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Cornerstone was created with the idea of developing a system that would provide the best possible shaving experience. Many who have sensitive skin suffer through finding products that do nothing but provide an uncomfortable daily routine.

Cornerstone has now become a thriving British success story by giving an option to men to have a familiar, personal ritual that gets the day off to a great start, something to look forward to.

Cornerstone recently won the 2015 Best Razor Award in the Shortlist Grooming awards, as well as great reviews from GQ, Esquire, and The Telegraph.

Frankfurt Germany is where Cornerstone found a factory that had been perfecting their craft in the razor making business since the 1920’s. They started out making products for local barbershops. Over time, they have developed a special method of precision grinding which makes their razors particularly sharp and perfect for sensitive skin.

The handle is perfectly balanced for comfort and control, and has been crafted from aluminum. This has combined classic simplicity with modern ergonomics so the razor looks good while providing a superior shaving experience. The added bonus here is that Cornerstone will send you a free personalized engraved handle with your first purchase as a thank you for your support.

At Cornerstone, customers are able to choose from a variety of products to customize their personal shaving routine. Everything a man needs to have a smooth, comfortable shave. Cornerstone products are environmentally friendly, paraben free, BPA free, and contain no microbeads. None of these products are tested on animals.

Cornerstone Products Include:

The 100 ml Pre-shave Face Scrub that is used before shaving to prevent nicks, cuts, and shaving bumps. This face scrub is blended with cedarwood and volcanic sand exfoliating grains to help release ingrown hairs, reduce shaving spots, unblock pores, and lift dead skin cells. This product is vegan friendly.

The 150 ml Sensitive Shave Gel is formulated to protect sensitive skin from razor burn. This shave gel uses a blend of eucalyptus oil and ginger extract to give a comfortable shave that is free of irritation. It provides a layer of lubricant for your razor, allowing the blades to smoothly glide against your skin reducing the risk of razor burn and shaving cuts. This low lather product uses eucalyptus oil for its antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties. This product is also vegan friendly.

The 150 ml Foaming Sensitive Shave Cream conditions your skin with a blend of willow bark and bamboo. It’s rich foaming lather conditions and protects your skin while you shave. The willow bark extract is known for its anti inflammatory properties helps to reduce irritation. This product is vegan friendly.

The 750 ml Sensitive Cooling Post Shave Balm is used for after shaving. This post shave balm cools, refreshes, and moisturizes. This helps reduce irritation by restoring your skins natural moisture. This shave balm is blended with mint and honey extracts to soothe and condition the skin. Our sting free formula is alcohol free, reducing irritation and dryness. This product is vegetarian friendly, however the use of honey makes it not suitable for vegans.

The 6 German Engineered Razor Blades are designed with five super sharp, fine blades which are specifically angled to reduce sensitive skin irritation. These blades are mounted on a flexible head and paired with an aloe vera moisturizing strip. This razor provides a smooth, comfortable shave by following the contours of your face. The super sharp blades are designed to reduce tugging at sensitive skin while you shave, minimizing the potential for skin flare up. Because these blades are so effective, you’ll have to apply less pressure for a closer shave. 6 razors are included in every order. Please note, these razors are not intended for head shaving.

The Leather Wash Bag is used to travel with our products in style. Every wash bag is hand made with tough, distressed buffalo leather. Buffalo leather softens over time, giving a distinctive character. The waterproof interior lining will keep all your travel essentials safe, with inside zip pockets for organization. Each bag is naturally processed, without the use of chemicals normally used in the tanning process. Instead, the leather is washed in saline solution and allowed to dry naturally in the sun, giving each bag its distinctive rich brown colour.

How Do You Purchase Cornerstone Products?

You can place your order and fine tune your delivery schedule with a short questionnaire that help cornerstone understand your shaving needs. This simple online tool will recommend a schedule in accordance to your answers if you are unsure, or you can develop your own 6 week, 12 week, or 18 week delivery schedule.

Once you have decided a schedule, you can go ahead and choose the items you would like to include in your shaving routine. Once you’ve signed up you can change or cancel your products as you’d like. You are then free to personalize your handle on your first purchase at no additional cost.

You then set up your account, make a payment, and you are set up and ready for a superior shaving experience. Now you are ready to start each day with a great morning routine.

Delivery is free, and delivery dates are chosen to ensure customers receive their products on their chosen schedule. Flexibility is key with Cornerstone. Although they want you have prompt delivery without interruption, they offer flexibility that allows you to change products or alter delivery schedules to fit your needs. There is no commitment, and you can cancel at any time.

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