Thuja Occidentalis for Skin Tag and Mole Removal & Herbal Health Benefits?


Skin tags and moles can cause unwanted attention. These pesky skin anomalies can occur anywhere on the body and can cause self-esteem issues, anxiety, and even depression.

Luckily, most skin tags and moles are harmless and are considered to be cosmetic imperfections that you should have no problem dealing with.

There are many products out there that can help you removed skin tags as well as diminish moles or even make them fade away.

Out of all of these products, one specific natural ingredient seems to get the job done much better than others.

However, before we dive into what exactly that special product is and how to use it, let’s get some knowledge behind us regarding skin tags and moles.

What are skin tags and moles?

Skin tags are small skin growths that resemble a very small deflated balloon made out of excess skin. A skin tag is known in the medical world as acrochordon.

These anomalies are very common, most people will get at least one skin tag in their life. Skin tags are more common in patients who are obese or severely overweight.

Most of the time skin tags cause no pain and are completely harmless. It is recommended to remove skin tags only if they are bothering you or get caught on articles of clothing or jewelry.

If you want to remove skin tags for cosmetic reasons, then this should not be a problem and can be done by your medical professional or even through the use of some at home remedies which can help.

It is never suggested to cut off skin tags on your own. More often than not, improper skin tag removal can cause severe bleeding, possible infections, and put you at risk for other medical issues.

Moles are slightly similar to skin tags in a sense that they are also skin imperfections which are generally harmless and cause no pain. However, the main difference between the two is that moles consist of masses of melanocytes, skin cells which are responsible for skin pigmentations.

These cell masses create moles, medically called melanocytic nevus, that appear to be a different color then the rest of your skin and can be either raised as a bump or flushed with your skin.

The colors can vary but are usually in the dark spectrum of black, brown, and red. Just like skin tags, moles can be very common, although the majority of moles develop throughout adulthood up to the age of 30.

Some moles can be cancerous, so it is recommended to notify your doctor or dermatologist immediately if you develop a new mole after the age of 35.

Moles have a higher chance of developing in areas which are most exposed to the sun, but can be formed anywhere on the body.

Unless the specific mole is determined to be cancerous, most medical professionals will consider them a cosmetic imperfection and harmless to the patient.

How can skin tags and moles be removed?

It is always suggested that you consult with your medical professional to remove your skin tags and moles whenever possible.

They have the best tools and the most knowledge when it comes to these imperfections. Furthermore, because you will be in a professional setting with proper supervision, this is the safest way to take care of your moles and skin tags.

How can I remove skin tags and moles at home?

In certain situations, you may choose to remove skin tags or moles at home without the use of your doctor or dermatologist.

We have review a few Skin Tag removers in the past, you can see those reviews here:

We strongly suggest that you at least visit your doctor first before choosing at home remedies to rule out the possibility of cancerous moles and to verify that all skin tags are benign and don’t point to any hidden health issues.

Once you have determined that an at home remedy is best for you, the best option for removal is using a product which contains thuja occidentalis extract.

Known as northern white-cedar or eastern arborvitae, this evergreen coniferous tree is native to Canada and the Northern United States.

The extract of eastern arborvitae has been used throughout history to treat many skin disorders, and moles and skin tags are amongst them.

Many homeopathic remedies include the use of thuja occidentalis as a key ingredient in the mixture.

The oil containing the extract has no burning sensation or any side-effects and has been proven to be very effective.

When using eastern arborvitae oil, you should be very diligent with your applications and make sure to give your skin plenty of time to eradicate your skin tags and moles.

If used correctly, you can expect to see your skin tags disappear within three to six weeks. If used as a mole remedy, the cure timeframe is a bit longer and can take up to six months in some severe cases.

It is suggested to apply the oil to the treatment area once per day consistently, even if you do not see any results after a few applications.

If you do not see any results in about a month, stop using the oil immediately and seek a medical professional’s opinion regarding your situations.

Thuja Occidentalis for Skin Tag & Mole Removal Summary

There are a few things you should consider before starting to use thuja occidentalis oil. The scent is very strong and reminiscent of woody camphor.

For most, this is not a big deal but should be considered. The other warning we have for you is to be careful with this extract when used in large quantities.

If take in excess, this ingredient can be toxic and can cause convulsions as well as hypotension, also known as low blood pressure. This oil should never be used during pregnancy.

As long as you use common sense, stay vigilant and be careful. Thuja occidentalis oil can be the cure you have been looking for.

It is effective and has years of history behind it as a remedy for skin tags, moles, and even warts. Best of all, this solution is completely natural.

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