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Many research studies have shown that a healthy diet and regular exercise regime can be much more beneficial than simply working out at the gym when it comes to weight loss and management. In Fact, it has been shown that a regimented dietary routine which consists of low carbs and high protein can help us achieve not only a flat belly, but also make us feel invigorated and vital throughout the course of our daily work.

In the recent past companies like Lite and Easy, Five Point Four and Jenny Craig have given users the option to receive pre prepared frozen meals. They usually look to incorporate healthy doses of key minerals and vitamins so that an individual does not have to worry about cooking up a nutritious storm everyday. Thus, these food option have become highly popular in the recent past, and have allowed individuals to approach their health from a completely new vantage point.

About Cure.Fit

Cure.Fit is a Bangalore based company that aims to help users with their fitness and overall wellbeing goals. According to the company website, the platform has been made to “power healthy lifestyles and provide a holistic approach to fitness, food, and mental well-being.”

Additionally, the company also claims that Cure.Fit can assist its users in developing healthy habits that can allow them to manage their health more easily and with much more efficiency.

What Is Cure.Fit Offering?

There are 3 main offers that one can subscribe to. These include:


As the name suggests, this branch takes care of all our food and supplement needs. When subscribed to, users can opt between various plans that cover our daily breakfast, lunch and dinner needs.

For example, upon payment of Rs 1200 an individual can choose between a variety of veg/non veg meals that can cover at least 5 lunches or dinners. Similarly, there are other options which can extend for longer periods and take care of our fortnightly/ monthly needs.

Some of the key aspects of the meals include:

  • Low Carb: in order to utilise more fats, the levels of unhealthy carbohydrates have been maintained at a low level. This ensures that we are not eating food that can potentially contribute to us piling on more pounds.
  • High Protein: through the use of tasty pulses, the meal plans have been optimized to include large doses of proteins and amino acids.
  • Low Fat: in order to reduce fat intake, the preparations are done with specialized oils that do not possess much fat content.
  • Calorie Defined: each meal that is delivered comes with a clear outlay of how many calories are contained within it. Thus, users can remain vigilant and keep track of their overall calorie consumption through the course of their day.
  • Fresh+Homely: the meals are familiar (some dishes include mutter paneer, chicken masala) and are cooked fresh daily.

(ii) Cult.Fit: has recently purchased all Cult gym centers across India and have thus allowed users to make use of these fitness centers. Upon subscribing to, users have the option to avail of various personalized gym sessions.

In addition to this, subscribed individuals can book workout sessions, buy membership packs for other training centers or even stream fitness videos which can make working out at home much more easy and accessible.

Some of the key areas of our fitness that can be targeted through include:

(i) Core Strength:

The programs that are available have been designed to target our belly region. This helps us build our core strength as well as lose a lot of weight that might be present in excess within our tummy area.

(ii) Stamina:

The exercises entailed in the workouts have been created in order to help us achieve better stamina levels.

(iii) Intensity:

Another key area which targets is the intensity of our workout. The company believes that ‘It does not matter how many hours one exercises, rather the quality of the routine should be good so as to obtain prime benefits.’

(iv) Strength:

Lastly, the exercises allow us to become stronger and achieve a lot of benefits that are related to our overall power and athletic/physical output.


As the name alludes to, this program is more concerned with optimizing the health of our mind and inner systems. Apart from guiding our eating habits, also looks to slowly build our practice in yoga and various forms of meditation. These techniques gradually purify the mind and allow us to be more tranquil and at ease with our surroundings.

Studies have shown that a daily 10-30 minute meditation practice can bring down our levels of stress and mental fatigue by nearly 47%. These numbers are staggering especially when we consider how many pressure situations we have to deal with when working in a busy office environment.

A key aspect of that separates it from other similar programs is the fact that it features no religious dogma and is backed by latest science and research. All of the techniques that are taught have been verified by physiological scientists who have given detailed explanations as to why these methods work.

Some benefits that we can derive through include:

  • Sleep: through meditation we can cleanse our minds of any unwanted thoughts and thus achieve deep, restful sleep. When we sleep well, we can function better and even be more efficient in our dealings with other people.
  • Focus: yoga, meditation helps in increasing our ability to be completely locked into the task at hand. This makes us more proficient and allows us to be more diligent with our work.
  • Concentration: another aspect of is its ability to help clear out our CNS and help us concentrate better on our work.

How Can I Subscribe to Cure.Fit?

There is a mobile app that is available to all android users free of cost. Additionally, all of the priced packages are detailed within the app so that if users wish, they can subscribe to specialized items such as gym memberships etc.

All prices are in Indian Rupees and payments can be made via safe means like PayPal, Mastercard and Visa.

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