Naked 3D Fitness Tracker – 1st Home Body Scanner?


Naked 3D Fitness Tracker Review – Worth It?

Naked is a recently-released fitness tracker that works by scanning a 3 dimensional image of your body, giving you complete information about your fitness level. Here’s our Naked review.

What is Naked 3D Fitness Tracker?

Naked is a 3D fitness tracker that calls itself the “world’s first home body scanner”.

The device looks like a mirror at first glance. It can be placed anywhere in your home. You stand in front of the mirror on a scale and let the device take a 3D picture of your body. You spin around and the mirror scans your body.

Naked tracks things like waist size, overall weight, body fat percentage, muscle gain and fat loss, and other body metrics over time. You can track your changes over the weeks and years and keep motivated to continue working out.

As one reviewer in an advertisement explains, the mirror explains “where I am, where I’m going, and how to get there.”

The Naked device connects to an app on your phone. All information – including a rotating image of your body – is sent to your mobile device. You can track your progress over time and get a highly-accurate idea of your fitness level.

How Does Naked Work?

Using Naked is straightforward. You step on the scale in front of the mirror, then spin around while the mirror scans your body.

The weigh scale actually spins around for you over the course of 20 seconds. The device takes 30 images per second. That scale is wireless, so there’s no need to leave messy cables lying around your home. The scale can be used on hardwood or carpet – something that Naked claims you can’t do with any other scale of its kind.

You can use the device naked or while wearing underwear. In live demos, people are shown wearing tight underwear and spandex. If you don’t want to be naked in front of your Naked device, the company recommends wearing form-fitting underwear to create a highly-accurate image of your body.

During a scan, Naked will collect things like accurate body fat percentage and weight.

The device will create a 3D image of yourself and send that image to your app. That image comes with a 3D heatmap that let you show areas of your body where you’re gaining or losing mass. If you’re on a steady workout regimen, for example, then you may notice red (fat loss) around your tummy while noticing blue (muscle gain) on your chest and legs.

You can also see things like your chest measurement or the size of your biceps.

As Naked collects more and more data, you can create a custom time-lapse of your body. You can see how your body has transformed over time.

Naked uses a technology made by Intel called RealSense 3D Depth Sensors. These sensors scan your body to create a custom 3D body model.

Then, “supercomputer brains” inside Naked (including built-in memory and an Intel Quad-Core Processor) stitch together the 3D images to form a coherent image of your body. This process is “quick, accurate, and effortless” according to the makers of Naked.

Naked then syncs to your phone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, making for easy setup and automatic synchronization across Android and iOS devices.

The system is powered wirelessly. To charge Naked, just push the turntable against the base. The makers of Naked claim that each charge lasts users 2 months on average. When battery runs out, you just plug in the device to recharge.

Naked Pricing

Naked is a high-tech piece of advanced technology that includes precise scanners, a wireless charging base, and a streamlined, fashionable design. You know it’s not going to be cheap.

Naked is priced at $499 + $50 shipping, for a total price of $549.

The makers of Naked claim that price is going up on May 15, 2016, to the regular retail price of $999.

Interestingly enough, if you buy Naked today, you’ll only be charged $95 of the full $549 price tag. The remaining balance of $454 is due in March 2017.

That’s because the first Naked units aren’t going to ship until March 2017. So even when you order today, you won’t receive your device for months into the future.

Refunds are available on all purchases. Email suppor[email protected] to get in touch with the company’s customer service.

Who Makes Naked?

Naked was founded by two engineering students, including Farhad Farahbakhshian (founder, CEO) and Ed Sciater (co-founder, CEO). The pair founded Naked Labs after becoming interested in developing health and fitness technology.

The company is based in San Francisco, California and was founded in early 2015. The company has received an undisclosed amount of financing in round 1 from 3 investors, according to CrunchBase.

Naked Labs is based at the following address:

370 Convention Way Suite 206
Redwood City, California 94063

The company will launch its first round of Naked fitness trackers in March 2017.

Should Naked Be Your Next Fitness Tracker?

Naked won’t ship until March, 2017. Today, it’s priced at $499. However, that price is scheduled to double to $999 on May 15, 2016. Naked appears to be a powerful piece of fitness technology that uses high-quality trackers and precise weigh scales to scan your body and deliver information on things like body fat percentage, muscle growth, and more.

Scales and fitness trackers don’t tell you everything about your body and training progress. With Naked, you can enjoy precise measurements and a more complete 3D image of your body – all packaged in a discreet, sleek, mirror-like device that can easily fit into any room of your home.

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