DoubleFlex Black – OYO Fitness’s Total Body Portable Home Gym?


In order to stay healthy and fit, a certain amount of weight training is required. Weights help the body maintain its muscle mass, allowing those who want to go beyond healthy into well-muscled to develop the bodies they want.

The problem is that most people can’t afford to buy all the equipment and weights they need to complete these workouts at home. And getting to a gym is time consuming.

DoubleFlex Black is a portable gym system that allows users to get the workout they need anywhere and at any time.

Light and compact, DoubleFlex Black works multiple muscle groups in the body, making it easier than ever for users to keep their bodies fit.

What is DoubleFlex Black?

DoubleFlex Black is a workout device that can be carried anywhere for a quick workout, no matter what the time of day.

Because no one wants to carry around free weights and resistance bands don’t keep the muscles fully activated, a better fitness product was needed, which is why DoubleFlex Black was created.

Using patented SpiraFlex packs, DoubleFlex Black is able to provide up to 20 pounds of resistance.

Even better, this is done while still keeping the resistance smooth, as is experienced with free weights.

Unlike other fitness devices on the market, DoubleFlex Black is able to provide both abduction and adduction resistance in every single move, working out multiple muscle groups evenly and at the same time.

By working in this manner, DoubleFlex Black is able to give users a balanced workout. And due to the compact and lightweight nature of DoubleFlex Black, it can be taken anywhere and added to a wide range of exercises, from spin to yoga.

The original DoubleFlex was designed years ago to help astronauts maintain their bone and muscle mass on long missions in space.

While DoubleFlex Black still uses many of the same aspects as its original form, it has been upgraded, now considered a professional grade workout system.

And just like DoubleFlex was able to keep astronauts strong and healthy through long trips, DoubleFlex Black is able to help users build and maintain their muscle mass.

Benefits of DoubleFlex Black

There are so many workout devices on the market, it can be hard to know which ones will truly offer results.

This is where the biggest benefit of DoubleFlex Black comes in. Unlike other workout options on the market, DoubleFlex Black has proven that it works over and over again.

In fact, NASA was so impressed with the device that it is on the International Space Station, being used by over 50 crewmembers.

The same support DoubleFlex Black provides astronauts can be used down on earth to develop and maintain a strong, muscled, and healthy body.

Another benefit of DoubleFlex Black is that it uses a patented technology called SpiraFlex to engage the muscles opposite each other during workouts.

This means that each movement or workout done with DoubleFlex Black keeps all the muscles being worked engaged, so users are getting more drastic and balanced results.

For those who don’t have time to run to the gym every day, these workouts are a simple solution to keeping their bodies in shape.

Finally, DoubleFlex Black is extremely easy to take on the go. It weighs less than two pounds and can be folded down to fit in a purse or bag.

For those who want to have a quick workout at their desk or who want a more intense home workout option, DoubleFlex Black is the answer.

And because the device comes with different SpiraFlex packs, it can be adjusted for any skill and fitness level. From beginners to experts, DoubleFlex Black is able to offer the perfect workout.

Purchasing DoubleFlex Black

DoubleFlex Black is currently finished with development, but needs help for manufacturing. Because of this, a Kickstarter campaign has been started for those who want to support DoubleFlex Black and get one of the first devices on the market.

While DoubleFlex Black offers multiple pledge options, a pledge of at least $107 is needed to get the Early Bird DoubleFlex Black. In this package, users will get the following items:

  • 3 FlexPacks (One 10 Pound and Two 5 Pounds)
  • 2 Leg Straps
  • Workout DVD
  • Product and Nutrition Guide
  • Door Attachment

While the $107 is only the first which includes the DoubleFlex Black device, there are others at higher price points, which come with everything listed above plus more, like an exercise mat, a shoulder bag, or both.

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