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Individuals who work out have a goal in mind. It could be to lose weight or simply tone up. Whatever the case may be, many people like to add supplement products to daily regimens to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Supplements can be taken in capsule form, as a power or energy shot to give that added boost needed before or after a workout.

About ProSupps

ProSupps is a company that specializes in workout supplements, offering a variety of products for a healthy lifestyle. Products for weight loss, pre-workout, endurance, muscle growth and post workout are all available via the supplement company. Samples can be purchased to find the right supplement option to meet individual workout needs.

What Service Does ProSupps Provide?

ProSupps makes it easy for individuals to purchase supplements that can be used for healthy living, find supplements to assist in weight loss, endurance during workouts, boost of energy and more. Each product offers tailored solutions for specific workout needs. See results and stay motivated to work out and live healthy when adding supplements to a diet or workout regimen. Quality ingredients, nutrients and taste play a vital role in what ProSupps has to offer.

Product Categories Provided

Products created by ProSupps fit into seven categories, with each category offering quality solutions for specific fitness needs. Find a category to suit a workout or diet plan to be able to increase results over a short period of time.

ProSupps Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, many individuals need a sufficient boost. This is one category of products that ProSupps provides. With such products available in this category, individuals will see a boost in weight loss as well as an overall feeling of good health.

  • Crash Restful Sleep and Recovery
    • One option in this category is the Crash Restful Sleep and Recover powder. Infused with gaba and valerian root, this product provides adrenal system support, and assists with deep REM sleep. The product is specially formulated to reduce body fat and lower cortisol.
  • Hyde Cutz Powerful Cutting Matrix
    • Also fitting into the weight loss category, this product consists of a diuretic complex of dandelion root and is creatine free. Contains fat burning ingredients such as CLA, L Carnitine and Capsicum, with TEcrine for extended energy as you work out.
  • Vexxum Thermogenic Metabolizer
    • Suppress appetite and cravings with this product, which is also a weight loss amplifier. Take one cap daily dose to see a significant change in food cravings as well as weight loss.


Have the energy and nutrients needed to increase weight loss and build muscle by adding in a pre-workout product to daily workouts.

  • Hyde Zero Intense Energy Pre-Workout
    • This product is naturally flavored and sweetened to provide the extra boost needed before a workout. With proprietary stimulant blends, this product will help to break weight training plateaus.
  • Hyde Energy Shot Intense
    • Loaded with 400MG caffeine per bottle, and sugar free with only 5 calories, this product helps to increase focus and energy.


This category of ProSupps products will assist in having the right endurance during workouts. Last longer with better results due to specific powders and drinks added to workout regimens.

  • Vitalinx Multivitamin
    • Full spectrum of vitamins and minerals with weight management capabilities via Raspberry keytones, Acetyl L-Carnitine and CLA. Probiotic and prebiotic digestive enzymes infused.
  • NO3 Drive Powder Nitric Oxide Amplifier
    • Infused with sodium nitrate and hydromax with 3 agmatine compounds for maximum performance. Minimize recovery time and reap the benefits with the addition of this endurance product.


When working out regularly, it is important to care for the body post-workout. Recovery is essential to building muscle as well as feeling good once the workout is over. Products provided by ProSupps can assist in recovery post-workout preventing muscle breakdown.

  • Amino 23 100% Liquid Amino
    • Use the Amino 23 product to prevent muscle breakdown while promoting an anabolic environment. Gain 23 grams of protein per serving of this product.
  • Glutamine 300 100% Pharmaceutical Grade
    • This product is used to promote recovery and repairs muscle breakdown after a workout. The power also provides assistance by reducing the delayed onset of muscle soreness after the workout is complete.

Muscle Growth

Bulk up after hitting a plateau by adding muscle growth supplements to daily workouts. Products have been perfected by ProSupps to ensure individuals will see growth of muscles with daily use.

  • I-Load Insulin Matrix
    • A hyperload mix of glucose and amino acids, this product is a carb transport facilitator and can result in insane muscle pumps. With this product, insulin sensitivity is increased which forces the amino acids, carbs, creatine and other nutrients of an anabolic nature into the muscle tissue thus stimulating muscle growth.
  • Fenumass Natural Test Enhancer Anti-Aromatase
    • This product is supportive of natural testosterone production which helps with size and growth of muscles. Torabolic and Testosurge are used to support testosterone levels.


This category by ProSupps is a combination of products that can be used in conjunction for a variety of reasons. By taking several products each day, maximum results are seen, be in weight loss, muscle growth, etc.

  • Weapons of Fat Destruction Stack
    • One example of the Stacks category, this mix of products will help to destroy fat in the body. Providing appetite control and mood support, users will have access to intense energy and fat metabolism promotion. Choose a mix of three products or all three to begin this stack regimen.
  • STIM-Free Stack
    • This stack of products is used pre, during and post workout. Energy is stimulated naturally while fat loss is promoted. Choose from four products that can be used simultaneously to ensure a quality workout.

Athletes Stack

To achieve a certain look and results, an athlete’s stack is the right choice. Involving handpicked products by ProSupps, these products work together to achieve maximum results.

  • Lean Mean Gain Stack
    • This set of products helps to promote endurance and fight fatigue. Natural testosterone production is supported along with the suppression of appetite and cravings.
  • Shaunna’s Stack
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Supplement Police
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