Dr Boost Green Tea Energy

Green Tea is an amazing beverage that has been widely studied in relation to its health benefits. From a ingredient aspect we can see that it comes loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful purifying effects on our body. Also, researchers have found that when taken regularly this nutrient can help users experience improved brain function, enhanced fat loss, lowered risk of cancer.

Today there are many tea brands to choose from. Manufacturers have created blends that incorporate various flavors into the mix.

About Dr. Boost Green Tea Energy Booster

Dr. Boost Green Tea Energy Booster is an all new ‘green tea based’ oral supplement that contains a wide variety of active agents. The supplement is highly potent and can help trigger an immediate release of energy within our bodies. Other than that, it contains stimulants that can allow for an activation of our dormant neural centers.

This ensures that the stimuli transfer rate is maintained at a high rate within our bodies. However, in the spirit of full transparency, the manufacturer has clearly stated that some individuals may be sensitive to to some of the active ingredients within this product. Thus, for starters it is recommended that they start with only half a half serving and judge for themselves.

Dosage Recommendations

According to the outer label, it is suggested that for users to observe maximum benefits, they should take up to two servings of the solution daily. However, for people who have suffered from major health issues in the past or are currently on strong medication should consult a GP before starting regular ingestion.

Dr. Boost Green Tea Energy Booster Ingredient Profile

The core nutrients which make Dr Boost Green Tea Energy so potent include:

Ashwagandha Extract:

This widely used herb comes from the ancient texts of Indian Ayurveda. However, the blend contained in this mix is called Sensoril®. It is a unique proprietary extract that has been derived through the use of blended leaves and roots of the Withania somnifera. From a benefit standpoint, we can see that this compound can help us with increased energy, mental cognition and greater cardiovascular health.

Vitamin B6:

This is a highly specialized B Vitamin extract that holds a unique distinction that it is capable of being dissolved in water seamlessly. Not only that, it is also essential for maintaining metabolic processes and healthy energy levels within our bodies.

Vitamin B 12:

Another B vitamin that has been studied widely and been shown to be essential for the release of energy within our bodies. Other than that, research indicates the B12 can also help improve the health of our nerves and increase the count of red blood cells within our bodies.


A naturally occurring sugar that can be produced by our bodies when our metabolic system breaks down glucose. Ribose is part of the ATP cycle and thus plays an important role within the energy release centres of our bodies. Additionally, when taken in correct doses, Ribose may limit fatigue and increase mental sharpness.

Panax Ginseng Root Extract:

Ginseng root extract is widely used in Asian countries like China, Japan, South Korea. Traditionally it is believed to improve mental concentration, memory and physical stamina.Many indigenous people blend this herb into their tea solutions.


It is an amino acid that is required by our metabolic system for optimal performance. It is quite common and typically found in meat and fish. In terms of its uses, Taurine is essential for proper cardiac health and glucose tolerance.

Natural Caffeine:

This caffeine extract is sourced from green tea and has been clinically shown to be a powerful cognitive stimulant that is highly useful in providing our bodies with energy. Not only that, recent studies also show that caffeine increases neural efficiency and prevent cognitive fatigue.

Where Can I Buy Dr. Boost Green Tea Energy Booster?

Each package contains 12 bottles each. A single pack is priced at $27.30 and can be ordered directly from Dr Boost’ official web page. In terms of flavor, there are 2 variants to choose from, these include orange and berry. All payments can be completed via safe transactional means like Discover, JCB, Mastercard and Visa.


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