CVS Korean Beauty Headquarters – 115 New K-Beauty HQ Products?


There is nothing like trying a skincare product and falling in love with what it does to your skin. The best experiences entail a beautiful glow, healthy looking skin, a disappearance of blemishes, and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, most women have very few of this type of experience and it can be a letdown because there is just so much hope involved with buying an skincare product.

Luckily, there may be a solution out there to combat the disappointment and to be pleased every time you shop. In the coming months, your local CVS pharmacy is transforming its beauty department into one that carries a large K-Beauty collection. This review would like to introduce you to CVS Korean Beauty Headquarters.

What is K-Beauty at CVS?

K-Beauty is a type of beauty care line that encompasses almost all Korean beauty products. Korean society is known for its deep attachment to and its ability to provide high-quality, effective, and beautifully packaged beauty products reflect it.

Now, the United States, through CVS pharmacy, its getting its own dose of Korean beauty products. In the coming months, CVS Pharmacy is rolling out its K-Beauty Headquarters at CVS line.

This is a beauty section will feature hundreds of Korean beauty products so that women can finally learn what it is like to add high-quality skincare products to their daily routine. With this approach, you don’ need to feel disappointed again.

Partnered with a Korean Beauty Expert

To bring you K Beauty HQ at CVS, the drugstore chain has partnered with the notable Alicia Yoon, who is a Korean beauty expert. She has her own skincare line and extremely popular brand Peach and Lilly.

The success with her own products is likely to translate into a growing and flourishing Korean beauty headquarters at CVS. With her approach to skincare, you can feel confident that when you try the new beauty section, you’ll be extremely pleased with the results.

Further, while CVS plans to feature an array of beauty product brands at its new store section, you can also expect Alicia Yoon’s playful and fun concept Peach Slices to be there as well.

Qualities to Look Forward To

Korean beauty products are different from the skincare options that you may be familiar with. Here are a few of the qualities of the beauty products that you can look forward to:

Fresh and New Products

The world of Korean beauty products is vast and you’ll find that out when you check out the new section at CVS with its Korean Beauty HQ. The products are designed to be fun, interesting, and innovative. You can finally say goodbye to your boring traditional skin creams and serums.

Instead, you may want to try a Korean sheet mask for your skincare revitalization process. You’ll also appreciate how well each product works to provide you with the solutions that you are striving for.

Natural Formulas

While the majority of mainstream beauty products that you are familiar with are inundated with harmful chemicals and substances that are tough to pronounce, you’ll find Korean beauty products to be a much different and refreshing change.

The beauty products are geared more toward those who are looking for a natural skincare routine. The formulas provide you with a new and innovative way to take care of your skin, without having to worry about damaging your skin over the long term in the process.

Trendy Options

You’ll also find Korean beauty products offered at CVS Korean Beauty Headquarters to be one of the most trendy options on the market. The products are packed in a pretty and user-friendly manner. You’ll adore how the containers look and how great they are to even carry around with you throughout the day to day. You can finally be happy to take out that blush, concealer, and lipstick container.

Benefit Focused

Finally, the products have a “benefit focused” approach. This approach to skincare enables you to get the healthy, glowing, beautiful, and revitalized skin that you are striving for. You’ll know the exact benefits of each product before you buy because they are stated clear on the packaging.

Further, if you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can just take advantage of CVS’s friendly product return policy. It should be noted that you don’t need to count on that happening because the majority of Korean beauty products really do work well.

As you can tell, there are many benefits to be had when you give CVS K-Beauty Headquarters a chance .There are various products to add to your routine, each of which works well to provide you with the expected outcome. You’ll love how gentle, comfortable, and well the products work to provide you with the radiant and beautiful appearance that you are aiming for.

A Few of the Product Lines

As previously mentioned, K-Beauty at CVS offers you a number of product options, including those by Alicia Yoon and her Peach Slices line. Here are a few of the other product options and keep in mind that there are many more that are yet to be reported:

  • Fruida Skincare
  • JJ Young by Caolion Lab
  • Ariul EGG Collection
  • Saem Natural Products
  • Holika

You can expect to see these brand and CVS starting April 2017. It may be the case that not all CVS locations are offering the Korean Beauty Headquarters, which is why you should visit the brand’s website to determine if a location near you offers one.

How to Get Started With CVS Korean Beauty Headquarters

If you are interested in CVS Korean Beauty Headquarters, then you can visit the site to see where a local CVS in your area offers the beauty line. An alternative approach is to purchase the products online as well.

CVS Korean Beauty Headquarters Summary

Overall, Korean Beauty HQ at CVS is a great approach to trying new and innovative skincare products that may be able to meet your needs. To order and to get started with these formulas, just visit the brand’s website today to find a location near you with the offering.

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