My Bikini Belly – Avoid 3 Belly Fat Triggers


My Bikini Belly Review

My Bikini Belly is a downloadable series of exercise videos that promises to teach you the surprising secrets behind weight loss. Here’s our review.

What is My Bikini Belly?

My Bikini Belly is a series of downloadable videos available for $15. The video series was launched in December 2015 and promises to help any woman be proud of her “bikini body”.

The program is primarily targeted towards middle-aged women (defined as women over the age of 35 by the creators of the program). Many of the lessons in My Bikini Belly deal specifically with your menopause hormones and handling your body’s natural slowdown in metabolism as you get older.

For example, the videos talk about how every woman carries the “menopause gene” in her DNA. This gene, past a certain age, blocks your metabolism from burning belly fat. Even women who exercise constantly after menopause may struggle to reduce this stubborn belly fat.

In that sense, My Bikini Belly promises to teach you how to kickstart your metabolism and turn off your menopause genes. It’s not an instant ticket to six pack abs, but it does give you an enormous advantage.

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How Does My Bikini Belly Work?

My Bikini Belly promises to work by helping you avoid “belly fat triggers”. The three belly fat triggers listed in My Bikini Belly include:

Belly Fat Trigger #1: “Turns On your Menopause Molecules and Makes It Impossible to Lose Belly Fat”

During and after menopause, your hormones become unbalanced, causing your metabolism to go down and your fat loss to come to a “screeching halt”, in the words of the creators of My Bikini Belly. During these years, fat starts to pile onto your belly. My Bikini Belly teaches you how to use natural exercise techniques and certain foods to slow down your menopause molecules.

Belly Fat Trigger #2: “Turns Off Your Belly Shrinking Hormone”

My Bikini Belly claims that “most popular workouts and exercises turn off” your body’s best belly burning hormone. As an example, My Bikini Belly talks about the “weighed side bend” exercises, which can actually make your belly fat look bigger even when you’re actually losing weight. Sit-ups, crunches, and other exercises can have a similar effect.

Belly Fat Trigger #3: “Destroys Your Metabolism”

In the words of the eBook’s creator, cardio workouts can be very stressful on the body past a certain age: “Cardio workouts are very stressful on women over 35 and destroy your metabolism, attack your thyroid, and instantly send your cortisol levels soaring.” That doesn’t mean you should avoid cardio altogether. But it does mean you should practice specific types of cardio to maximize weight loss.

Ultimately, My Bikini Belly promises to target these three triggers to give you the weight loss advantage you need. It calls this system Metabolic Activation Training:

— Step 1) Switch Off Your Menopause Molecules
— Step 2) Turn On Your Body’s Belly Shrinking Hormone
— Step 3) Turn Up Your Metabolism

To achieve these three steps, My Bikini Belly teaches you a wide range of exercise techniques. It’s not a dietary guide: it exclusively teaches you the best workouts for activating all three steps listed above.

Who Wrote My Bikini Belly?

My Bikini Belly was created by a woman named Shawna Kaminski. Shawna claims that she has spent the last 25 years of her life working with thousands of real women “and examining the real reasons behind why today’s most popular workouts just don’t work for women over 35.”

Shawna runs a personal studio in Calgary, Alberta where she specifically helps women over the age of 35 slim down. Shawna claims to charge “over $400 per hour” for her services.

At Shawna’s official website,, you’ll learn that she is in her late 40s and “has a passion for helping women feel good in their own skin.”

In addition to running a studio, Shawna produces an online magazine, a training program called the Virtual 14 Day Fat Furnace, and a guide for Female Fat Loss Over 40.

Her studio and exercise training program is called Fit Body Boot Camp.

My Bikini Belly Exercises

My Bikini Belly features three main exercise systems, including:

Bikini Belly Flush: This workout promises to turn off your menopause molecules and force your body to instantly start melting belly fat within 24 hours. It includes total body movement workouts as well as special exercises designed to increase blood flow in your body, burn fat from your lower belly, and flood your cells with anti-aging hormones. There are a lot of beginner-level ab workouts in this section.

Bikini Belly Burn: This exercise routine contains yet more ab workouts. The first system contained introductory workouts, while this section gets more advanced. Once again, the exercises are designed to boost hormone levels within your body and activate your metabolism using special techniques.

Bikini Belly Blast: This is yet another ab workout that involves using “metabolic bursts movements” that boost thermogenesis within your body, forcing your body to “incinerate belly fat for the next 72 hours.”

You get to experience all of these workouts across a series of video clips. After purchasing the My Bikini Belly system, your videos are delivered directly to your inbox.

How to Buy My Bikini Belly

My Bikini Belly is a downloadable program. No physical products are delivered to you.

The program is priced at $15 USD. You can pay online using the secure online form (powered by Clickbank), which accepts VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal.

Ultimately, My Bikini Belly is a training program that promises to help women of all ages get the bikini body of their dreams. If you’ve ever thought you’re too old to get a real bikini body, or that you just can’t lose weight after menopause, then My Bikini Belly is a training program targeted specifically towards you. By performing the right exercises at the right intensities, you can kickstart your body’s metabolism and rebalance your hormones.

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