Dr. Hauschka Skin Care – Natural Certified Organic Ingredients?


Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Review – Right For You?

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is a company that develops different skincare remedies with high-quality organic and natural ingredients to protect, enhance, and treat your complexion. This is our review.

What is Dr. Hauschka Skin Care?

Taking care of your skin is a lifelong responsibility that starts in your teenage years, if you want to maintain your youthful glow for the rest of your life. Keeping up with your regular skin care regimen is often the key to improving and maintaining the look of your skin, but the chemicals inside many high-quality brands often contain toxins. The key to healthy skin care is buying natural and organic formulas, and no one knows more about natural and organic more than Dr. Hauschka.

The Dr. Hauschka Skin Care line focuses on creating natural skincare products, which means that the ingredients included have not been grown or treated with pesticides. By using natural products, you increase the effectiveness of your regimen, since the healthy properties of each ingredient remain active.

This company has been around for decades, releasing their first products in 1967 by partners Rudolf Hauschka and Elisabeth Sigmund. Estheticians started being trained by the duo in 1971, which helped to educate consumers about the use of natural products. Essentially, this skin care line has been ahead of the trend for organic and natural remedies for decades. In 1999, the company expanded their product line to include makeup as well.

Determining Your Regimen

If you aren’t sure of which products you should use, then you can take advantage of the skin care test offered on the website, which is found on the page for Care Rituals. You will be asked questions about the current state of your skin, including information on your:

  • Skin tenor
  • Pores
  • Skin elasticity
  • Skin structure
  • Overall complexion
  • Specific concerns about your skin

At the end of the test, you can send your results directly to Dr. Hauschka’s consultation team. They will give you a call and help guide you on the path to the right skincare. If you do not need their assistance, this tool will help you decide which products help your complexion the most.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Products

All of the products can be divided between Face Care, Bath & Shower, Body Care, Dr. Hauschka Med, Make-up/Decorative Line, and Signature Treatment. Each of the formulas contain the organic and natural materials that Dr. Hauschka has researched and developed for decades. Their products cater individually to every type of complexion, including mature skin and sensitive skin.

The company is constantly developing new formulas to help their loyal and new customers. The product pages do not include pricing, since they are only sold by third-party distributors. However, here are a few of the latest additions to their skin care products.

Tinted Day Cream

The tinted day cream is a moisturizer that has a hint of color, helping to give you the same even complexion that foundation gives you while hydrating your skin cells. The ingredient list includes avocado and almond oils, which are known for their moisturizing properties, rather than attempting to replicate this effect with water and artificial ingredients.

You can apply this product by massaging it into your skin after using your daily cleanser in the morning. It replaces your normal moisturizer, so you can say goodbye to your former product.

Night Serum

At nighttime, your skin is highly receptive to moisture, oil, and dirt, which is why it’s so important to protect your skin from the toxins that have built up on your face all day long. After you wash your face and remove the excess particles on your face, apply this Night Serum to help trap in moisture, keeping your skin from drying out in the days ahead. The product is comprised of apple blossom extract and apple fruit hydrosol to help balance out your skin’s natural pH levels.

Regenerating Skin Care Kit

This kit includes five different products that you will typically need in your daily regimen. The Regenerating line seems to be primarily designed for mature skin, due to the amount of hydrating products that are meant to infuse dry skin with additional moisture and cell regeneration. Within the box, you will find:

  • Eye Cream
  • Serum
  • Day Cream
  • Neck and Décolleté Cream
  • Body Cream

Acute Care Potentilla

This product is meant to treat your skin medicinally, rather than being a regular part of your skincare regimen. Apply this formula when your skin becomes irritated and itchy to relieve the discomfort. There is no fragrance added to the existing formula, since perfumes are known to have an irritating effect on sensitive skin. The formula works quickly, and it is safe for children.

Where to Get Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Products

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care has store locations and trained estheticians worldwide. In the right-hand top corner of any page on the website, you can select the link to find a local salon or store in your area that offers their products. Most companies that sell the Dr. Hauschka Skin Care in the United States usually are a specialty store or a store that offers organic products. Some of the companies that usually sell the Dr. Hauschka products include:

  • Whole Foods
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Natural Grocer

You can also seek out private estheticians who are trained in the application and sale of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products.

Contacting Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

The contact information for Dr. Hauschka Skin Care will depend on your specific location. Within the United States, you can call either (413) 247-9907 or (800) 247-9907 to reach a customer service representative. The department is open from 10:00am to 3:00pm EST on weekdays.

If you do not need to speak with the company urgently, or you would like to submit your inquiry outside of business hours, you can email [email protected] To continually receive updates on the latest products being offered, sign up for the e-newsletter or follow along with one of the company’s social media profiles.


Dr. Hauschka Skin Care has been around for decades, and understood the importance of organic ingredients long before it became trendy to use them. With so much research behind each formula, the customer can easily trust the effectiveness of the products. Though it may be easier for some consumers to order online, the trusted third-party sellers are easily accessible in most cities.

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