However, once you buy the products, you have to use them as directed. For example, supplements must be taken in the dosage that is recommended. If you fail to follow the guide, you will be more likely to suffer side effects. Therefore, you will determine your risk level and when used correctly, FM World products will give you the desired results all the time.

FM World Offices

As alluded to above, this is a global brand. They have offices in many countries. In Africa, they have a presence in Cameroon, Kenya, Morocco, and Nigeria. In the Middle East, you will find offices in United Arab Emirates and Lebanon. In the Asian Pacific, they are in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and others.

They have presence in Brazil, South America. In Europe, this company has offices in Albania, Estonia, Finland, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, UK; the list is endless. This is just a small snapshot of how far-reaching this brand is. It continues to grow and through business partners, this is becoming a household brand.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in FM World, then you can order its products through the brand’s website or you can visit one of its local offices. An alternative option is to find a seller who can provide you with the product options and the opportunity to purchase. Either way, they are all the same price range no matter which option you choose.

FM World Summary

FM World has pushed the bar when it comes to multi-level marketing. Their direct selling prowess is visible, owing to their success and global penetration. It is really not just about reaching every city in the world; it is about creating high quality products that make their customers happy and satisfied. They have definitely managed to create wonderful product lines that speak to the clientele. These are products that solve various problems to deliver perfect complexions, health, and happiness. This brand is highly dedicated to making a difference in the world positively.

Going by the merits mentioned above, it is a company that can be highly recommended to all people. If you do not know where to start, just look at their sites and online product galleries. Also, read information on products and see various ingredients used to create the products. This will give you some idea of what to get. Look at consumer reviews online and see what others have to say about the product lines and how the overall service is like. Chances are that you will discover this company is highly professional and concerned about giving its customers the very best.

The good news is that you can check your local FM World office or outlet to make your work much easier. For those who are looking for opportunities, this company invites all people to become business partners. It is this network that has been able to spread the wings and make the brand visible globally.

Contacting their offices will give you all the resources you need to get started if you want to become an affiliate. For those who have questions on how to use various products, contacting them will also provide the needed solutions. All in all, this is a beauty and wellness brand that is worth your while. Give them a try and see how well their products can work for you.

Overall, FM World is a high-quality fragrance and skincare brand with a number of amazing products that you can choose from. If you are interested in making a purchase, just visit the brand’s website today.

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