UPTEK AirBands: Accelerated Muscle Building Device & App?


Looking to develop a muscular build? Skeptical about supplements intake? With several protein, creatine and other muscles-related supplements available, it becomes a struggle to assess which ones are potent and which aren’t. Similarly, not all brands are transparent in their ingredients and where they come from, which can negatively impact one’s health over the long run. Muscle building no longer needs to revolve around unknown, hardly clinically proven supplements and excessive training, thanks to the AirBands.

With the use of the AirBands, consumers can finally attain more strength and muscle mass, increased protein synthesis, recovery and hormone production. To better understand how consumers can attain such associated benefits without having to ingest something, the following review will analyze AirBands with respect to its purpose, design and function, its uses and current going price.

What Is UPTEK AirBands?

AirBands has been designed to provide consumers with an external way, similar to weight lifting or exercising in general, to attain desirable and visible muscular build. More specifically, it is a wireless training device that uses a concept called, Blood Flow Restriction, to help attain results at a faster rate by doing all the controlling via one’s smartphone.

What Can Be Said About UPTEK AirBands Design?

The AirBands has been designed in a trendy yet comfortable manner, as one must simply insert his or her upper arm (or leg) into it and tighten it as required. Four components make up the AirBands and they are as follows:

Air Pocket

Air Pockets play a crucial role in ensuring that the BFR technique is accurately and effectively executed.

The Band

The Band is said to be made of quality PU (outer) and a breathable cotton lining that neither feels overly tight nor leaves any form of bruising on the body.

The Module

In order to activate the AirBands, one must when turn it on by pressing on the module. In terms of its specs, the module may contain ABS/PC housing, Bluetooth, over an hour’s worth of Lithium Ion Battery, and LED light pipe. In order to charge it, consumers can do so via a micro USB.

The Loop

The Loop is simply a stainless steel fold back that helps to adjust the Velcro’s as required.

Based on the design, it is clear that consumers are receiving a device that not only blends in, but also has the potential to eliminate any form of distraction while training. Its simplicity is definitely attractive, as the AirBands will simply work by a push of the button.

How Does UPTEK AirBands Work?

When it comes to the overall function of AirBands, a training technique called the Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) has been implemented. BFR has been widely associated with strength training. With AirBands, an additional cuffs is included, where the BFR technique will be done to one’s upper arm and leg. Ultimately, this type of training controls the rate at which blood is returned to one’s heart and ensures continuous blood flow going to the limbs. According to the creator, Dr Joseph Marcus, consumers are only required to use 20 per cent of the weights one would have previously used. Hence, reducing one’s input to bring the highest outcome possible.

Using UPTEK AirBands Muscle Building Device & App

First, consumers must slide on each AirBand onto each of one’s arms or legs. After having adjusted the straps, consumers should press onto each module. In order to make the most out of the AirBands, consumers must download the app, otherwise it defeats its purpose. Then, it is advised to set a pressure level that works on an individualistic basis. Once one begins his or her training, the air bladder within each AirBand cuff will receive the information provided on the app, to inflate the respective pressure.

UPTEK AirBands Pricing

As the AirBands are currently being campaigned via Indiegogo, consumers are believed to get the most of their money’s worth. Each kit is said to include 2 AirBands, 1 Dual USB charge cable that can charge both devices at once and 1 free App download. The retailer’s price is currently set at $415, but when one pre-orders them, it will only cost $249.

The prices are very inexpensive given that consumers will have access to a training technique that does not require one to lift excessively on their own. Most importantly, it has the ability to prevent one from injuring themselves, which is something that is commonly experienced by many heavyweight lifters.

Why Choose UPTEK AirBands?

AirBands is an innovative device that makes training cost and time efficient. This device is ideal for trainers of all levels and does not require one to go to the gym, as its effects are said to be equivalent to any equipment used at the gym. Based on the claims made, the NASA uses the same technology to prevent muscle loss, therefore implying that the overall technique is reliable and valid. While the retail prices are significantly high, getting it pre-ordered can help consumers save over 40 per cent. For more information, check out: indiegogo.com/projects/airbands-revolutionary-muscle-building-device-fitness-health–2#/

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