Dermaflash Review – Worth It?

DERMAFLASH is an innovative skincare system that smooths your skin and eliminates unsightly facial hair for women. This is our review.

What is Dermaflash?

DERMAFLASH is a line of skincare products that helps remove unwanted hair from your face. During a woman’s lifetime, she undergoes many circumstances that can alter her hormones. Some of these circumstances include puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. During these hormonal changes, it is common to experience additional hair growth in places that were previously only covered in lightly-colored hair. However, regardless of how the hair got there, it can make a woman feel unfeminine and less attractive.

There are many methods that women use to eliminate this hair, but DERMAFLASH is unique. DERMAFLASH removes the hair with sonic vibrations, which basically means that the vibrating device acts as a smoother, removing the dead skin and fine hair on your face. The process is much similar to using a nail file to smooth the edge of your nails, but the method is gentle enough for your face.

The methods offered to woman for hair removal are not designed to meet the needs of this fine hair. A man does not grow the same hair a woman does on his face. A man grows terminal hair, which is coarse and thick. However, the fine hair on a woman’s face is called vellus hair, which needs to be treated differently. Luckily, DERMAFLASH’s gentle method is safe for a woman’s vellus hair, which means that you can remove that hair without the use of painful waxing, unpleasant and burning depilatory creams, or the harsh and unsuccessful efforts of shaving.

The makers of DERMAFLASH do not waste time with gimmicks or promising inconceivable results. Instead, they let this device speak for itself. There are multiple stories and images about the results of using this product as an exfoliating process and hair remover, all of which feature consumers that are pleased with the product. While many companies post these types of pictures, the pictures appear not to have been retouched or photo-shopped in any way.


DERMAFLASH is a simple routine, with very few components contributing to this short weekly routine. The website includes a brief instructional video on the process, but it is so easy that you shouldn’t need much instruction. There are four different parts to the system:


This device is the part that makes the entire system possible. This device is what makes you able to exfoliate the skin with vibrations to make the head move. The makers of DERMAFLASH created this method after being inspired by dermaplaning, which is a method that medical offices use to clean up rough skin.

When you purchase DERMAFLASH, your kit includes the main device, along with:

  • A charging base
  • A power supply cord
  • An Owner’s Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • A single bottle of Prep
  • A single bottle of Soothe

You will end up needing additional products for continued use of DERMAFLASH.


Prep is the cleanser included in the set. You get a bottle when you order the original DERMAFLASH set, but you will need to order more of the cleanser as you continue to use DERMAFLASH. You cannot buy Prep separately, but you can buy it as part of the Essentials bundle.


Soothe is the hydrating moisturizer that you put on your skin after you’ve completed the regimen. This layer of hydration helps to keep your skin from getting irritated, similar to the way that men apply aftershave or oil to their face after shaving.


EDGE is a single-use exfoliator. This means that, after your weekly treatment, the exfoliator must be thrown away and replaced the following week. EDGE is patent-pending, at this time.


Using DERMAFLASH is relatively user-friendly, and it involves a short process to eliminate hair and show off your radiant skin. The gentle nature of this product makes it safe to use on any skin type.

  1. Clean your skin with the Prep cleanser. This cleanser gets rid of excess oil and dirt that can conceal the hairs that you want to eliminate in the first place. You need to have a clean and dry surface on your skin to get the smoothest results.
  2. Start the treatment. This is the tricky part of the process. You will need to insert a new EDGE into the device first. To get the smooth look you want, you start the treatment at the top of your cheekbone, right in front of your ear. While keeping your skin pulled tight, softly stroke the DERMAFLASH towards the center of your face as you go down your cheek. Repeat for each side of your face.
  3. Soothe your skin. Once the removal part of the process is over, moisturize your skin with the Soothe hydrator. This formula protects your skin from getting excessively irritated after the treatment.

The whole process should only take five to ten minutes, and you should repeat it once a week. The company recommends it is involved in your nighttime routine, but there’s no information to indicate you can’t use it in the morning. You should not use the DERMAFLASH on or around your eyelid, eyebrows, hairline, sides of your nose and lips.

Pricing for DERMAFLASH

Each of the two parts to the DERMAFLASH skincare regimen are priced separately. For the Essentials package, you pay $39 and receive a tube of Prep cleanser, Soothe hydrator, and a box of single-use EDGES.

The DERMAFLASH device is sold separately, and is priced at $189. The good thing about this tool is that you only have to buy it once. You don’t have to replace it multiple times, and the included charger ensures that you never even have to buy batteries for it.

If you want to save money on the Essentials package, you can subscribe to Auto Replenish, which sends you out a new Essentials package every six weeks, which is how often you will need a new supply. The subscription gives you a 10% discount on your products.

This product is available directly through the DERMAFLASH website, and also at participating locations for Sephora, Bergdorf Goodman, and Neiman Marcus.

Contacting the Makers of DERMAFLASH

To speak with the customer service team at DERMAFLASH, your fastest mode of communication is via phone at 1 (888) EIGHT21. You can also email the company at [email protected]


DERMAFLASH is an innovative and painless way to remove the hair that makes you look less than flawless. This item is a must-have for any woman who battles with facial hair on a regular basis. Even if you don’t have facial hair, DERMAFLASH is able to give you a smooth and beautiful face each week.


  1. I have what I think are dried oily type bumps especially on my forehead due to my oily hair and skin way back in younger days could not afford dermatologist so here they are. Also have probably six or seven of same feeling bumps on my face. Not huge but would love to be rid of them. Will this device get rid of them after awhile, or would you even recommend my using it? Thanks


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