Fixt Water Straw

Hydration is optimal for one’s health, as it contributes to the wellness of one’s brain, muscles, heart, skin and every other system found in the body. Without it, nutrients will not be transferred from system to system; one may feel a sense of dizziness, thirst and many other symptoms. What happens when one simply forgets their bottled water? This is where the Fixt Water Straw comes into play.

With the Fixt Water Straw in one’s hand, one has access to any water, except for that of the ocean. Whether one is near a lake, or a river, and are in dire need of a drink, one can finally do so. While lake, toilet, and swimming pool water are unhealthy because of their bacteria and toxin content, when one uses the Fixt Water Start, the water goes from toxin-filled to pure.

This review will analyze the Fixt Water Straw in terms of its purpose, its features and how it works.

About Fixt Water Straw

The Fixt Water Straw is a 6.5” length portable water filter that filters any and all types of contaminated water except ocean salt water. By doing so, it enables one to consume clean drinking water. It is uniquely designed and is lightweight and convenient. Fit Water Straw can purify water found in swimming pools, base camps, toilet water, streams and ponds. This device potentially purifies upto 25 gallons of water.

What Distinguishes The Fixt Water Straw When Comparing To Others?

When comparing Fixt Water Straw to its competitors, the following features stands out:

  • Removes upto 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, aesthetic, pathogens,

    Chemicals, heavy metals and other dissolved solids

  • Requires no electrical power, batteries, or chargers needed
  • Has an easy-to-clean pre-filter
  • Ultra- portable fits in a small space
  • Filters any water except ocean salt water
  • Built to last long

For those who are always on the move like back country hikers, backpackers, campers, travelers, survivors and anyone who are in need of drinking water, this may come of use.

How Does The Fixt Water Straw Work?

To ensure maximum use out of the Fixt Water Straw, one must twist the bottom of the straw. Following that, one must place the bottom in any contaminated water source. Lastly, all one needs to do is place one’s mouth at the tip of the straw and easily drink as needed. After having optimized on hydration, one must empty out left over water to ensure it is cleansed and put away properly.

Fixt Water Straw Review Summary

Overall, the Fixt Water Straw is an environmental friendly filter that is designed to prevent dehydration while enhancing one’s water source regardless of where one may be. It’s currently offered via Amazon and can be purchased for approximately $29.95.

This is a fairly decent price given that it may filter any water source one may encounter. This saves both one’s wallet and the environment, as it eliminates overspending and the use of plastic bottles.

With the purchase of the Fixt Water Straw, consumers are also offered a book called “State of you Water Report” to better enhance one’s knowledge on the different water sources available.


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