With some many things going on in our lives, it is easy to feel the dreaded effects of fatigue. This can have a big effect on your day-to-day life by keeping you from enjoying your hobbies or stopping you from being as productive as you’d like to be.

For some people, this means that they experience the feelings of tiredness during the day which makes it difficult to focus on your tasks for work or school.

For others, being tired could mean that they have a hard time making it through a workout at the gym or they could have a hard time focusing on hobbies such as gaming or reading.

If you ever feel like you could your a dose of potent energy, it is time you took a look at ELIX1R. Read below to keep learning about a powerful drink mix that can give you the boost you need to feel like you are on top of your game.

Not Just Your Average Pre-Workout Mix

When it comes to a convenient forms of energy drinks, the available choices can be pretty limited. One option you see everywhere are brand name energy drinks that promise to help you “soar” or give you a huge energy boost.

While they may work in some cases, many of the drinks that are on the market today are loaded with sugar and low-grade pharmaceuticals. This means that the feelings of energy that you are receiving are not sustainable.

Sugar can give you the illusion of having energy, but it often comes at a high cost. Ever heard of sugar crashing? This happens when you consume a high amount of sugar quickly.

Your body will use it up very fast, and once it is gone, you crash back down and end up feeling even more tired than you were when you started.

Another option that you typically see are pre-workout drink mixes that come with a lot of hype and max big promises that they usually can’t keep. ELIX1R is out to change all of that by providing consumers with a drink mix that is sugar free, and made from high-end, pure ingredients.

Furthermore, many of these mixes tout themselves being a pre-workout and they don’t offer any other benefits. With ELIX1R you are getting a specially formulated energy drink mix that is not just your run-of-the-mill pre-workout, as it also helps with mental acuity, improves your ability to focus, and provides sustainable energy so you won’t crash and burn.

About ELIX1R

ELIX1R was designed to provide your body with a useful form of energy. That being said, they also wanted to make a drink mix that was able to do more than that, so they included ingredients such as Galantamine, Optimized Ashwagandha extract, and Caffiene Anhydrous to form a natural powerhouse.

Together, these ingredients help to enhance your mood, increase your focus, and even stimulate your brain functions. No other product even comes close to being able to provide these kinds of benefits.

Where else can you find a product that can enhance your cognitive abilities while giving you the energy you need to completely master your daily activities?

Elevate Your Senses

Olympus labs really brought a lot of innovative, scientific research to the table when they created ELIX1R.

To make this energy solution the best that it can be, they created a supplement matrix that they named Cognitive Hyperdrive Igniting Matrix. This matrix is made from a specific combination of the following ingredients:

Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL: This vital amino acid helps the body to produce the energy levels needed to be active, but also helps memory function and helps blood flow more quickly to the brain. this helps you feel more alert and able to focus.

Alpha-GPC: A naturally occurring chemical found in many pants, this supplement helps to greatly improve mental acuity and sports general cognitive behaviors. This includes things like memory functions, the ability to learn new things, or even just making you more aware of your surroundings.

J.Regia: Derived from walnuts, this extract is used to regulate blood sugars to help purloining your energy boost.

ELIX1R Summary Review

Whether you work long hours and need some help to make it through your day, or you are a student that needs to be able to cram effectively in logo study sessions, ELIX1R is there to help you get through it.

But don’t forget that this drink powder can also be used as an extremely potent pre workout! Simply mix with water and take 15 minutes before you hit the gym for maximum results! Don’t wait any longer to get the energy that you need to make the most out of each day, order yours now!