EpigenCare: Personalized Skincare Products Using DNA Tests?


For most women, skincare involves trying dozens of products until they find one that works. While such an approach may ultimate enable one to find a viable formula, the process is tedious, tiring, expensive, and it may not even lead one to find a formula that is able to deliver the best potential qualities that one needs for stunning-looking skin.

For that reason, it may be best to try a new and more targeted-approach to skincare and it is called EpigenCare. This is a platform that provides women with the opportunity to try personalized skincare that could work well to effectuate the right outcomes.

What Is EpigenCare?

EpigenCare is a new and unique method for skincare that may work well for women of all skin types and backgrounds. According to the company, the platform first begins with a test, which generates “epigenetic profiles and skincare recommendations for the consumer, whose data privacy is enforced via blockchain.”

Essentially, this skincare platform combines the best of technology with skincare formulations that may enable women to finally adopt an approach that could work well for them. The token sale is scheduled for April 16 and it may be a promising opportunity to participate in a platform that one believes in.

A Direct-to-Consumer Epigenetic Test

One of the prime highlights of this platform is the epigenetic testing feature. As the brand explains, those who decide to proceed with testing will receive a personal epigenomics test. The test measures DNA methylation levels that includes a proprietary panel of genes. The genes tested are ones responsible for “key skin functions,” such as elasticity, aging, moisture retention, and the like. With an at-home kit provided by this platform, women can test their skin and ensure that the right methods for improving it are implemented thereafter. Very few skincare approaches on the market are as targeted as this one.

A Signature Web Platform

Another interesting quality concerning this platform is that it is developing a “signature web platform.” This platform provides skincare companies the opportunity to leverage tokenized data so that the products are able to target consumers. The benefit of this for consumers is that they’ll be able to readily receive skincare product recommendations that are based upon the results of their genetic testing. This way, women need not worry about spending time, money, and energy trying to find formulas that may be the right approach for their needs.

The Benefits Of Investing In The Token Sale

Those who are interested in becoming an integral part of this platform may want to consider participating in the token sale. Participation in the token sale may provide individuals with the following benefits:

  • Equity Ownership after one year
  • Revenue Sharing
  • The tokens are filed as a security with the SEC
  • Mitigation of risk with filing

Two of the most important qualities of this token sale designation is the legal compliance and the mitigation of risk duet to the filing. The SEC is increasingly concerned about the impact that tokens have on the securities market, hence the potential designation as a security. By choosing a platform that understands the necessity of registering the token, participants can adequately protect themselves and their investment.

There are also several qualities that make EpigenCare a worthwhile platform as well. For example, the skincare industry, which this product serves, is of vast market size, it has a recurring business model, the system is scientifically grounded, and customers have incentive to try a platform such as this one due to the need of the market for such features.

EpigenCare Summary

Ultimately, those who are interested in learning more about EpigenCare as a potential platform for their needs or who want to invest in the platform’s token can do so through the brand’s website. The token sale is coming up, so it is best to participate as early as possible to ensure that tokens are available and they can participate.

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