Lmnitrix Harambe Blood: Safe Intense Preworkout Supplement?


History is replete with tales of braveness attributed to physical prowess of a few men. Warriors, who have always been portrayed as bulked up super humans have inspired men all over to try and replicate this. Few have succeeded, and with good reason. The discipline and knowledge needed to build muscles makes it a daunting task. Fortunately, the modern age is defined by a quest for perfection, where nothing is too great an ask. Be it in better technologies or a more sculpted look. Science has mastered the actions and reactions of molecules so there is no mystery about how one needs to go about getting that coveted toned look. This is where the Harambe blood – intense preworkout supplement comes in.

What Is Lmnitrix Harambe Blood?

Harambe blood is an intense preworkout supplement looking to provide the user with intense energy, to assist with ones workout routine. Its special composition helps increase mental clarity and improves focus. This mixture has compounds specifically designed to improve the users strength and enhance endurance.

Harambe Blood Safe Intense Preworkout Supplement Features

Its key features are:

Energy Release:

This mix has many amino derivatives and is thus able to help in releasing energy. This energy release allows for longer workouts with a more intense exercise session.


Mixed with many potent stimulants , this product can help with an increase in the overall endurance and stamina of the user.

Muscle Pump:

This supplement has vasodilators, which increase the delivery of zinc, iron and phosphorus into the muscle centers. This allows for an increase in overall muscle pump capacity.


Harambe blood increases tissue growth rate. This no only lets one workout for longer at the gym but also directly allows for increase in overall strength levels.

Flavor Options:

Monotony is dangerous, thus ,there are a couple of flavor variants to choose from. The Harambe blood comes in Mango candy and Blue slush.

How Lmnitrix Harambe Blood Works

This all new ‘pre workout enhancer’ concocted with a variety of extracts like Caffeine ,Citrulline, DHMA and Betaine. These lab tested compounds have been found to be extremely effective. Harambe blood is:

Creatine Infused:

This proprietary formula comes infused with special doses of a creatine derivative and added electrolytes for cell hydration.

Enzyme Matrix:

This composition allows for quick and easy digestion. This makes it easier for nutrients to be broken down and quickly used by the body.

High Caffeine Composition:

This supplement has a high concentration of caffeine. This allows for amazing energy flow through the body within a short span of time.


Some other similar products attempt to add sugars and fats to enhance the taste. With Harambe blood, users need not worry about blowing their calorie budget.

Who Is Lmnitrix?

LMNITRIX has been co-founded by Jeremy Corbitt and Emeri Connery. The company caters to those who aim to be fit. Their headquarters are in Morgantown, West Virginia. They are a family-owned and operated business with three generations of the family involved in the daily operations of the business.

Lmnitrix Harambe Blood Conclusion

Each container of Harambe blood includes 25 servings. Its recommended dosage is two scoops. While there are many similar products out there in the market, few have the taste to match this product. Coupled with the fact that the manufactures will donate a dollar to charity for every box sold, this is a supplement with a difference. It is priced at a reasonable $39.99, after a massive discount. For more details about the product or the order process visit their site at lmnitrix.com/collections/all/products/harambe-blood


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