Fit3D – Healthy 3D Body Scanning for Fitness Analysis?


The Fit3D Body Scanner offers a quick and comprehensive 360 degree body scans in less than sixty seconds. This device measures body shape and composition as well as body posture. The Fit 3D Body Scanner is comprehensive and noninvasive providing people valuable body awareness quickly.

Consumers interested in learning more about this innovative body scanner will want to continue reading to learn a bit more about the Fit 3D Body Scanner.

What is Fit 3D Body Scanner?

The Fit3D Body Scanner is an innovative device that rapidly scans a person’s full body giving them access to data about their posture, body composition, and body shape. This device is perfect to have available at gyms due to how quickly and easily it works. Not to mention noninvasive. The Fit3D Body Scanner is able to provide the same amount of information in forty seconds that a personal trainer could access within a forty five minute consultation.

The Fit 3D Body Scanner gives easy access to people of all sizes and shapes to help them track their workout progress and see the pounds shedding nearly in real time. This device offers an easy to use web platform that gives consumers full access to their full body scan data so they can compare progress from their baseline over their full fitness continuum.

Body scanners are gaining in popularity and the Fit 3D body scan system is currently used in twenty five countries throughout the world.

How Does Fit3D Body Scanner Work?

Before starting the Fit 3D Body Scanner all users will need to create a private online profile that helps them track their fitness progress through scans. Once users have their online profile setup they will take a first scan which will represent their baseline.

Users simply step onto the Fit 3D Body Scanner and hold still for forty seconds. Following their scan they will receive their body scan data via email and can track their fitness progress by logging into the Fit 3D Web Platform. The whole process takes less than ten minutes which means users can start their first body scan and have results digitally in hand within three to four minutes of scanning.

The web platform is super user friendly allowing users to see their body scan side by side for comparison. Imagine having a full understanding of your physical fitness and weight loss progress, this device can deliver.

This device can support users up to five hundred pounds which means it can be used by virtually everyone and of any fitness level.

The Fit 3D Body Scanner utilizes a camera tower that uses a safe, infrared light and can scan people from three feet tall to seven foot six inches tall. While users are being scanned they can comfortable hold onto the hand levers which helps them remain still to give a clear and accurate scan.

The Fit3D Body Scanner is easy to step onto with a small three inch base which is slip resistant making it accessible to most people. Virtually anyone can benefit from this body scanning device.

The Fit 3D Body Scanner is perfect for gyms and workout centers that want to give their customers and members access to the best fitness technology available empowering them to know exactly how their workouts are benefiting them.

This device can also help personal trainers see progress and better help their clients reach their target fitness goals.

Fit3D Body Scanner Data

Each full body scan gives users quick access to loads of body related information.

  • Body Composition: Each scan provides users with a body composition review which includes a percentage breakdown of body fat percentage as well as data on lean mass and fat mass percentages.
  • 3D Images and Measurements: Each scan provides a 360 degree image as well as hundreds of body measurements which means users gain access to highly advanced data regarding their body shape and how it changes overtime with diet and exercise.
  • Balance Weight Scale: This data shows users how their body weight changes as well as their body’s overall balance.

Fit scanners have become increasingly popular over the past two years. They are so popular that statistics show that someone is using a Fit 3D Body Scanner every four minutes within twenty five different countries. Many workout clubs and gyms have started offering Fit 3D Body Scans as part of their standard service allowing all members to gain access to this information and product without adding additional fees.

Who Makes Fit3D Body Scanner?

Fit3D Body Scanner is manufactured in the United States and their company’s headquarters is based in Redwood City, California. Fit 3D manufactures this innovative body scanning device for gyms and fitness clubs that want to offer their clients a high tech fitness support system to help them reach their fitness goals and see accurate, real time information through comprehensive body scans.

Fit3D Body Scanner Pricing

Consumers and businesses interested in purchasing a Fit 3D Body Scanner can contact the company directly through their website at to set up a quote and even a site visit by the company. There is no specific pricing information available online so consumers will want to work directly with the company to find out purchase price as well as shipping information.

Should You Use Fit3D Body Scanner?

Fit3D Body Scanner is an amazing device that gives users so much valuable data about their body as they are trying to lose weight or build muscle mass. This device is perfect for gyms to give their clients real time access to their fitness levels.

This device offering such a user friendly web platform makes it easy for users to share their physical data with doctors or personal trainers to help their support team with achieving their health and fitness goals. More information about the Fit 3D Body Scanner is available through the company’s website at where consumers can read customer reviews as well as the company’s blog.

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