Crystal Melon Makeup Removing Wipes: Fiber Facial Towelettes?


As someone who wears makeup, you generally understand the importance of removing your makeup at the end of every day. This not only is important for your pores to breathe but also helps keep them clear of dirt, toxins, oils and other things that make have accumulated on your face throughout the day.

What’s interesting about some makeup removers however, is they can be harsh on your skin where the whole point is to prevent breakouts, blackheads, etc. and yet, they can be tough and, in some cases, harmful.

What Is Crystal Melon Makeup Removing Wipes?

Crystal Melon Makeup Removing Wipes were designed to take care of removing makeup, but to do so with grace. They can be used before your moisturizer or as a combination with other products like the Pacifica micellar water.

Because this product was designed to be as soft and yet effective as possible, it is ideal for all skin types. To shed some character on who this brand is, they describe their product to be suitable for everyone especially the dreamers.

Makeup Removing Wipes Fiber Facial Towelette Ingredients

There are three (3) key ingredients that make this a great product to choose out of many available on the market. These include;

  1. Watermelon
  2. Rose Quartz
  3. Lemongrass

Each wiped included in the package, is infused with these three (3) ingredients that will help clean the skin and have you radiant and glowing! The packaging also mentioned that they are infused with cucumber as well – this is a great indication that these wipes are also refreshing and calming too.

Each wipe is 100% vegan and they are not tested on animals making them cruelty free. Each package contains thirty (30) makeup removing wipes which are also free of sulfates and parabens.

It is almost unfortunate that in this day and age these few things still have to be mentioned. Meaning, we know they are no good for us, and yet many products on the market are packed with them. Remember we mentioned more harm than good? This is a primary example.

Using Crystal Melon Makeup Removing Wipes

When you are ready to take your makeup off for the day, apply one (1) wipe to your face and neck. Use enough pressure to remove the makeup, dirt and debris as necessary. You should avoid contact with your eyes and this product is for external use only.

How To Order Crystal Melon Makeup Removing Wipes

The Crystal Melon Makeup Removing Wipes by Pacifica can be ordered online through their website for only $6.00. Shipping costs will be added at checkout based on your shipping address.

The scent is described by verified customers as both a soft and fresh smell.

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