Water Liberty Enzymatic Stain & Odor Eliminator Concentrate


This is a proprietary based multi-enzyme formula that works in a matter of minutes to help you break down organic soils. And, just like it works in our stomachs, the enzymes are a type of cleaner that helps to digest and break down stains in the body and break them away. It will in turn leave you with a completely clean surface to help you improve your health.

What Is Liberty Natural Enzymatic Cleaner?

Water Liberty Enzymatic Stain & Odor Eliminator Concentrate is a natural to use enzyme that will help you by blending together different chemicals and molecules that often latch onto other enzymes. When this happens, a chemical reaction occurs that helps to breakdown soils and molecules with more efficiency.

Not only that, amylase works to breakdown and digest starches as well. It also helps by removing protein stains because of the protease that’s included in the formula. It helps to breakdown pretty much all stains and molecules.

There is also other ingredients in it that will help you break down greasy, or fatty stains as well. And even the Cellulose in the compound, helps to modify the fiber found on cotton blends. Mannanases also effectively breaks down stains on cotton blends. And, in turn with that – it actually changes the consistency of thickeners and gel agents that are used in food as well as cosmetics from multiple types of fabric and ultimately remove dirt from staining the fabric all together. The ingredient Pectinase breaks down pectin, an acid that is used in a lot of different processed foods.

How Enzymatic Stain & Odor Eliminator Concentrate Works

The enzyme uses a concentrate that is completely all-natural, safe and non-toxic as being 100% sourced from plants.

The compound is versatile, completely safe and gets rid of blood, sweat, oil, makeup, red wine, mud and countless other odors and stains. It’s one of the most effective ways to clean clothing, linens, carpets and other fabrics needing to be washed. It’s safe for pet beds, litter boxes and other places as well.

And since it’s non-toxic, you don’t have to worry about pets or children. The compound is 100% chemical free, eco-friendly and made from safe plants. It’s a great cleaner that isn’t as harsh as household chemicals, which are one of the biggest reasons that health problems occur. They also lead to a lot of emergencies in the home as well as deaths.

The cleaning agent is ultra-powerful as well professional strength as well as being an all-purpose cleaner that effectively works in a matter of minutes to help you remove organic stains on your furniture and clothing.

It’s a completely safe cleaner, perfect for colors, delicates and grey water as well as any septic systems. It’s one of the best cleaners for your family, kids, pets and any other living things that have a sensitivity to chemicals or allergens. Yet, you still have a cleaner that outperforms other cleaners that are full of toxic chemicals.

The cleaner is ideal for a lot of places in the home. It will work great in the kitchen, totally cleansing and neutralizing any harmful bacteria in the process while still being safe for food surfaces.

It will also work in the bathroom to help eliminate odors and stains, leaving your bathroom clean and safe for anyone who uses it in your home. Even furniture can be cleaned with the agent, making it fresh and comfortable for everyone who sits on it.

Another great place you can clean with Liberty Natural Enzymatic Cleaner is in pet areas. You can use it on all pet surfaces without worries of hurting your pet. It even works great on clothing and carpeting, removing stains fast and preserving the life of them both.

In most cases, the cleaner will remove any stains entirely. It will leave linens whiter than ever and oftentimes save clothing and furniture from having to be thrown out or professionally cleaned. And the best part, it’s affordable and safe for any room or article in your house.

Enzymatic Stain & Odor Eliminator Conclusion

Basically, this is one of the safest compounds you can use to clean your home and anything else you own for the most part. It’s safer than chemical cleaners and perfect for people who have pets or children. Having a bottle of Liberty Natural Enzymatic Cleaner in your cupboard could make the difference in getting rid of stains or having to live with them.

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