Personal Development Life 7 Free Chakra Healing & Tuning Guides


Personal Development Life 7 Free Chakra Healing & Tuning Guides is a series of emails designed to give you information about the chakras. You receive the initial email that directs you to a series of downloadable videos.

What Is Personal Development Life 7 Free Chakra Healing & Tuning Guides?

What are the Chakras? Chakras are in everybody. They are a network of nerves and sensory organs that interpret the physical world.

Existing in the same space is a subtle system of channels, known as nadis, and centers of energy, known as chakras, that look after our emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual being. Each of the chakras have several spiritual qualities.

Personal Development Life 7 Free Chakra Healing & Tuning Guides is a program with information on what the chakras are and how to learn what their spiritual qualities are. You will also learn to maximize their secrets for incorporation into your life.

What Is Included With the Personal Development Life 7 Free Chakra Healing & Tuning Guides?

Included with the Free Chakra Healing Downloads are:

  • An email that gives you access to 7 downloadable videos, one relating to each of the individual chakras
  • Each piece of music is 70 minutes long and has a 3 or 5-minute chime to notify you for your change of hand positions, including:
  • 2 pieces which are pure relaxing music pieces which are pure nature sound pieces that are pure music with incorporated isochronic beat frequency technology for relaxation
  • A link for 6 Free Reiki Healing Music Programs and 8 Free Healing Crystal Frequency Downloads

Please remember, chakras are indirectly stimulated by frequencies in the beta range.

It is not necessary for quietness or meditative states to obtain the most out of this training. You can use the chakra frequency set as you do other things like read, study, work out, sleep or even watch television.

These unique musical compositions incorporate potent brainwave and chakra harmonics that require no meditation, headphones, or mantras. They contain no vocal content, single tones, or white sound, only an optimal kundalini awakening frequency.

What Will You Learn From the Personal Development Life 7 Free Chakra Healing & Tuning Guides?

When you begin to listen to your downloads for Free Chakra Healing, you will learn about:

  • Crown Chakra, which will increase your understanding of the cosmos, help you understand your life’s purpose, develop your spiritual connection, and ultimately achieve Samadhi.
  • Third eye chakra, which will increase your psychic and intuitive abilities with regular use, teach you to perceive things before others, help develop extra sensory perception, and develop and improve your imagination.
  • Throat chakra, which will increase your creative ability with regular use, help with speaking and singing, greatly increase your ability to communicate with your voice, and increase your communication and self-expression skills. This teaching is essential for someone whose job is to speak or sing for a living.
  • Heart chakra, which will help you to give and receive love, increase your charisma, increase your ability to communicate using your body, develop your compassion towards others, and bring balance back to your life. This teaching is essential for those who find it hard to find love.
  • Solar Plexus chakra, which will help you improve your self-worth and self-confidence, bring increased success through improving your attitudes, create the freedom you need to be yourself, and develop your intuitive instinct.
  • Root chakra, which help you deal with loss or trauma, improves your motivation, focuses your ability to set and achieve goals, helps you develop your sense of security, help to ground you, and revitalizes the whole body.

Pricing For Personal Development Life 7 Free Chakra Healing & Tuning Guides

The initial download is delivered by email. This leads to a page full of prices for individual downloads of Chakra teachings. The full Chakra suite is $29.95 for a 70-minute download; however, for a 70-minute download for each individual chakra, it is an additional $14.95 for each chakra.

You will also be given the opportunity to sign up for 9 additional full packs of Isochiral Music, Gamma Max and Isochiral Affirmations compositions to accelerate the change process from your free teachings at a range of $17.00-$97.00 for each of the lessons.

Contacting Customer Service For Personal Development Life 7 Free Chakra Healing & Tuning Guides

Once you have submitted your name and email, you receive the email with the Chakra information. At that time, you receive customer service contact information.

Personal Development Life 7 Free Chakra Healing & Tuning Guides Conclusion

To learn about Chakra Healing, visit the website for information on each Chakra, what they help with, and how to maximize their abilities.

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