Enhanced Athlete

If you’re a serious athlete, the last thing you want are hyped-up nutritional products.

Unfortunately, that’s most of the products on the market right now. All promise and no results. It can be disheartening.

Not only that, but most of the supplements are so alike that they all start to run together at a certain point. You don’t know which ones you’ve tried and which ones you haven’t.

But there are some companies that have integrity. They make it their mission to make products that work.

About Enhanced Athlete

Enhanced Athlete is a supplement and research company that strives to produce the best supplements available for athletes.

I know, I know. This is a description that virtually every supplement company on the planet claims to fit but hear me out.

Enhanced Athlete takes this a little further than most supplement companies. I say this because they are a non-profit company.

This means that all of their proceeds are partitioned to researching and creating even more high-quality products for athletes.

It’s safe to say they take their craft seriously. This is especially shown through their standard of only including ingredients in their products that have clinical research to back it up.

Enhanced Athlete claims to not be interested in fads or media hype, thats why they devote so much time, energy, and money into crafting affordable products that will take your health and fitness to the next level.

If you’re looking to truly be enhanced, I suggest you read further about one of the products they have to offer.

Blue Ox Testosterone Booster

If you’re a man, you should be keenly aware of how important testosterone is. It’s basically the hormone that makes you a man.

That’s exactly what Blue Ox is. It’s a testosterone booster with all natural ingredients which have been clinically proven to be able to increase your testosterone levels.

The benefits you will reap when you decide to purchase and regular take this product are:

  • Increased Testosterone
  • PCT Regeneration
  • Boost Strength and Muscle
  • Maintain Muscle between Cycles
  • Restore Age Declining Hormones
  • Increase Sexual Sensation and Performance

As I said earlier, this product contains only clinically effective ingredients that have been proven to boost testosterone levels. Let’s take a closer look at what it contains.

Ashwghanda This ingredient has been commonly used in Ayurveda medicine. It has many uses, such as reducing stress levels, but it has been known to increase physical performance in regular people and athletes.

With all of these benefits it’s certainly a no brainer why aswhaganda was included in the formulation of Blue Ox .

Tribulis Terrestris Also an Ayuverdic herb, this is used commonly for virility and vitality. Many know it for it’s ability to enhance libido.

Tribulis also helps raise testosterone levels. This has been shown extensively in a study where rats are used.

Tongkat Ali Tongkat Ali has been known for many years for it’s aptrodisiac abilities. But many are unaware that it also has the ability to increase sperm count and erection quality.

The reason it was included in Blue Ox is because it can decrease the amount of estrogen in the body. Less estrogen means more testosterone.

Stingin Nettle Out of all the ingredients listed, this is the one many haven’t heard of in relation to testosterone boosting. But that doesn’t mean it’s not effective.

The beauty of this ingredient is the fact that it raises DHT levels.

Zinc- This is a micro-nutrient that is needed for you to survive. It is important for many different processes in your body including the immune system.

But a little known fact about zinc is that it boosts testosterone levels. It does this by acting as an aromatase inhibitor and reducing estrogen levels. And as we said before; lower estrogen means more testosterone.

Magnesium Along with zinc, magnesium is essential for the body to run efficiently. With that being said, it’s hard to believe that many people in the west are deficient in it.

Magnesium is probably the only ingredient in the list that is sure to be included in all testosterone supplements. And for good reason. It has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity, reduce blood pressure, and relax the body. Which all play into testosterone production.

Not only can you see exactly what goes into this product, but Enhanced Athlete also reveals the quantity of each ingredient. Now that’s transparency.

I encourage you to go through this list of ingredients and look deeper into them yourself so you can see just how potent they are.


So you know how great of a company Enhanced Athlete is. I bet your next question is how much all of this will cost you?

Enhanced Athlete offers way more products than just Blue Ox, and all of them are completely affordable.

The most you’ll spend on any of these products is just 40 bucks. As far a quality supplements go, that’s a steal.

Blue Ox only costs $34.99 and it contains ingredients of other testosterone boosters that can run you easily $50.

With that being said, you can’t go wrong with these products. Your wallet will surely thank you.

Enhanced Review Summary

Enhanced Athlete is as good as they say they are. These products are truly next level.

The formulation of their supplements are created with care and keen attention to detail. This is obvious from the above ingredients list.

If you’re not looking for the best out there then by all means, save your money. But if you want next-level results, this investment would be a wise one.