Cue Vapor System – Digirette’s Safe High-End Nicotine Vaporizer?


Vaping is rapidly approaching a level of market penetration that threatens to usurp the throne of the traditional tobacco cigarette. For more than a century now, cigarettes have been responsible for untold deaths, health conditions, and negative factors.

The advent of vaping, ejuice, and portable vape devices has created an evolution in the technology of smoking, allowing cigarette smokers to take their passion to the next level with a new method of smoking that offers almost none of the health risks.

The jury is still out on whether vaping is 100% healthy. Nicotine, by itself, doesn’t appear to have any negative health effects at all. Pure, distilled nicotine is slightly psychoactive, acts as a wakefulness agent, but has been demonstrated in multiple clinical trials to deliver no significant negative health effects apart from its extremely addictive nature.

Electronic cigarettes have been touted as a far healthier smoking alternative that can ease the process of quitting smoking and deliver the same satisfaction with none of the related health risks.

Vaping, or the practice of using a portable pocket vaporizer to vaporize a mixture of vegetable glycerin, flavoring, and nicotine, is, however, still in the early stages of development. The technology behind pocket vapes is fully formed, but there is still a serious lack of industry standards when it comes to the nicotine content of vape juice, whether or not the flavoring agents are safe to inhale, and the delivery mechanism itself.

Many vape users resort to mixing their own flavors at home, or purchasing nicotine-free vape juice and adding their own aftermarket nicotine into their juices. This practice is somewhat risky- statistics show that household nicotine poisoning rates have actually slightly increased in the last five years, which is, in part, due to the toxic nature of pure nicotine- it may be safe to inhale a few micrograms as part of your vape juice, but accidentally taking a swig of pure nicotine can definitely kill.

A new vape manufacturer, however, is providing safe and standardized method of dosing nicotine by offering a range of vape juice flavors in a series of nicotine dosages, using clinical methods to ensure the safety of their glycerin, flavor, and stimulant content.

The Cue Vapor System from Digirette is one of the most innovative new ecigarette vaping solutions in the world, and in this article we’ll be taking a close look at it to find out how it works.

What is the Cue Vapor System?

The Cue Vapor System is designed to take the guesswork out of the vaping process. Instead of offering consumers an all-in-one battery and tank solution like many vape manufacturers that seek to revolutionize the industry, Cue have taken a logical approach to the design of their products, and separated the vape tank and battery into two discrete compounds.

The Cue Vapor Device is the workhorse that powers the Cue system, and consists of a sleek, elegant pocket battery system available in a range of colors. Instead of fiddling around with settings, charge rates, discharge rates, voltage, and the other parameters that come with setting up a custom vape device, the Cue Vapor Device offers simple plug-and-play functionality.

To get started with the Cue Vapor System, users simply charge up the Cue Vapor Device, which offers all-day battery capacity and is ultra-portable, fitting in the palm of the hand. The innovative aspect of the Cue device comes next- to begin vaping, Cue users snap in a hot-swappable “Cue Cartridge” that combines the drip tip of a standard vape with the juice compartment in a simple, disposable unit.

Cue Cartridges

The Cue Cartridges are the disposable element of the Cue Vapor System, and consist of pre-filled, pre-mixed e-liquid vape juice flavors that come ready to vape- with nicotine content. The Cue Cartridges are made in the United States with imported and domestic ingredients that adhere to US law, which means they’re far safer than the average homebrew nico mix.

One of the most compelling features of the Cue range is the vast flavor selection. Cue offer a massive range of fruit flavors, tobacco blends, dessert mixes, and mints to create a wide variety of vape for any situation. Similarly, the output of the Cue Vapor Device combines with the custom formulation of the Cue vape juice to create a thick, satisfying vape that is more satisfying than the thin smoke of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Flavors like apple tobacco, fresh melon, menthol tobacco, vanilla cream, creamy mint, and chocolate banana offer unique and interesting smoking experiences. The Cue Vapor System, unlike other vaping options, doesn’t detract from the social aspect of smoking- the Cue Cartridges can be used with a buddy tip system that allows friends to enjoy a vape together.

The major draw of the Cue Vapor System is that it takes the danger element out of creating postmix aftermarket nicotine mixes at home. Cue Cartridges are available in three different nicotine strengths- nicotine free, 3mg, and 6mg, making it possible to select the strength that fits your tastes best. Most importantly, the Cue Cartridges last longer and are far more cost effective than traditional cigarettes.

Cue Vapor System The Verdict

The Cue Vapor System is a unique vaping product that addresses most of the health concerns presented by at-home juice mixing and offers a simple, easy to use solution that can be vaped with right out of the body.

Not only does the Cue system save your lungs, but it also helps to reduce the impact on your wallet, making it the ideal solution for anybody looking for an easy way to kick smoking, get healthier, or get into vaping.

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